Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav saves Vaidehi from Chitra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav identifying Chitra in Vaidehi’s body. Chitra says you identified me so late. Madhav says I respect your love and dedication for my love. He says if I had known that you will return for me then I would have given my life for you. He says the matter is about Vaidehi now, I can’t become yours leaving her and have promised to be with her. He says she is my wife now. Chitra says what is in her that you praise her. She says I will kill her identity and her. Madhav is shocked. She says I don’t want to let you go away from me because of me, you are just mine, not of anyone else. She bangs her head on the swing rod to hurt Vaidehi’s body. Madhav tries to stop her and says please don’t do this with my Vaidehi. Chitra pushes him and walks away from there. She goes to the balcony. Madhav asks what are you doing? Chitra says you are just mine, Vaidehi has to die today. Madhav asks her not to do anything with her and says what Vaidehi did with you. Everyone comes there. Jaichand says why Vaidehi wants to commit suicide. Rani says chitra wants to kill her. Madhav runs towards her. Chitra is about to fall in the hall. Madhav runs at a fast pace and holds her before she makes Vaidehi fall. He shouts. Chitra says I will kill Vaidehi today. He holds her. Chitra comes out of Vaidehi and the latter faints. Madhav is stressed.

Later, Madhav is seated with Vaidehi. Nilambari says now everything is fine. Madhav says I have to make everything fine and tells that Chitra was not bad and she never thought bad about others. Nilambari asks them to go out of haveli. Madhav says we will not go, but chitra has to go. He says she is dead and has no right on me. He says she shall understand this soon. He says I want to meet the person who help us to make Chitra go away from here. Nilambari gets worried and says they shall not hurry up. Madhav says I have decided, I will not let my past trouble my present. He says Chitra has to leave from here. Chitra is in her Shakti peet/storeroom and thinks of Madhav’s intimacy with Vaidehi and her.

She says I won’t let you become of someone else. Nilambari thinks if this happens then all my doings are ruined. She thinks I will be exposed, I have to do something to stop Madhav from supporting Vaidehi. I will be ruined. Chitra comes and attacks Nilambari. She asks her to help her to get Madhav. Nilambari thinks to send Madhav and Vaidehi far from there. Rani comes and asks her to find the way. She says if Madhav got successful to send Chitra away. Nilambari says she has to end this for forever. Madhav is going somewhere. Nilambari stops him. He says he is going to get solution to free Chitra’s soul. She asks what you will do? Madhav says I have faith on Vaidehi’s God and says he is going to Shiv Mandir. Nilambari stops him and says she is worried that something bad will happen. He says he will get mukti for her tonight.

Nilambari calls Chitra. Rani says even I can’t hear you so how will Chitra? Nilambari says if she is not here then I know where is she? She asks Rani to be there and goes to the storeroom. She opens the lock and gets inside the storeroom. A fb is shown, Chitra was burnt to death. Nilambari calls Chitra and says Madhav will find a way to make you get mukti. Chitra says Madhav can try, but can’t make me leave. Nilambari asks her to see when Madhav succeeds. Chitra holds her neck and asks her to tell where he went? Nilambari says he went to temple to get solution. Chitra says you would have stopped Madhav and can’t do my little work. Nilambari says I tried, but he didn’t stop. She asks her to stop him if she can. Chitra looks on.

Precap: Madhav tells Chitra that she is not his Chitra. He takes out the trishul. Chitra shouts his name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode is interesting…. I feel bad for Chitra, she is behaving bad due to Bad people….

    Hi summer… I am very much fine, and hope you are fine tooo!!
    And i am very much active but don’t follow any &tv show expect happu and bhabhi ji.. Just started to follow main bhi adhargini…
    Otherwise I am following : Guddan, Nazar and little started to follow choti sardarni (though didn’t like till now)… And rest shows are same boring and bakwas

    1. Hi Shraddha, it is! It’s a real shame that it is not aired here on &TV anymore. I only follow three shows, this one, Meri Hanikarak Biwi and Dayaan. It is nice to learn that Madhav have fallen in love with Chitra and good to see their bond strenghening. Will it be Anuradha and Vaiedhei who discovers the truth about Chitra’s death? I like their sisterly bond, its very endearing.

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