The Maheshwari brothers (Episode 1)

Disclaimer ?: This Fan Fiction carries swasan,raglak,ishveer,twnj and manan.The characters belong to their respective original show even though they had been tweaked alot.
Genre:Romance? Bromances?,comedy?,love?,
? Characters ?
Main lead====>

Sanskar Maheshwari?:1st, 27years old, very arrogant and strict no.1 business man.had a past.hate girls, His brothers are his life.He can do any thing for me.

Laksh Maheshwari?: 2nd son,25years old, talkative and flirting type.

Ranveer Maheshwari ?: 3rd son,23 years old,works at radio, a play boy

Kunj Maheshwari? :4th son 21 yearsold,slient guy and obedience
Book material.stdying final year

Manik Maheshwari? :5th son,18years old funny and loving guy.

Swara boss?:a middle class girl.bubbly and smart girl.Always dreams about her future husband.

Ragini patel?: lives with her mom Janaki,

Ishani kapoor? : neighbour of Maheshwaris and friend of ranveer from childhood.

Twinkle Taneja?: very very rich family naughty and more talkative girl.

Nandini malhotra?: middle family and a traditional and fearful girl

Formal cast=====>

Durgaprasad Maheshwari ?and Annapurna Maheshwari?: father and mother of our five Maheshwari

Ramprasad Maheshwari☺: brother of dp

Sujata Maheshwari?: wife of rp,a selfish and jealous woman.Don’t like dp and his five sons.want her son to be the heir

Sahil Maheshwari?: eldest son of all ,a mental and useless guy son of rp and Sujata

Chirag Maheshwari ?: a split boy,does not like Sanskar and his brothers.son of rp and Sujata

Uttara Maheshwari?:a sweet of all the brothers. Especially the five Brothers

Deendaylan Maheshwari?: father of dp,rp and urvashi

Shoba Maheshwari?: second wife of Deendaylan.Dp is her son.Modern granny,a bengali.

Parvati Maheshwari?: first wife of Deendaylan,mother of rp and urvashi

Urvashi Mehra?: sister of rp and dp.wants her daughter to marry Sanskar

Kavya Mehra?: obsessed with Sanskar.wants to marry him because of money

?Episode 1?
At Mumbai
The day of Ganesh chaturti.All the people of Mumbai were celebrating with joy??.
A big Lord Ganesh statue is kept in the centre.It is beautifully decorated with flowers?.A huge group of people were gathered there.It was organised by Maheshwari & brothers Company.Every year the Maheshwaris gives funds?, food ? and clothes? to the poor

A lady comes everyone greeted them?.

One of the ladies : Happy Ganesh chaturti Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari

Annapurna (smiles):Happy Ganesh chaturti (while holding her both hands?)

A girl? comes running : bade ma bade maa(about to fall?)

Annapurna(hold her): Uttara carefully what happened

Uttara(breaths heavily): badema….they both again started
Annapurna sighs

Two grandladies were fighting we can say mouth ? fighting?.One is looking like a modern granny another one is looking like a traditional granny.

Grandlady1: hey old woman? shut up your ditch mouth?

Grandlady2:hey bengalan don’t you dare to talk about me the greek parvati Maheshwari ?

Grandlady1 claps her hands and laughs: oye parvati that is great not greek you could not even spell the word also u r great ha ha ha
(smirk) I am only great the one and only Shoba Maheshwari ?

Both continue to argue.
Annapurna comes there with Uttara.

Annapurna(shouts): maa and mummy ji please stop it(clamly) what happened now

Parvati : ask that bengalan

Annapurna: maa please (parvati turns her face)

Shoba: that moti old woman? she insulting me

Parvati(angry): what I ? Really its you who is insulting

Annapurna holds Shoba and Uttara holds parvati.Both were still fighting

Annapurna(holds Shoba): Uttara take parvati maa somewhere.(to Shoba) mummy ji please come

Uttara nodded and takes her
A lady walking ? here and there outside of a room.The lady is revealed to be Sujata.A boy opens the door. He wearing a green sherwani?.He stands there lifting his head smiling

Sujata(mesmerised):hey hey chora you are looking like rajkumar? .sahil girls will surely go flat seeing you.(take kajol from her eyes)wait wait I will keep kajol so that no eyes ? will affect you

Sahil(shows teeth.?): mom am I looking beautiful

Sujata(hits his head):Sahil that is hand..what will they say(thinks)

A boy comes there: that is handsome

Sujata(laugh): ya ya that is the one(shows) Chirag see see your bhai. He is perfectly looking like a heir? of the family.

Sahil smiles sheepishly ?while blushing like a girl ?.

