Mahishika, a story of brave girl.. (prologue)

Hello everyone.. I am Shreya.. I love to write so I tried something here.. If u like the story line(prologue) then please let me on the comments.. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes.. Let’s start..

     A forest.. 6-7 people were riding horses aiming their arrows. They are following a deer. The deer was running as could as possible but the horse riders were fast. They almost came near the deer when a girl came infront of them. She was aiming her arrow towards them. The deer runs away and the horse riders lost its sight. They angrily asked, ‘Who are You?’
The girl’s face was covered by a scarf, only her eyes were visible but her those two eyes speaks a lot for whom who understands the language of eyes. Her body reflect her strength and courage. In one look you can say that she is a brave girl..

A very long time ago there was a kingdom in India named GAUR PRADESH. It was beautiful kingdom: forests, lakes, rivers, Water falls all shows their glory there. It was like the kingdom was the gift of nature.. Everyone in that Kingdom were connected to the nature, may be because of the king.. The King was very kind hearted and at the same time brave, King Satyendra..

He was a amazing King, an incredible Husband and a cheerful Father.. Her wife was Maharani Subarna.. She was also a nice Queen but still she had some personal issues with his husband and daughter ..

Next chapter: The princess..

Thanks for reading it.. Please tell me if you like it or not.. Comment below..

  1. Heyyyy Dear it is fabulous please continue it….

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    yes dear please continue it. the story line seems very good.

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