Mahek 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Archie dies, Mahek and Shaurya reunites

Mahek 2nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek throws cocnut at Archie, Archie shoots at her, Mahek falls down and her head gets injured. Mahek touches Mata’s feet and sees her head bleeding. Archie says people coward like you cant fight, you people give death of yours to others, I have to kill many including you, starting with your family, should I burn them alive in a house or throw their cardown the cliff.. she evilly laughs and points gun at Mahek. Mahek looks around.. suddenly chunri falls from bell and falls on Archie’s face. Mahek says Jai Maa kali, she takes trishul and attacks Archie’s hand, gun falls from her hand, Archie tensely looks at her. Mahek says you will kill my family? kill my Neev? take my Shaurya away from me? I will kill you today. Archie runs away from her, Mahek runs behind her with trishul.
Shaurya is driving fast to reach there.
Mahek is running behind Archie. Archie runs a construction site. She climbs up the stairs. Mahek runs behind her. Archie throws sand in Mahek’s eyes and hits her head on wall, trishul falls from Mahek’s hand. Archie ties Mahek’s hands with rope. Shaurya is near site and hears Mahek’s scream, he runs towards in. In construction site, Archie hits on Mahek’s head, Mahek is dizzy. Archie says you have made my life hell, if I didnt get Shaurya then you wont get him too. I will die but you will die with me. Shaurya is running towards stairs. Archie ties Mahek with herself, she ties around her waist and Mahek’s waist, she says we both will die and Shaurya will die daily in this guilt. Archie pulls Mahek near the edge of roof and says now you and me will die. Shaurya is climbing up the stairs. Mahek screamsfor Shaurya. Archie is about to jump off the roof with Mahek but Shaurya comes there and pulls Mahek to him, ties get loose, Archie falls off the roof while Shaurya pulls Mahek back and hugs her tightly. Shaurya cups Mahek’s face and says I love you Mahek. Mahek says I love you more.. she hugs him tightly. Mahek sees Archie lying dead on ground and hugs Shaurya more tightly.

Julie packs her stuff. Mahek comes there dressed in a red gown, she says Maa.. I am sorry, its habit to you call you Maa. Julie says this is blessing for me that you call me Maa, we must have done something nice in last birth that we got you. Mahek says you are mother for me and if you take me as daughter then stay with me. Julie says I have to go, we are alive because of you otherwise my son didnt leave any chance, I want to do nice thing for remaining life, I will go to an orphanage in Banaras and serve poor people there, Neev will live with you, he will have good life with you and Shaurya. Kanta does her aarti, Julie thanks her. Kanta says you are leaving such a nice gift for us, you have given us Neev so we are thankful to you. Julie says I should leave before Neev comes as then I wont be able to leave, she hugs Mahek and leaves.

Scene 2
All are enjoying in Kanta’s house. Shaurya is playing with Neev. Kanta says to Mahek that you took Neev’s responsibility but will Karona accept him? and Shaurya cares about him but will he accept him? Mahek says I have taken his responsibility, Shaurya is fond of him and Shaurya is himself like a kid, he would have gotten sad without Neev, I am sure Neev will be part of our lives easily. Kanta says God play twisted games to bring out something good, I think all this happened so we can have Neev in our lives. Nehal brings some gifts. Mahek says Shaurya we shopped yesterday Shaurya? Shaurya says good job Nehal, he says to Mahek that from the time I have seen you in this look, I wanted to buy all designer dresses for you, you look so good, I wanted to make you look more hot as people should know you are my wife. Mahek says you look spilled milk, Shaurya says you look more bad. Neev says dont say bad for my mom, Nehal says this Neev is mama’s boy. Neev runs behing Nehal. Mahek says to Shaurya that I will go and pack, Shaurya pulls her closer and says be with me like this.. he kisses his fingers and plants them on her cheeks, she blushes and tries to move away but Shaurya pulls her closer, Dil diyan gallan.. Shaurya says some dresses are such that Kanta chachi should not see them otherwise she will be scarred so pack wisely, Mahek pouts at him. Nehal is running behind Neev and suddenly faints. All rush to her.

Doctor comes to check Nehal, Nehal is awake and says to family that I am fine, Mansi says then why you would you faint. Doctor says she needs rest, Mansi says why did she faint then? Doctor says it was good fainting.. all are worried. Doctor says take care of her, she is pregnant for 3 months, all are shocked to hear it. Shaurya takes doctor to send him off.
Mahek comes to Shaurya. Shaurya says to Mahek that no one will listen to Nehal, I am scared that they might raise hand on Nehal, we have to keep them calm. They hear Ravi shouting at Nehal. Shaurya gives chocolate to Neev and asks him to sit in lounge. They come to Nehal’s room. Ravi shouts at Nehal what is happening? whom do you have affair with? Ravi is about to slap her but shaurya pulls him away and says she did a mistake, Ravi says she did a sin, we gave her this upbringing? He says to Mansi that you dont know about your daughter’s life? dont know what she is upto? what kind of mother are you? now give poison to me and yourself. Balwant asks him to stop it. Ravi cries and says we had respect only but she put our heads down in shame. Nehal cries hearing it. Nehal says I am sorry papa.. Mansi slaps her and says your sorry wont end your sin.. Shaurya ask them to stop it, are you all done? Nehal did a mistake but she didnt do it deliberately, its boy’s mistake too, we should take care of Nehal, she is pregnant for God’s sake. Ravi says you live in posh area so you can talk all this but we live close knit society and it matters a lot here, people kill here when they know about mother without marriage, Mansi says they dont blame boy, nobody will marry her now. Shaurya says me and Mahek wants to talk to Nehal alone. Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Mahek that I will talk to doctor, abortion is a good option for now. Mahek says abortion? we are talking about an innocent life here. Shaurya says in which world do you live in? its not a baby right now, its just a fetus, it will feel pain just as some potato. Mahek says potato? you might think that potato and baby are same in your science but not in our emotions, I wont let anything happen to Nehal’s baby.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nehal…. You sly thing, you’ve been very busy . I could handle this as long as Shaurya and Mehek are together… Thank you writers….for bringing an end to this abhorrent character called Archie…so very unexpected but very much welcome!!! ???…..and thank you Atiba, for your valuable contribution….so much appreciated. ??

