Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Piku gives mukti to Malmal

Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant opening brahmand’s door to bring Malmal’s soul out. They see Danavs trying to come out. Vikrant gets Adambaaz’s (Adhiraj) feathers and flies in air. Kaal Purohit asks did you kill any Adambaaz. Vikrant says I can kaal purohit also. He burns the Danavs using Bhujang’s weapon. Mohini says opening brahmand means inviting the evils out. Vikrant tells that you will be there after death and the Danavs are your would be relatives. Mohini thinks how to delay the marriage and tells him that she can’t do injustice with other woman. Vikrant asks who is other woman? Mohini says Malmal and says she died as married woman and says still she is wearing your mangalsutra. She says according to the shastra, this marriage will be invalid. Vikrant asks kaal purohit what to do? Kaal purohit says she is right, you have to do Malmal’s shradh. Vikrant tells mohini that her trick was good to get time. Mohini thinks she knows that her Adhiraj will find her. Bhujang and Adhiraj catch Mangu. Piku tells them that her Papa made her do this. Adhiraj says we know and are not upset with you. Bhujang says Vikrant’s close aide can help us. Adhiraj says Piku doesn’t know anything. Bhujang says I am talking about someone and brings the cage in which Shalaka is trapped. He asks how are you? Vikrant asks Kaal Purohit to do Malmal’s shradh well and asks Mohini how she is feeling with her would be relatives.

Mohini is tied to the tree and asks him to free her. Vikrant says I am busy with shradh and asks her to wait for Adhiraj. He tells Malmal that this is the utsav of her rebirth. Shalaka apologizes to Bhujang for betraying him and says I am ready to do anything. Adhiraj says Shalaka is with Vikrant. Bhujang says Vikrant had sent her to get nartak and she got caught. Like wise, he tricked Mohini and sent her here to get my nartak. He asks Shalaka if she will help him. Shalaka says yes. Piku and Chunnu tell that they will also come. Bhujang tells the mantra. Kaal Purohit asks Vikrant to bring naagin Mohini. Vikrant asks Mohini to come for marriage. Bhujang, Adhiraj and others come there. Mohini says Adhiraj. Bhujang shouts Vikrant and asks him to leave Mohini else.

Vikrant asks do you want to kill Shalaka and asks him to kill her. Shalaka is shocked and tells Vikrant that she betrayed her people for him and you don’t value him. Vikrant says you have no value for betraying your people. Adhiraj asks Bhujang to divert Vikrant’s attention and says he will make Malmal and Vikrant vanish. Piku does something to stop them. Bhujang says Piku is not trustable. Adhiraj shouts Piku. Piku comes to Vikrant and hugs him. He asks her to go and wait there, says Papa is going to make your Maa alive. Bhujang asks Vikrant not to do anything with Kaal brahmand. Vikrant and Mohini sit for marriage. Mohini looks at Adhiraj. Piku comes to Malmal’s body and cries seeing her dead body. Vikrant asks her not to do anything and says Maa will return. Piku says this wait is useless and says I am small, but has realized, but you didn’t realize. She says Maa is dead and will not return. Vikrant says I will bring her. Piku says I know all the souls in kaal brahmand are evil and I don’t want any evil soul to enter my mum lifeless body. She apologizes to Bhujang and Adhiraj and tells that she don’t want anything happen to her Papa. She says this can happen when she gives mukti to her mother. She gives her mukti. Vikrant tries to stop Piku and shouts Malmal. Piku cries as Malmal’s body vanishes. Adhiraj and Mohini smile.

Precap: Vikrant breaks Kaal brahmand. Malmal’s soul releases from there and calls out Vikrant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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