Mahek 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says I don’t want a bail. None of you would sell your shop. Shaureya comes there. Inspector says Shaureya sir? you could have called me. Shaureya says you would get a call. Shauerya says today must be hectic for you inspector? First arres then media. I just came to make sure if Mahek has been released and sent home. He gets a call. He says KT sir has withdrawn his case against Mahek. His lawyer is coming. Kanta says we don’t need your favors. she is our daughter we will take her out of this. shaureya says she sure is yours and I have no plan to make her mine. I didn’t do any favor. I am opening a restaurant after two days. I worked so hard for it. I don’t want when it opens your mahek and you send me curses. I don’t want curses in a good time. So this is not a favor. Mahek says listen to others too sometimes. You didn’t do any favor on me. This is your guilt that brought you here and your love that forced you to be here. You can’t realize them both yet but I can see your truth on your face. Keep one thing in mind I will love you all my life. But what you have done to me I will never forgive your for that. He says I don’t care you were just a chapter thats over. I don’t love you, its just your misunderstanding. Shaureya Khana only loves himself. He leaves.

Scene 2
Mahek comes home. Balwant says i don’t understand how this KT withdrew his case? I heard he is very cunning person. PD says let it be. Our daughter is home don’t be sherlock holmes. PD says are you okay Mehak? Mehak says I am fine. I have all of you. We have tolerated so much together. sister says Shaureya still has feelings for Mahek. He wouldn’t have helped her then. Balwant says she is a snake and he can harm anyone. No one will talk about him in this house anymore. Kanta says you were not there you don’t know how he talked to Mahek. Mahek goes to her room.
Kanta says we shouldn’t be talking about all this in front of Mahek. She won’t say the pain she is feeling. Balwant says he will fail and thats my curse for him. Kanta says we should get over it and leave with peace. The more we talk about him the more we will be hurt. Imagine he is dead.

Vaitalana says on call you took our remaining happiness too. The man on call says if Shaureya gets to know I am with them he will kill me. Please inquire where is sanjay? Vaitalana says his off is off since 4 days. She throws her phone away. Shaureya comes in and picks the phone. She takes it. Shaureya says mami you divorced Kt. Vaitalana says don’t worry for me. I will find another husband but where will you bring another sister from? Shuerya says to servant bring madam something cold, her brain has overheated. Servant says what should I bring madam? She says shut up and get out.

Mahek is in her room thinking about what Shauerya said.
Kanta is cooking for Mahek. Ravi is shouting at someone. She comes out. Ravi is shouting at Sanjay. She asks Mohit to go inside. Kanta says go from here. We don’t any person from shauerya here.
Sanjay says to PD dadi I am that one person in my house that gets on my shoulders every time. He is son of my sister. Shauerya did the same with Mahek what his father did with my sister. Mahek was innocent like my sister. He is clever like his dad. Hit me dadi. PD says we leave it upto God. Get out of my house. Sanjay says so you think I am a bad man? I came from jail but I stole tax, everyone does that. But I didn’t break anyone’s heart. I got so worried when he to lost so I went to pray. Then I got to know he did this. Even if you people forgive him I won’t ever forgive Shaureya because he is doing exactly what was done to my sister. If you think I am of any use do let me know. He leaves. Nehal says Mahek has locked herself in the room. She took matchbox with her. They all run upstairs. Sanjay says I hope she gives media a statement before dying. she shouldn’t be alive.

Scene 2
Shaureya is getting ready for a jog. He says on call, my fine dine restaurant will be talked about everywhere. I am getting a singer for Valentine’s days event. You have to pitch to investors and I will be busy for two months.
He says so everything is going as planned. He is jogging. She hears Mahek’s voice. Mahek is there. He recalls their moments together. He recalls when he proposed her. She is not there. He says this love acting is like viral fever. It takes days to get it out of system. But I don’t have time for all this. Even the whole old city is on fire.

Mahek has locked herself in the room. Everyone gets scared and keep locking. They are worried. She comes out. She is dressed as a bride. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Jeevan says do you remember what he did with you? She says yes its about time I realize him that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Have a look new promo?????…mission mehak… attack shaurie?… jolly jolly…..

    1. Moni dal that page has been deleted, where is the promo available.

  2. Hi guys…look @ the new promo…@ twitter…
    Rombo pavama irukku ya parka…
    I donno how KHANNA VASIYO will react tat too our SK…

  3. Latha

    No new entry in ZKM he is radhabhat’s friend currently acting in Saathiya.

  4. hi Tamil guys….
    if you guys wanna comment in your language ….then no problems…???
    but please mention their English translation also….bcoz I don’t understand Tamil….?

    1. Moni7

      Oki nazia will do english translation?

