The Maheshwari brothers (Episode 2)

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Previous episode :

Episode 2:
A big room is shown,it has a big bed in that five or four members can sleep and in one corner few musical instruments are placed two guitar ?, a drums set, a violin ?,a piano ?,
saxophone ?…… Sanskar is resting his head on the bed headboard with closed eyes and thinking something deeply….
Some voices are rolling over his mind continuously.
“sanky Kavita is cheating you”
“I want only money from him only money”
” mom how can I marry him he has nothing”
Sanskar(shouts): slience

Lakrankunman standing at the door ?.
Laksh(whispers): hey kunj (shakes him) kunj
Kunj look at him including others.
Laksh winks while smiling victoriously.All understood
Sanskar was standing near the window. He did not notice his brothers coming inside. Ranveer takes the saxophone ? and started playing..
Sanskar turns and sees his brothers. Manik with guitar ? Laksh with violin ?kunj with a cute smile..sanskar know what is going to happen next…Ranmanlak started playing their respective instruments..sanskar smiles while shaking his head in negative…
Kunj started singing with his words..
“”I’m so happy, 
you’re my brother and friend. 
A few verses of love, 
I’d just like to send.””

Sanskar smiles widely and admiring his brothers.Laksh plays the violin ? so fastly…

Kunj continue singing “”I always enjoy, 
spending time with you. 
In so many ways, 
together we grew.””

Sanskar(amazed): then

Kunj thinks then sings
“”ha We share a close bond, 
and a very strong link. 
We openly express, 
whatever we think.””

Sanskar(grin ?): you all openly express

All makes faces..Ranveer plays saxophone ? near sanskar ear..

Sanskar(closes his ear): aaaa stop kunj you continue

Kunj sings””Just want to thank you, 
for all you have done. 
You’ve always been, 
hilarious and fun.””

Sanskar: me fun(chuckles)

Kunj sings “”You’re one of those people, 
that is genuinely nice, 
You’re always willing, 
to offer advice.””

Sanskar raised his eyebrow..

All sings without playing anything “”My life has been blessed, 
with a brother like you. 
With you by my side, 
life’s easier to chew!””

Sanskar hugs them..

Sanskar(smiles): i don’t know how you all convince me at any cost(patting their back)

All giggles…
“” all finished enjoying”” a voice from door…All broke the hug and at their granny with angry face?

Manik: dida

Shoba(angry): you all are enjoying here your mother is crying there thinking about you all…(all looks down) i understand sanskar you didn’t like girls…Kavita and Kavya did wrong in your life..i too don’t like that Kavya…but I am asking to marry someone else…all the girls are not same sanskar..

Sanskar : i understand but I could not (turns other side)

Ranveer: ha dida what if bhai’s wife separate us from bhai

Manik: dida in serials and movies I saw if brothers got married

Kunj: first they wives will fight with each other

Laksh: then the brothers will support their respective wives

Ranveer: then separation

Sanskar: we don’t want all these so

All: we don’t want marriage
( while all side hugs)

Shoba(slaps her forehead): do what you all want??? I don’t care please don’t make your mother cry again…for her atleast I think about marriage…

Manik: dida I have a idea(all looks at him) why we all marry a one girl??? Like pachpandavas we were also called as pachpandavas

Ranveer(smiles): ha great I am arjun of the family so I will get a draupadi (winks)

Shoba(slaps their head): oh God what I will do with these boys??
Oye you are all can be called as pachpandavas but be like darshradan sons…like Sanskar is ram laksh like lakshmana Ranveer like bharata, Kunj is shakadeva
And Manik like(bites her tongue)
Manik like

Kunj :Manik is hanuman(laughs)

Manik(angry): hey vamiki(chases him)

Kunj(while running): bro don’t call me that my fans are getting angry
All laughs

Shoba: ok bas bas…all come down

Ranveer: dida one doubt you are a bengali dada is a marwadi how you got married

Shoba: oye you know na

Laksh: but our readers don’t know
Shoba: me and deena

Sanskar: deena who is he?? Ho dada Mr Deendayal Maheshwari (winks)