Chirag(sighs angrily): mom see this idiot.He is blushing? like girls.He is the heir of Maheshwari family.(slaps his forehead)he is eldest son but that Sanskar Maheshwari is treated as the elder son. Because of his foolishness that Sanskar become the heir and owner of the Maheshwari & brothers Company.(angrily get a wine ?bottle)

Sujata(stops✋): chora please not today.(slaps her both cheeks) Ganpati Bappa please forgive my son.

Chirag places back ? the bottle and leaves from here.

Sahil(confused ? ): what happened to him why he is behaving like that.I am looking good(checks himself)

Sujata(sighs?):leave that Sahil come it’s time ⌚

A Oldman? comes there all become slient behind him a Man? came pulling a wheelchair ♿ in that one man is sitting.

Man1(whispers): hey who are these two men and that old man

Man2:don’t you know The old man is Mr Deendaylan Maheshwari and the other one who is pulling a wheel chair is Ramprasad Maheshwari and the man is sitting on the wheelchair is Mr Durgaprasad Maheshwari

Man1(whispers to Man1): why
Durgaprasad is sitting on the wheelchair ♿??

Man1(whispers back):hey don’t you know from last 2years he could not walk his elder son only handling the business.

Man2(whispers): oh this and all happened

Man1(whispers back): this all nothing.Do you know one thing Mr Deendaylan Maheshwari has two wife.Did you see two oldwomen fighting there.They are his wives.

Man2(chuckled) :I think this family does not pride and prestige

This all witnessed by Annapurna.She marched towards

Annapurna(controlling her angry): suniye tum both are invited here for the celebration not for critizing or making fun of please stop it(holds her hands) ( proudly)
I have five diamonds which will raise my family.The diamonds are my sons.(smiles proudly)
My panch puttars are panch pandavas of the Maheshwari family. Yadhishthira of the Maheshwaris is my elder son Sanskar Maheshwari who always walk in dharma path.
( A boy’s back appears he is wearing white kurta ? and pants ?)
The Bhema of our family is my
Second son Laksh Maheshwari who is not strength ? of the body but by strength of his heart
(another boy appear beside the first boy)
Arjuna is my third son Ranveer Maheshwari who
(another one boy stands beside another side of 1st boy)
Nakula and Sahadeva of our family is my forth and fifth son whom cure the problem of peoples and make them happy.
(two boys appears either side of the boys)

A five boys face revealed.Here comes our handsomes hunks.
Sanskar,laksh,Ranveer,Kunj and Manik.There face is covered with red colour.There shows aarti to Lord Ganesh? smilingly☺

**Riddhi, Siddhi, Vriddhi hoti
Haan tere hi aane se
Aur sundar ye shristi hoti
HaMr. tere hi aane se
Morya… Morya…** plays in background.

All the family members stands behind them.sujata groups make irritated ? faces.

Ranveer started singing ? **Man ke andhere kone mein
Jo daanav chhupa hai Morya**
Laksh continues**Uspe hi jai ho to digvijay ho
Teri tarah Morya**

All shouts **Ganpati Bappa – Morya
Urja varshi – lavkar ya**

All five started singing while dancing.

Sanskar sings while applying colour on his forehead **Ho lakh koi de hunkaare
Lakh koi dhamkaaye**
Kunj sings**Ho ho hum teri raahon pe chalte
Hum nahi rukne waale**

Manik sings**Mera deva devon ka devta
Majha deva devon ka devta
Pair rukne na, sar yeh jhukne na dega**
All shouts:Morya re Morya, Ganpati Bappa Morya
Shambhu sutaya, Shambhu Sutaya
Lambodaray Morya
Morya re Bappa Morya
Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ranveer sings***Sajjan ki aas, durjan ka nash**
All shouts **Tu kaisa bindas hai raja**
Kunj sings **Tu kaisa bindaas hai raja**
Laksh sings**Teri ho puja phir koi duja
Tu sabka vishwas hai raja**
All shouts **Tu sabka vishwas hai raja**
Sanskar sings **Yoon sabhi devon ke aage
Yeh sar jhuka hai Morya
Par apna hai tu ghar pe hamare
Aaya hai Morya**
All shouts **Morya re Morya, Ganpati Bappa Morya
Shambhu Sutaya, Shambhu Sutaya
Lambodaray Morya
Morya re Bappa Morya
Ganpati Bappa Morya…..

All claps?.Our heros takes blessing from elders and came ti Annapurna with a smile playing on their lips.
Sanskar: maa bless us
(all the five touches Annapurna’s foot)
Annapurna(smiles):God bless you my sons there is no shakti to separate all will unity forever.
Annapurna hugs her sons.

Sahil hugs them : brothers u danced very well.