  5. Hi every one, i thought this episode has got me stunned, until some COMIC COMMENTS came in,,love breaks all barriers you don’t need language,myself a non Indian,but love Z K M and this family, Moni,Chand Mayya, Dol ly, OOSHI!Khusboo,Latha,and the gang. I hope Mehek plays the same trick .SKdid ,when he wanted her confess her love, so he will wake up n realize his love for her is not viral fever,..

    1. Moni7

      Hai Dky…..yes medicine for his viral fever is on the way….coming in red color Scooty ….history repeats??…
      ?Mission:-?MEHAK’S LOVE MISSION?
      Aim/Target:- shaurie’s heart?
      On your mark get set and GO!!
      Goal:- ?make him to realize his love for her?????
      END RESULT :?VICTORY???MEHAK steals shaurie’s heart?❤?
      Finally;- ??♥MEHRYA REUNION♥??
      After one year Leap :- ? MEHRYA family new entry jr mehak and jr shaurie?
      There after prince and princess lived happily for ever….☸☸☸
      ………………. ✴❇THE END✴❇…………………..

  6. Hi dky..happy for u to join our family… moni ….wow what a comment …can’t control mu laughter after reading this….my hubby calling me nut looking the way m laughing… as i m just imaging what ever u wrote and its dammm funny… shaurya paratha walu gali coming to u…alert…

    1. Moni7

      Kush dear ..ha ha ha ??????

  7. Hi every, i wonder why was he looking for MEERA SHARMA! On FB INTHE beginning.
    Could it be he was looking for the book already.

  8. GeethuNivas

    pongada neengalum un twist aka confusionum………….
    yelarum avanga part ku confuse pana mehak also doing something unbelivable like “” love birds nakma”” wearing bridal dress

  9. GeethuNivas

    hi guys no words to say lots of turns, hope there will be some clearance in Monday ep

    1. Moni7

      Hai geethu…yes so much of confusion wat to do wil wait and watch….how r u ????…why no no comments busy ????

      1. GeethuNivas

        NO DEAR my prince’s b’dy was 31st jan so i was littl busy preparing for that and now spending more time with him……….

        how r u doing dr????

  10. Ooooo moni dear stop stop stop ???…have a break….???
    Why u r in a hurry to get junior Mehrya…?
    Wait my doll…the fire had not yet started…??
    Its juz the beginning…not end…and i hope we dont want ZKM to end so early???…
    (The film is yet to begin)

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby…oki thought of writing OS !!!…?…one shot in comment he he he ?….me too don’t want zkm to end so early…. Correct dhan..
      ??3 hours movie,….,??
      ??First one and half hours ?it is shaurie’s LOVE portion ,mission,drama with co artists mama ,mami and all evil forces played s major role….

      ?MEHRYA??? REUNION?????MEHRYA separation??


      ???Next one and hand hours?
      Unexpected twist????❤….
      ⏳⏳Now it’s time for mehak to come into action???

      ?Waiting go unlock the suspense??
      Mehak key? shaurie lock? ➡?➡

      ⏳⏳Long way to go????Climax ??

  11. I think mehak should not plan smething awkward….it is not a character of a girl coz in real life it does not really happen… Show smething realistic… It isnt possible fr a girl to go to her husband’s house without his permission…

    1. ChandaMaya

      I think Mahek is going to eventually teach Shaurya a lesson in love.

  12. Hello my Mehrya Family.
    I’m easily awaiting for Monday??
    So many unanswered questions….he says he was only after the book but how did he know the recipe book was still ok after the he house burnt down , she only mentioned it was with her the night before their wedding….doesn’t seem logical that a millionaire like him will go to such extremes for a book.
    There must be more to this.
    Re, the language story, I think everyone should feel free to use the language of preference as they feel. I love it.
    The Tamil, Hindi and I think it’s French u speak ChandaMaya etc, I thinks it’s all lovely
    We should celebrate diversity of cultures and faiths.
    It’s beautiful?

    1. Moni7

      Hai shama…yes Monday Monday plz plz come soon…⏳⏳⏳

    2. ChandaMaya

      I totally agree Shama, there is more than just cooking recipes in that book. There is a mystery lurking behind this book.

  13. They didn’t married how come that mehek leave her house to stay with Shaurya. I love the twist between them I hope not that a second woman or man will come in their lives. That will be awful.let this show be different from other shows. Don’t show vulgarity, kidnapping, murderer ect. Please director PLEASE.

  14. Sorry life’s not lives. guys don’t look at my English. I don’t understand Tamil and Hindi. In my country we speak Dutch. I’m from South America

    1. ChandaMaya

      Love to hear ZKM has a global following!!!!! By the way, I’m guessing Curacao, or what was once Dutch Guyana? ( you don’t have to answer this Geeta). Wonderful!! I have family in Curacao. So happy that ZKM is borderless! ?

