Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj and Mohini give Pinjar to Maha Maya

Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini asking Adhiraj if he is fine? Adhiraj says yes. She asks why didn’t you tell me that you are Adam baaz. He says even you didn’t tell me that your soul is pure and I am Zoran;s bali. Mohini says nothing will happen to you and says you are the yoddha and was chosen to get pinjar and not me. She says only you can get the pinjar out, but he couldn’t pick the pinjar alone and asks for her help. Mohini holds the pinjar with him and takes it out. They get it together and smile. Adhiraj falls down and faints. Mohini asks Adhiraj to get up. Chunnu reads a book and sees the secret door opening. Mohini brings Adhiraj out by lifting him in her arms. She sees Chunnu and asks why did you step in this mayavi place and is about to kill the little ghost, but Chunnu says he is my friend and saved me. Mohini asks why did you come? Chunnu tells that Shalaka is not good and goes to meet Maha Maya through this passage. Ghost says the same too. Adhiraj gains consciousness and asks Mohini if she knows Chunnu and asks why did you lie to Maha maya. Mohini says you have also lied to me. Adhiraj says I am baaz, but you are not naagin, don’t get afraid. Chunnu asks her to be careful. The little ghost goes out to drop Chunnu and says the weather is good. Chunnu says betaal will woke up as he is sleeping on the tree. The little ghost/topi says that he will come whenever he calls him and goes.

Maha Maya waits for Adhiraj and thinks my Pinjar is coming to me. Maha Maya asks him about the Pinjar. Mohini brings the pinjar and closes the secret door holding it. Maha Maya is surprised and asks how did she bring pinjar and how she closed the secret door. Mohini asks why is she so surprised and tells that you both have planned my death. Adhiraj says I will fight with your death if it is written in your destiny. Maha Maya says they want to fool Zoran and don’t want to kill you. She asks Adhiraj in low tone, how did she get saved? Adhiraj says I am alive because of her and tells that Zoran was about to kill him when Mohini saved him and killed Zoran. He says he don’t have the strength to take out the pinjar and Mohini helped him and took it out with him. Maha Maya thinks the pinjar’s power got distributed between them and now she has to make them do their work together. She takes Pinjar from her and asks them to rest.

Mohini comes to room and is about to turn to Naagin. Adhiraj comes there calling her. Mohini thinks if Adhiraj sees my naagin avatar then she will not leave me. She applies the liquid on herself. Adhiraj sees her and asks her to listen to him. Mohini says she don’t want to listen to him. She says you took me to kill you. She says if she gets the order to kill him, but she will not kill him and says this is the diffence between good and bad person, but you are not a human, but adambaaz. Adhiraj says I saved you with my adambaaz avatar else you wouldn’t have been alive and goes. Mohini thinks she shall not believe him now. She says I didn’t give pinjar to Maha Maya so that her powers backfires and says she will ruin her.

Bhujang asks Shalaka what happened and asks if everything is alright. Shalaka says since I am returning from Vishamrit, I am feeling weak. Bhujang says why you didn’t tell me, you need new powers which I will give to you. He becomes snake and swirls around her. Shalaka becomes snake too and hugs Bhujang in human form. Vasudha says Chunnu came back. Shalaka thinks sky. Bhujang asks Chunnu where did he go? Chunnu says he will not go anywhere and tells that he met mohini in black magical cave. He says Mohini saved Adhiraj in the cave when Zoran is about to kill him. Bhujang says he asked her to kill him and she saved him. Chunnu says why, he is so good? Bhujang gets angry. Adhiraj comes to the jungle and thinks how to tell Mohini what she means to me. Bhujang comes there as the three headed snake and spits venom on him. Adhiraj faints. Later Adhiraj wakes up tied in Bhujang’s captivity and sees him.

Precap: Maha maya catches mohini in her room and calls her betrayal. Mohini gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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