Sanskar (pats his cheek): thanks bhai

Sanskar goes to hug to Chirag but he turns angrily.Sanskar face turns pale.Laksh places his hand on his shoulder. Sanskar just nodded with smile

Sujata(jealous in mind): oh God why you made my sons brainless?? One is fool and another one is angry bird(to our heros who bends down for bless)(smiles fakely) God may give all the happiness

Laksh(to Annapurna): maa I heard some idiots talking low about our family (angry) how can they talk about our family

Ranveer(side hugs anu): don’t worry mom tomorrow’s show in my radio station is going to be them I will tear their faces(holds his first)

Kunj(clamly): Ranveer please cool down there is no point to insult them
Maa has given them good demonstration

Sanskar: guys Sanskar Maheshwari ? is here.All throw all your problems in dustbin.I will handle it in my way(smirks ?)

Manik: oh oh I feel very pity for those two(gives hifi to Sanskar)

Annapurna: stop it all.No one should do anything. I will in Kunj side as he said the right thing.(side hugs him)

Manik:mom you always on his side(pouts)

Uttara comes there and shouts
“bhaiyus you all done a great job the dance was ultimate?” (hugs them)
Sanskar: sweety
Laksh : joker
Ranveer: devil
Kunj : ladoo
Manik: moti

Uttara(pouts): huh bhaiyus please call me Uttara.

All laugh.sanskar phone ? rings and about to lift the ? but stopped by Annapurna.

Annapurna(angry ?): Sanskar please today no office calls beta please

Kunj: ha bhai please enjoy with us in celebration times only you are with us

Manik(teases):ha bhai for the first time Valmiki said right

Kunj(angry): what did you call me Valmiki??? I am not going to baccha

Manik starts running ? and Kunj chases him.All laughs

Uttara : stop it Bros.(whispers)see there(points ranlak)

Sankunman looks at ranlak who are busy in watching a girl and shakes their head in disbelief)

Laksh: hey Ranveer look at her man she looks gorgeous
Ranveer(points another): bhai that girl is also looks beautiful na
Laksh; ya she looks great ok let’s start the competition.
Sanskar places his both hands on either side of their shoulders.

Sanskar: what are you both doing

Ranveer and laksh shocks as they know Sanskar didn’t like all this.

Ranveer(stammering): bhai tum yaha

Sanskar: what are you both doing

Laksh(shows teeth.?): just playing games

Sanskar(raised his eyebrow): hmm playing games what type of games???

Manik: flirting,teasing,getting number from girls and so and so
(shows tongue ?)

Ranlak look at him angrily.

Sanskar(smiles): ok for this time I am allowing

Ranlak jumps in happiness and kisses ? Sanskar cheek.

Sanskar(rubs his both cheeks):you can thank you in words not like this

Sanskar shows one person to Manik and Kunj and winks at eachother.
Manik(side hugs Ranveer):bhai see that in pink leganga

Ranveer: ya but I couldn’t see her.Her back only seen

Manik: bhai go here and see(smirk which is unnoticed by Ranveer)

Ranveer goes near that girl: hey beautiful what your sweet name ha????

The girl turns with angry face ?: Haan Ishani

Ranveer wides eyes ?in shock: Ishani Tum(starts acting)(laughs?)hi Ishani how are you I know it’s you I thought to surprise u(shows teeth?)

Ishani(angry ? ): ha believed Ranveer Maheshwari I know about you very well.u know me right that I hate flirting with girls and u also u will not do but again started I am not going to leave you(start chases him)

Ranveer(while running?):hey leave me please I will not that again

Ishani(shouts) : I am not going to believe you this time.

All laughs.Annapurna comes to Sanskar.

Sanskar : maa

Annapurna : wo wo I want to tell you something

Sanskar: ha maa say

Ranveer stops running : Ishani one min(Ishani stops)

Annapurna(stammering): Sanskar tomorrow…(Sanskar looks at her)
Urvashi and Kavya are coming to talk about your marriage with Kavya

Sanskar(angry):maa how many times I have been telling you that I don’t want marriage and I live for my brothers. Can’t you understand my feelings??(holds her hands and said clamly)You know na maa what happened 2 years ago(teared eyes) please don’t expect me to marry.i will never ever marry
(leaves from thgoe

Lakrankunman: mom we will also never marry anyone.(leaves behind Sanskar)

Annapurna cries Shoba holds her shoulder and Ishani hold her hand.sujata smirks.

Parvati(to anu):all this happening because of you ladiki. You are one who is giving place to them. You Don’t even know how to grow the children.

Shoba(shouts): chup karo parvati go from here (hugs Annapurna)

Parvati and Sujata leaves.

Ishani : aunty don’t cry everything will alright

Shoba(caress her hair):Annapurna stop crying. Ganpati Bappa will show you a way don’t girl will be born for Sanskar who will entry in his life…

It’s Me. Swara.I am standing in dreamworld? which is decorated with flowers??? and heart shape balloons?? ?.I was wearing a red frock?.My Prince was sitting in his knees infront of me asking for dance?.
I could not see his face.I placed my Hands in his while smiling like idiot.?(gerua song played in background??????)

