Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th August 2019 Written Episode Update:Mohini succeeds to complete puja and pleases Mata Manasa

Main Bhi Ardhangini 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhujang and his clan coming to the jungle and comes near the big stone. He says the invisible door will open here. He gets worried and thinks where is Mohini? He thinks if she don’t reach him on time then her puja will be incomplete. Mohini thinks my puja won’t be incomplete and tries to take naagin avatar, but fails to do so. She tries to get the knife out of her back and gets it with much difficulty. She tries to take out her stuck saree from the tree and thinks to go. Maha Maya and Adhiraj come there and find her saree cloth and knife. They see her running away. Boy asks Bhujang if Mohini didi will not come. He says she will come and we have just 12 seconds to get inside the door. The door gets opened. Bhujang asks Vasudha and Chandra to go inside with others. Boy says I will not go without Mohini didi. He all become snake and get inside. Bhujang waits for Mohini. Mohini is coming there. Maha maya and Adhiraj follow her, there is a lot of fog. Bhujang still waits for Mohini and thinks if I don’t go inside then mata mansa’s puja will be incomplete and I can’t let every naag’s puja to be incomplete. He becomes snake and gets inside the temple. He sees Mohini coming running there and calling his name. She becomes snake and enters the temple before the door gets closed and becomes invisible again and turns into a stone.

Bhujang asks Mohini if she is fine and asks if anyone tried to stop her. Mohini says Maha Maya tried to stop her, but she didn’t see her face. Bhujang appreciates her for fulfilling their parampara. He says we shall do the puja. Maha Maya and Adhiraj come near the stones and he tells that she vanished. Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that they went to the invisible door and asks him to break the stone. He asks him to kill all enemies altogether. He becomes man with wings and flies in air. He then becomes normal and takes out the hammer from the soil. He says I will break this door and will end all snakes.

All snakes men and women do puja of devi Mansa while the bhajan is played. Mohini dances while the others surround her in chain. Adhiraj is breaking the stones. Maha Maya looks at the temple stone and asks Adhiraj to break it. Adhiraj hits the temple door. Bhujang, Mohini and others get shocked. Mohini continues to dance. Devi Mansa gets happy with their prayers and appears before them. Bhujang says Mata Mansa ji Jai. Mata Mansa tells Mohini that she is very happy with her puja overcoming all troubles and tells that she has become her dear devotee and tells that her blessing is always on Naag lok. She makes them flower to make them go without getting in anyone’s eyes. Adhiraj breaks the stone and the door opens. They get inside the temple and sees the snakes idol and aarti plates kept there. Nilambari gets angry and shouts. She gets spider’s legs. Adhiraj is shocked.

Precap: Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that if Mohini is snake then would have been writhing in pain because of her knife. They ask her to open the door.

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