  2. Shuaryha should let her marry Vicky and settle that issue and then let mehak become pregnant and let the new generation start having new family and let the series go on

    1. maybe vicky is the father he is always going out late at night to see his girlfriend

    2. leisa s morris

      Yes i also believe vicky is d daddy

  3. This is why i like this show, they have the bad guys moving along and new stories…i hope it’s vicky that’s the father, i think he is underused in this series…and YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY THE WITCH IS DEAD!!!!!

    1. You know Cathy, when the family was forcing Shaurya to marry the witch after Mehek’s supposedly death, I wondered why writers couldn’t find a woman for Vicky because he ought to find happiness and marry. He’s been so faithful to Shaurya, I would like to see him happy, he deserve to be so.. So I’m with Nekeita, Allissa and you on this one, he’s got to be the father but you know there must be drama in all this… ? I’m so happy Archie died. ..good riddance to bad things.. What I hope for now is to see Prem and Teja together in the new year, let’s hope the writers feel sorry for us, OK!!!

  4. Hi everyone I think that Vicky and Neha are secretly married. I remember at the start of this track when Mehek had lost her memory there was discussion of Vicky’s marriage however I have never seen a bride. Also the other day when Mehek and Shuaryha reunited and began their drama to catch Archie, I dont know if anyone noticed but during Shuaryha’s argument he asked Vicky if they (Mehek’s family) were his (meaning Vicky’s) in laws and Neha started to cough. I began to suspect then that something was going on with Vicky and Neha. I am glad cause I have been hoping that they be made to marry each other

    1. Good Catch Allybrew, i missed that totally.

    2. You have sharp eyes Allybrew….and it could turn that way exactly because in Indian serials as far as I could remember, we don’t see illegtimacy being a part of the vocabulary with the only exception being Naamkarran……so Nehal and Vicky could well be husband and wife but because of dramatic depictions, writers probably are doing it this way as if it’s a big sordid secret. Since your sharp eyes picked up on these giveaway nuances, writers could be saying…damn! This viewer busted their bubble!! LOL…. Good job Allybrew…..

  5. it is good that archie is dead but for all the evil she did it was way to easy for her to just fall from the building; archies punishment needed to be slow and and torturous the same way she did all her victims; these writers could never do anything right ok then time to get rid of archie so just let her fall off a building nah that was too easy for her after what she did to her boyfriend and mahek and all the others she need to go through the same pain and suffering that they did; hopefully she should be still alive let her crazy ass end up in a mental institution with all the guys in white coming at her on a daily basis to pump the meds down her throat and let them put that thing on her head and give her some shock treatment then that would have been poetic justice.

  6. Naz did u notice that when mahek was running down the old witch archie well archie did not have on any shoes on her feet all of a sudden when they reached the construction site a black boot automatically and magically arrived on her feet what the hell is going on with these writers they think we the viewers are stupid or what.

    1. Oh Hell…i have to watch that over again, i didn’t even notice that LOLOL

    2. OMG…. I meant to write my observation about it but got sidetracked. Well… I LMAO…couldn’t help it!! One minute she was bare feet and the next, she was wearing knee height winter boots!! These writers are really something else girl…they are out of this world!! My daughter asked me… So Mehek gave Archie time to slip on those boots and then went back chasing her?? Girl…. I’m writing this piece and and I’m laughing my tears out!!! These writers don’t know by now that we have an eye for details?? BTW.. I got sidetracked because I had hot feet and decided to go to see Jumanji. Since it takes me between 5 to 6 minutes to reach Movietown Chaguanas, I left home at 8pm for the 8.30pm showing but was I in for a surprise… The car park was filled and the lines to buy tickets for the movie was longer than my big toe and even if I wanted to see another, I would still have to join the damn long I came back home and my daughter told me I looked for that because it’s still school break, why I couldn’t wait for next week!!! So now I typed upy comment but it’s still hilarious thinking about those boots which magically appeared on Archie’s feet!! That made my evening!!! ?

  7. Friends….we are celebrating that Archie is dead as a doornail but I really hope she is because you all know how these writers bring back the dead…… most times when the serial needs spicing up, old characters we thought forgotten, come back with a bang, makeover et al……so unless we see a funeral, Archie may come back in the future and since reincarnation is a pet peeve here, I wouldn’t put it past these writers…


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