Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav stops Vaidehi from leaving the house

Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav coming to room and asks Vaidehi why she is sitting on floor and says he was waiting for her. He asks her to get up and checks that she is having fever. He makes her sit on the bed. Vaidehi says other Vaidehi…Madhav asks her to tell where is she and who is she? Vaidehi says there is no other Vaidehi. Madhav asks her not to take stress and rest. He gives her medicine and water. He asks her to sleep. Vaidehi cries. Chitra smiles. Anuradha serves food to everyone. Sangram gets angry and scolds her. He asks where is your concentration? Madhav comes there and asks Anuradha to take care of Vaidehi till he brings medicines for her. Vaidehi thinks of Chitra’s words and gets scared. Anuradha comes there. Vaidehi gets scared. Anuradha asks what happened? Vaidehi hugs her and says I did a big mistake, I shouldn’t have married Madhav, I should have understand, now everything is worng. Anuradha says what are you saying and asks where is the mala which Pandit ji gave you. Vaidehi shows the mala. Anuradha says it is burnt. Vaidehi says Madhav brought this necklace for me and just as I took it off, it burnt. She says this is happening because of my mistake. She regrets her decision to marry madhav and says I am getting punished for this. Anuradha says you didn’t do any mistake. Vaidehi says love is powerful and if it is left incomplete then people return to complete it. She says I shouldn’t have married Madhav, as he was never mine. Anuradha cries an asks her to handle herself. She asks did you use that vabhoot and tablets which Pandit ji gave you. Vaidehi recalls and cries.

Anuradha comes to Pandit ji and says she is telling something and this mala is burnt. Pandit ji says he will find the solution. Vaidehi thinks of Chitra’s threat. Vaidehi thinks to tell everything to Madhav. Vaidehi hears Madhav telling Lanten on call that he was habituated to Chitra and she was his love. Chitra asks Vaidehi to leave from Madhav’s life now itself and shouts at her. Madhav says Chitra is my past now. I want to be with Vaidehi now and will not leave her in any circumstances and Chitra can’t come inbetween us. Chitra gets upset.

Pandit ji does puja and tells that a soul is troubling her. Anuradha says Vaidehi didn’t do anything wrong and asks him to do something. Pandit ji recites mantras and cut lemon. It turns red. He says this is not stranger soul, but the soul of the family member and came back to do the work. He says this is the work of Suhagan. Anuradha is shocked and says Chitra bhabhi.

Vaidehi recalls her marriage and regrets to marry Madhav. Chitra appears infront of her and says this house or room is not yours and asks her to leave from the house now itself. She asks her to go far from Madhav’s life. She says I am his Ardhangini. Vaidehi takes her suitcase and says I am leaving now itself. Chitra smiles. Madhav comes there and asks where are you going? He says I want to take our relation forward. Vaidehi says then why you took Chitra didi’s name. Madhav says you didn’t hear fully and tells that I don’t want to spoil my past for our future. Vaidehi holds his hand and says I want to tell you something. Madhav says I trust you. Vaidehi is about to tell him about Chitra, but she scares her. Vaidehi leaves his hand and walks out. Madhav is shocked and runs behind her to stop her. He asks her to stop. He slips and hurts his forehead. He asks her not to go repeatedly. Vaidehi runs back to Madhav. Chitra asks why you care for Vaidehi more than yourself, why you are not telling her go. Vaidehi asks him to get up and takes him to room. Lanten and others come there. Narayan asks Madhav to take care. Anuradha asks her to call her if needed. Madhav and Vaidehi are in the room. Madhav asks her not to go. Chitra says why you don’t want to separate from her.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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