Mahek 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Terrorists hijack birthday party

Mahek 8th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the kids are playing. Neev loses. He says i lost. Mahek says there is no win or lose. Its all fun. They all go to cut the cake. The woman says there will be magic show. There will be clowns. The birthday boy cuts the cake.
Mahek and Nehal check their phone there is no network. SHaurya is trying to go to the party.
Shaurya checks the cctv. The manager says there is nothing wrong. The terrorists come to party as jokers. Shaurya says where is footage of birthday party? He says I don’t know why is it not working. All the gates re locked.
The terrorist enter the party. All the people panic. The terrorist shoot the guards in the party.

Mahek and Neev hide under the table. Mahek says don’t worry. She hugs him. Mahek asks Neev to hide. A terrorist put gun neev’s head. Mahek says please leave him. The management calls police.
Mahek and Neev sit down. Everyone is scared. They take everyone’s phones.
Shaurya is worried. He says I have to go there. My wife is there. The manager says you can’t go in all gates are locked. All the kids are hungry. Mahek requests the terrorist to let them eat. He says shut up and sit down. The other says let them have food. Mahek and Nehal give food to all the kids.
The host tries to take her phone and calls police. They shoot her. Everyone is dazed. They scream. He says this is what I said.

Shaurya sees the map of the mall. police force comes outside. Everyone is scared. They say the police is coming. We have to run from here. They grasp a woman. Mahek says take me instead. They take mahek and says now you will know what sacrifice is like.

Scene 2
Shaurya takes the AC duct to go to the hall.
Kanta and everyone see the news. They are dazed. Ravi calls and says nehal and mahek are in the mall. Kanta leaves the phone. Everyone is worried.

The terrorist take Mahek out with gun on her head. Ravi says we have to go there. They leave. Shaurya is in duct. he sees that they have gun on Mahek’s head.

Precap-Shaurya comes to the party. He beats a terrorist. They shoot him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Please stop this type of serial. It seems like writers are putting the storyline live in a confused manner.

  2. Yes it should have stoped at that point of time only when mehak’s memory came back. Now again they are dragging the matter by introducing new and new villains. I am wondering about that new gardner and the men who took shaurya’s eye’s report, what they are planning to do .
    Plzzz stop all this rubbish …..

  3. Bulllshitt!!Hate this show now,and btw I only watched it for mehrya’s sake,all of my friends and family members stopped watching this show because of the continuous conflicts

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