Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi falls in trouble

Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav coming to meet Shweta. He knocks the door. Shweta worries and says what shall I do now. She has to hide the cigarette. Madhav goes in and asks why is it so smoky here. She says sorry, this cloth got burnt by short circuit, look there. Madhav blows off the fire. She hides the cigarette. He asks are you fine. She says yes, thanks for asking. She falls in his arms. He goes. Vaidehi comes to talk to him. He gets busy on work call.

Vaidehi goes to Nilambari. She finds Nilambari hurt. Nilambari says don’t trouble Madhav more. Vaidehi asks why are you in pain. Nilambari says I just have one kidney, it pains a lot. Vaidehi asks how, everyone has two kidneys. Nilambari says because I had given one kidney to Madhav in his childhood, I can’t see him in pain, I can give my life for Madhav. Rani asks who will get your medicines, Shweta is new, she doesn’t know anything, I can’t leave you in this state. Vaidehi says I will get it. Nilambari says no need.

Rani says its not easy to cross jungle. Vaidehi says I will go. She goes. Nilambari asks Shweta to use this chance and get close to Madhav. Shweta says I understood, its time for my shower. Madhav is on call. Vaidehi goes to the jungle. Lantern sees her and says I have to stop my friend. The constable says the wires have current, you will get a shock. He doesn’t let Lantern go ahead. Lantern worries. Shweta takes a shower and comes out of washroom. She tries to charm Madhav. She collides with him and falls over him. They fall on the bed. Sangram thinks Shweta is smart and pretty. Anuradha gets halwa for him. He stays lost.

Madhav says you are in my room. Shweta says sorry, I should have taken your permission before taking a shower in your room, my room’s geyser wasn’t coming. He says I will get that geyser fixed tomorrow, you can use the washroom, I had come to take the charger. She tries to get close. Madhav feels odd. Sangram says Nilambari scolded Shweta a lot, I will feed this halwa to her. He gets angry on Anuradha. Shweta finds chances and falls in Madhav’s arms. Sangram comes and looks on angrily. Shweta says I m fine now. Sangram says sorry, Anuradha had sent halwa for you. He goes. Madhav makes Shweta away. He gets Lantern’s call. Lantern says Vaidehi…. Madhav asks what happened to Vaidehi.

Lantern says she went inside jungle, current wires are fixed there. Madhav says stay there, I m coming, I won’t let anything happen to Vaidehi. Vaidehi tries to find some way. Madhav runs and reaches the jungle. He asks Lantern where is Vaidehi. Lantern says Vaidehi went inside. He diverts the constable. Madhav runs in. He goes and shouts Vaidehi. She gets scared in the jungle. She says its so scary, how do I get out of the jungle, I have to buy medicines.

Madhav asks Vaidehi to walk carefully and come to him. He holds her hand. He falls down the cliff. He gets electrocuted.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Thanks for the update Amena.

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    From some days Shweta has taken Chitra’s place. Whatever the track is but Chitra is being ignored in the story.

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