  15. Hi , yes Shama, also wondered about the same things. SHAURYA knows a lot more big business man has ways n means to together info. If offered KD 5cor for release of Mehaka, he has a lot pain which he hides title big businessman. He lost his mom, father does not care n he’s is afraid of true love ,that is why he say to tog Mehek he loves himself, he needs her help. She’s knows him better than anyone,

    1. ChandaMaya

      Notice how Shaurya hides behind his sun glasses . . .He does not want Mahek to see the truth in his eyes. That recipe book holds the key to the mystery behind his behaviour. If there is no mystery and I am reading too much into it, then I still think Shaurya is hiding something from Mahek and his whole family.

      1. agreed o ur first point

  16. Moni7

    Comparison between baahubali and our ZKM…..⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖
    ⏩ ⏭ ⏯ ◀ ⏪ ⏮……….
    ♐Baahubali( the beginning) historical movie released last year???star cast prabhas,anushka,tamanna,sathya raj
    (Released in telugu tamil hindi malayalam english dubbing)
    ➡Baahubali (the beginning)??
    ??Untold story of first past …why kattappa(major role played by sathyaraj ) killed baahubali(prabhas)?
    ➡Zindagi ki mehak??
    ??Untold story of first part ..why shaurie runway from the marriage????reason for hiding the photo?

    ? Baahubali (the conclusion)
    Waiting to unlock the secret why kataapa killed baahubali??
    ?Zkm ….second part…..waiting ??? unlock the secret….and starting of love mission by our cutie pie Mehak❤❤❤❤…
    ?Baahubali the conclusion??????
    ?ZKM ????????
    Am waiting ☸⚛☸⚛☸⚛☸⚛

    ??Happiee morning mehryans??
    (Note:-Non indians friends google it and see baahubali movie one of the greatest historical movie of this era of indian
    cinema…Hope north indians friends know about the movie?? released in hindi also)

  17. Moni7
    Latest click of our Mehrya.. behind the scenes?????
    Geeta it’s oki even i don’t know hindi….

  18. ChandaMaya

    Does not matter what you speak and what you do not, we are not chimpanzees, though we share 98.8 % DNA (Ribonucleic acid) – which is pretty much sugar. We all are sweet somehow.

    ZKM really bitter sweet at time . . .Like tamarind and sugar!! ?

    1. Moni7

      Ha ha ha????chanda super????

  19. ChandaMaya

    Oops meant, deoxyribonucleic acid! We are all interested in this relatively small planet.

  20. ChandaMaya

    Wow,, typo typo,not meant interested, but intertwined.

    Hope Shaurya and Mahek will be intertwined soon. Mahek is up to something and I hope it is going to be good.?

    1. hope so

  21. ChandaMaya

    My pet birds are even getting into this story!!!!????

  22. ChandaMaya

    My pet birds start chirping when they hear the Mahek theme song!! ? I think they think it is about two love birds!! Heeheheee???

  23. Preethiilang

    Actually we should appreciate director uncle a lot????…….bec he is making every viewers very conscious wat is going to happen next????……and our friends keep on guessing wat is going to be a next track?????……..brilliant job is done by the director to keep every viewers alive for their show??????

    1. totally agreed

    2. let’s see what will happen tomorrow new epi will be updated

  24. So true ChandaMaya, we all linked,, ultimately we made by the same Maker.
    I’m from the southern most tip of Africa and we truly have a rainbow nation where so many pp from diff parts of the world reside. It’s beautiful!?
    Director sir , pls make our Mehak stronger and bolder , she is gona need all the wit and strength if she is planning on staying in Khanna house or even just take them to task??

  25. Good morning my Mehrya Family.
    Hope u all have a great and blessed day?
    Ive become hooked to this site same as I have to ZKM??

  26. Hi friends. Enjoyed reading all your comments. ZKM team is growing globally. Possible reasons for Shaurya’s behaviour.

    1. He is planning for another cook show to fetch a new talent for a new restaurant that’s why 2 months busy schedule. Super Cook went on for 2 months. A true businessman. Just a mad guess.

    2. Will bring an ex-girlfriend home to make Mehak jealous ( if mehak is gonna stay in his house) and make her believe that he does not love her and force her to get away from his life. She told him that she will only love Shaurya her lifetime. So to make her develop hatred for him, he might end up doing this drama. May be he will flirt with Shruthi….

    3. he is suffering from some serious illness and does not want to spoil her life. He was not well during the Baraat and subsequent rituals. May be not because of the drink which Maama offered but due to his health condition. he dis everything to make her life safe and comfortable that’s why went abroad. True love. He might go abroad for treatment again so 2 months time.

