Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini kills Zoran

Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zoran telling Mohini that Adhiraj brought her as his bali. Adhiraj says I don’t have any way out. Chunnu asks the ghost to be there and take care of his bag. Mohini takes the knife in her hand and says I should have killed you long back. Adhiraj asks for a chance and assures that nothing will happen to her. Zoran laughs and says I don’t give chance to anyone. The little ghost ties Chunnu with magical powers and says I am saving your life. Chunnu asks him to free him. Some magical mirrors appear infront of Adhiraj and Mohini and she vanishes. Adhiraj shouts calling her and says nothing will happen to you. Mohini finds herself in the secret room and thinks where is that Danav Zoran. She shouts calling him and asks him to come. Zoran says you are in my Palace, it is a bit dirty as no woman is here in my house. Adhiraj cries for Mohini and recalls her moments with him. He thinks he can’t lose him. The little ghost tells Chunnu that he has to do this to save him. Chunnu asks if he has mind or not. The little ghost hide from him. Chunnu asks him to ask Zoran to leave his Mohini didi. The ghost tells that nobody could be saved from Zoran and even Adhiraj. Chunnu says Adhiraj will save Mohini and fight with Zoran. Zoran praises Mohini’s beauty and says she shall be kept as maharani. Mohini asks him to come infront of her. Zoran says I am ugly and your beautiful eyes will not like me. Mohini asks him to come infront of her and says she likes a powerful Danav like him. He says he will make her his. Mohini says Adhiraj wants to kill you. Zoran says I can kill him with my own blow. Adhiraj breaks the mirrors with his hand and thinks what shall I do? He thinks he has no other way out and tries to break the last mirror, but it is unbreakable. Adhiraj thinks he got the way.

The ghost calls him piddi. Chunnu asks what is piddi means. The ghost says brave etc. Chunnu asks him to show the way to go to Zoran. Mohini asks him to come infront of her and says if you don’t come infront of me then how will I see you? Zoran asks if Adhiraj loves you. Mohini says then why he would have bring me here? He asks what she will do if she gets a chance? Mohini says she will kill him. Zoran says good and says once Adhiraj dies, they can stay together in this palace. Mohini takes the sword and attacks in air. Zoran appears infront of her and tells that she was betraying him. Maha Maya thinks if Zoran killed Adhiraj. Adhiraj comes to Mohini and asks where is she? Mohini falls down. Chunnu becomes snake and scares the ghost like Danav. He becomes human again and says he is chota naag. He says I will be here until mohini comes out from Zoran’s cave. Adhiraj sees Zoran trying to kill Mohini’s soul. He says once your soul dies, then will be with me. Adhiraj thinks I can’t do this mistake again and can’t lose her again. He rescues her. Mohini asks if he bought her for his bali and says now you will become his bali. Adhiraj fights with Zoran, but Zoran kicks his foot on Adhiraj’s chest and he falls down. Zoran walks towards Adhiraj and is about to step on Adhiraj, but Adhiraj manages to save himself. He fights with Zoran, but gets badly injured by him. He sits down on the ground and take Adambaaz’s form shocking Mohini. Mohini says Adam baaz, Adhiraj is Adam baaz of neelkamal mountain. She thinks Bhujang was right, I shall kill him, else he will end all naaglok. She takes the knife and throws on Adhiraj. She then thinks otherwise and thinks he can’t harm naaglok and has a good heart in his chest. She shouts alerting him. Adhiraj turns and the magical knife hits Zoran. Zoran gets killed. Bhujang realizes Mohini has killed Zoran and thinks he will never forgive her and doubts on her loyalty.

Precap: Adhiraj and Mohini lift the pinjar together, but he falls down unconscious. Mohini gets worried for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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