Shoba(control her blushes): shut up Sanskar (serious)let me continue me and your dada were studied in same college…one day he proposed me and I also accepted him..we both started loving…one more that is me and parvati are best friends as well as neighbours…Unfortunately deena’s father got to know about our love..he rejected me as I was bengali..then he get married deena and parvati…that day I got to know that I was pregnant and my mother supported me… …deena and his family got know about this and deena married me for my dignity…..then durgaprasad born…(wipes her tears) oye boys leave all this…I am leaving now you all also come down

All goes down…

Swara’s flat

Swara comes home running and rings the calling bell?. The door get opened and saw her mom giving her death glance.Swara smiles sheepishly Before she could speak. Her mom takes her inside. Swara saw some member sitting on sofa drinking juices and eating sweets..
Mishti pushes Swara inside the room..
Mishti(angry tone): I told you to come early na why were you late
(Swara was about to speak) no Swara I don’t need any explanation..(gives the saree and jewellery) wear all this now
Swara wears all this while making different expression..
Swara came out along Mishti.
Aysh sliently laughing..shekar gesture Mishti through eyes.
Mishti keeps Swara hand joined and gesture her to smiles. Swara posted a picture smiles to the boys family and the boy is smiling shyly..

Boy’s mom: oh this is your ladiki
(whispers something to her husband)

Swara(Murmurs angrily ): moti(gives a smile to them)

Boy’s mom: did you know to sing???

Mishti : ha ha my daughter I know everything like music,dance,cooking,etc etc

Boy whispers something in his moms ears

Swara(Murmurs): mumma ka baccha

Boy’s mom: wo shekar ji my son wants to talk to swara alone so

Shekar(nodded): ji Swara take praveen with you

Swara goes behind her praveen to the balcony…

Praveen(smiles shyly): wo mera naam praveen he wo I work at London my qualification is MBA I got top in university

Swara(annoyed): is there interview is going here???

Praveen nodded in no

Swara: then why all this??! for this you want to talk to me alone

Praveen blankly sees her what to do..

Swara(takes a breath): OK tell me what is marriage?? (while crossing her hands near chest)

Praveen(thinks): hmm the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship… historically a union between a man and a woman simple

Swara(stared angrily): next question what is wife???

Praveen: wife who should be beautiful and good at heart. She
should care for me and my family.. She should give child to husband

Swara(burns in angry): then what will you do?? I mean what is the duty of husband??

Praveen(smiles proudly): husband should work and get money to family…to give child that’s it

Swara angrily goes out followed by praveen

Boy’s mom(smiles): Shekar ji we will not ask more from you we just want a car and 5lakhs money that’s it ok what will you give for your daughter for marriage???

Swara(shouts angrily): haa 4 slippers , 2 heels ?, 1 boots?
for your son

Boy’s mom: shekar ji what is this

Swara(shouts): hello talk to me directly why are you complaining to my father??

Boy’s mom(angry): arrey ladiki shut up

Swara(same tone): first you get up with your son and husband

All goes out…Swara sit down with a relief sigh ?

Mishti(angry): Swara what have you done???

Swara(same tone): maa stop it
I didn’t do anything wrong and I am sorry for the behaviour….(calmly) maa marriage is a very purity thing that connects the heart ♥ of two… All these people only want money..Money is not everything maa beyond that there is alot of things is there…so maa baba stop all this(look at Lord ganesh photo) ganpati bappa will show my life..

At night

Brothers room

Ranveer,laksh,Kunj and Manik comes to room while talking and laughing…They saw Sanskar in the balcony with a bottle in his hand…Laksh placed his hand on his shoulder…sanskar turns and look at his brothers smiling widely
Ranveer (Worries): bhai again you started

Sanskar(innocently): what I started??

Kunj: drinking this(pointing towards the bottle)

Sanskar(drunken tone): oh… This(pointing out that bottle)
I am very sad very very sad that’s why??? (puppy face) Bros only for today you know only one glass ? I drank

Manik: then we will also drink (while taking the bottle)

Sanskar(stopped): arrey(takes the bottle back) this is a poison man you should all not drink this(while moving inside)i should only drink this because I want to die

Kunj: its me bhai we will also die with you

Laksh(teared eyes): We will die together as we will not live without you

Sanskar(shouts): stop it(throws the bottle on dustbin) i throwed it
Now ok(holds his ears)I never ever talk about death…I will live for you all..

Ranveer: even the death could not separate us

All hugs…brokes the hug…

Sanskar: I feel guilty for making mom cry…

Manik: don’t worry bhai forget it now why boy should marry a girl?? He can Marry a boy also

Sanskar(looks at mirror): am l looking like a gay

Laksh : We are not telling that….