{Prince started singing? while spreading his arms like welcoming me}

**Dhoop se nikhal ke
Chaanv se phisal ke
Hum mile jahan par
Lamha tham gaya**

{I continue singing while running to his arms?and cups his cheek}

**Aasmaan pighal ke
Sheeshe mein dhalke
Jam gaya to tera chehra ban gaya**

{While lifting me in his arm}

**Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ho.. Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua**

He slowly rounds along with me.
He makes me stand.
We were about to kiss ?. Suddenly a voice “”Swara””.I get shock to see my mom standing with a angry face ?.

Me(shocked ) : mom you here
(bite my finger)

Mishti(very angry): Swara get up Swara get up from your dream world(shakes me)

I wake up with a jerk from the bed. I find myself in my night dress.(sighs annoyed)huhhhhhh again it a dream ( while pulling off the bedsheet) I saw my mom shouting and scolding me for not getting up early as it was Ganesh chaturti.I slapped myself for not waking up.I just ran to washroom.I turned on the shower ? but my mom’s radio ? is still audible ?.

Swara’s pov end ?

Swara came out wearing a red anarkali looking damn cute.

Swara(while wearing her earrings): mom please help me wearing this necklace

Mishti(while wearing necklace):
Shona I don’t know what will you do when you went to your sasural

Swara: I will just romance with my Prince (giggles)

Mishti laughs: Shona come down
Colony people were gathered.I think it’s time for pooja
(goes down shaking her head in disbelief while smiling)

Swara lives in a Colony with her small family mom Mishti ,dad shekar ,little brother Aysh.
Bose family goes down and participated in the pooja and celebrated for hours and moves to their home.

In Swara flat
Swara came out from her room wearing loose top and palazzo Pant.

“mom I am going o parlour” Swara while taking her handbag.

Mishti(shocked): what today is Ganesh chaturti but you are going to parlour

Swara(dramatic ?): mom today one wedding? is there for that I have put makeup? for the bride ?.The bride said If I don’t come for her then she will stop her marriage. And I too promised her that I will come(smiles) So Ganpati will not punish me indeed he will bless me.(winks ?)

” Swara come home early today boy’s family are coming today to see you ” Mishti shouts back

“again an another goat?” Swara sigh with annoyed face?

“Swara the boy is very good.He earns very much.They family was good,”Mishti continue her purnas while showing her 32 teeth.?

Swara makes faces.?

Shekar speaks who is sitting on couch and reading newspaper.

Shekar?: Shona atleast today you say ok to the boy.This is the 15th guy you are going to see.All the boys likes you but you rejected all of them(sigh while keeping the newspaper on the table)

Swara(irritated?): baba all those boys were really dummo and their parents want me as a duck which lay a gold eggs.I don’t want to be a duck.I want to be me not as a golden duck ?or slave(turns her face)

Mishti(angry): Swara it’s going over your baba giving more place to you atleast tell me why are you rejected all of them???

Aysh who is sitting in the couch and playing video games
“swaramayana is going to start”

Swara(smiles dreamingly):maa all the girls? dreams? about their future husband? as like me.I want my husband to support me and stand ?for me in each and every situation.He should care me?, love me?.As all girls I too want my hubby to be romantic? and handsome?. Especially he should be understanding to me and my family?. After a girl’s marriage her husband becomes not only his life partner, but also her best friend. He is the first one whom she addresses for any joys or sorrows.we girls loved to be pampered by their husband I too want that from my hubby.Every girl dreams of her prince charming?, the perfect guy for her who will take her into her magical dream world ? full of love. I too dream like this . I wants him to be the best for me. Of course, no single  guy is perfect in all the qualities a girl dreams about.All the girls need care for a little attention, love and care from their husband and the most important thing that is trust.Trust is the building block of a relationship. The stronger the trust gets, the stroner gets the relationship

Mishti(hold her both hands?):Swara devi please stop your purnas?(continues her work)

Aysh(teases): di what if destiny bought you a arrogant man? like who does not like girls then what will you do(raised his eyebrow)

Swara(thinks):hmm…..I don’t know it’s up to God(looks up)Ganpati Bappa please give me my Prince soon ?

❄❄❄Screen freezes❄❄❄
Others introduction
Author note ?
Hi guy?,
This is nive here,please suggest me shall I CONTINUE or WITHDRAW this FF.Please comment everyone I want to know how of reading my ff.and love you ???????????
This is nive signing off.

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      Ennakum unna rmba pidichurukku nive?????

    3. Scooby

      Enna da nadakudhu inga?? Rendu perum open romance panitu irukeenga????

    4. SNY

      Pangu poramaila pongatha??????????

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