Sanskar : then

Ranveer : We all will marry

Sanskar : what (laughs) we all will marry what will we do after marriage??? (thinks) haan Bromance (laughs)

Manik(husky voice): ya bro
(while putting his hand around Sanskar neck)

Sanskar: what you all mean????

All smiles devilishly ?
Manik plays the song….
Chikni chameli plays..
Manik,Ranveer,laksh, Kunj started dancing while shaking their hip like a girl..Sanskar started laughing ?

{{Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee}}

Ranveer pushes Sanskar on
Bed..he dances on Bed all around the bed

{{Jungle mein aaj mangal karungi
Bhookhe sheron se khelungi mein
Makhan jaisi hatheli pe chalke angare le lungi mein
Haaii.. Indicine
Gehre paani ki machli hoon raja
Ghaat Ghaat dariya mein ghoomi hoon main
Teri nazro ki leharon se haar ke aaj doobi hoon main}}

Sanskar smiles weirdly ….all jumps on Bed and started dancing..Sanskar jumps out from bed

{{Jaanleva jalwa hai
Dekhne mein halwa hai
Jaanleva jalwa hai
Dekhne mein halwa hai
Pyaar se paros doongi toot le zaraa

Yeh toh trailer hai pori fillum dikhane aayee
Husn ki teelli se beedi chillam jalane aayee}}

Sanskar gives naughty smile and too jumps on Bed and started dancing all brothers laughing and dancing…

{]Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee }}

Sanskar(teases) : I wish if you any one of you born as girl then I will surely married especially Ranveer(pulls his cheek) you are looking beautiful..(Ranveer pouts)

All laughs like hell finally falls on Bed and sleeps hugging …

Next day

A small house is shown one man is cleaning his scooter with serious ? face …one woman is cooking ? while Murmuring some thing angrily…one girl is sleeping lazily…A another came down wearing a traditional salwar
And go towards the pooja room..
She shows aarti to God while closing her eyes.

Girl( monologue): God this my first day in my college..
please bless me..

“”Nandini”” her mother called out from the kitchen…the girl goes towards kitchen..

Nandini: ha maa

Latha(angry tone): go and wake up your sister sneha she has to go for school ? ..

Latha Malhotra: a house wife and serious mother….mother of nandini and sneha
Sneha Malhotra : a selfish girl…elder sister … hates nandini…. Acts innocent in home…always take good name in her family

Nandini nods and about to go..

Girl(while coming towards kitchen): no need maa i am already…(gives a look to nandini) I don’t need anyone..

Nandini looks down while clutching her bag and looks up and smiles at her…

Latha(smiles): ok you both go and sit I will bring breakfast
(while preparing parota)

Both sit on sofa as they don’t have dining table….Raj malhotra,father of nandini and sneha comes near them….

Raj Malhotra: doing Accountants job….a miser who a person who spends as little money as possible….he hates love and all…
Angry person..loves sneha so much
Latha places parota on nandini and sneha plate..she takes ghee and apply on sneha’s parota…and going to apply on nandini but

Raj: Latha stop it why are you applying for her?? Sneha is studying mbbs so you can apply for her but this useless girl did not worth for anything she is going to join engineering I said to study medical .. If you want then apply after she got job

Nandini(teared eyes): papa I got good mark in +2 I have done well in Neet what I will do if they are not select me…

Raj(angry): Nandini shut up our neighbour’s two daughters are doctors….go and see how they live be slient study engineering sincerely and get some good job

Sneha(fake worries): papa leave her

Raj(shouts): stop supporng her
(Latha about to speak) you shut up… Nandini I want a best from you if you are not giving then you will see a worst of me…I am waiting outside come fast

Tears started to flow from Nandini eyes..sneha smirks…Latha consoles her.. After bf she went out sneha goes with her own scooty…raj comes with his scooter and ask her to sit…
Nandini sits…

Raj(while driving): listen stay out from boys you very well know I hate loves and all..don’t even look any boy…If I hear something like that I will surely kill you be like your sister..

Nandini nods with sad face

❄❄❄Screen freezes❄❄❄

Kavya and urvashi entry..

I know I was late I am so sorry..actually there is some problem in my phone 2days back that’s why I am sorry

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