    4. He was responsible for Mehak’s parents death- some connection with the accident- so feels guilty to marry her. He would have come to know about it just before marriage. If it was just for a recipe book he would not have cheated Mehak’s family especially PD. He would have escaped the previous night even before coming to the Mandap. Possible that he knows Mehak’s Mom- some past relationship with him or his father….

    I guess Rajiv is still with Shaurya and informing of maama’s and maami’s plans. That’s why Shaurya is able to handle tough situations very smartly and save Mehak and her family every time.

  27. Moni darling…no doubt after reading ur comments ??? we burst out of laughter…
    But only wen u deliver our comedy track in tamil…its more touching…
    So go for it…?? mindblowing comparison between Bahubali n ZKM…?

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby ma thank u dear??????

  28. hi meheryan’s…as i was goin thru comments…i saw many of u talking r confused abt the match box r stick mehak has…IT IS NOTHING BUT HERE SHE LIGHTS UP AARTHI PLATE for bhidhai…tats it…? i hope tiz clears doubt☺?

    1. ChandaMaya

      Figuratively, her action will be shedding light on her situation with Shaurya.

  29. lets see what will happen next as next epi will be updates tomorrow

  30. What is d new mehak gng 2 stay in khanna house

    1. Moni7

      Yes zoya …she is going to shaurie’s house…to get her BASANTI back…… going to fight for her ryts in her would be in law’s house…

  31. Kamali

    This page is a written episode of zindagi ki mehak serial. The comments all people expressive thought. So why some people targeting Moni sister. She only comment about serial in his own way.

    1. so what if someone likes her we r here for the serial and if she got the importance then it’s her good luck don’t feel much

  32. Thanks for your explanation

    1. No need of thanks we all r the same (hope u understood) take care ? and keep commenting nice to talk u


  34. The new promo looks interesting!! No pati, no bidaai…Mehak is on a mission!!
    I don’t want to see that Chudail mami and Kameeni Shurthi insulting Mehak and creating problems for her!!
    Just hope that everything goes well and Shaurie realizes his love for Mahek!!

  35. ChandaMaya

    You know, our minds are so conditioned by others serials that we cannot help think of the craziest, lowest form of humiliation that we see women undergo in order to prove their love, or to get the one they love . . .Always playing the underdog to some other evil woman . . . And the males always with the wrong woman, marrying the wrong woman, sleeping with the he enemy, so to speak, and the heroine is waiting for God to answer her prayers. Only after all the corrupt events does love flourishes, this s supposed to demonstrate great sacrifice, etc. Evil taking the place of the puppet master. It would be refreshing to she ZKM characters with minds of their own. Mahek, I believe with be totally in control of her destiny and Shaurya will have to acknowledge her greater strength. Shaurya thinks Mahek cannot lie without him, but the fact is that Shaurya cannot live without Mahek. He does not yet realize it fully . . . He does love Mahek, he knows it but he had another reason, other than business to shun her and her family for now. I think Shaurya killed Mahek’s parents in a car accident . . . Just so happened that fate brought their paths to cross. Remember the flashback scenes that Shaurya were having a lot in the beginning of the serial? It may be another reason, but whatever the reason Shaurya is connected to that Sharma family in some way or other.

  36. ChandaMaya

    I meant Shaurya thinks Mahek cannot live without him . . .

  37. Hi i friend if mahek stay shaurya house you thing shaurya allow ? Many question around in mind we can’t do any wait for next episode. But I thing shaurya realize he love mahek ???

  38. ChandaMaya

    Check out Karan Vohra’s brother in Bramharakshas . . .He’s pretty good. I don’t care much for this kind of low jadoo mixing with what is faith and sacred. These stories really make religion look cheap in these jadoo fantasies . . .But for the opportunity for acting sake, I think Karan’s brother is doing quite well, himself. Personally , I think ZKM director should hire him and have the Vohra brothers in a the ZKM serial. I don’t care for the acting in Bramharakshas serial. Shallow , foolish, but some people really like these fantasy monster stories. Under the direction of ZKM Karan Vohra’s brother Kunal Vohra would shine more. I am still supporting him by watching the serial. . . . Very happy for the success of the Vohra brothers. Blessings to you..

  39. ChandaMaya

    Why is everyone thinking Mahek will live at Shaurya’s home? Did I miss something in the last episode? Does the promo suggest that ? I don’t think that is what Mahek is going to do. I hope her character has more self respect than that.

  40. How are you all Mehryans? I don’t have time to comment often.However I am trying to read all the comments in TU.Amazing !!! We all become detectives.So many guesses ,advises,arguments,conclusions….etc…oh….Interesting……Love you all.
    Especially, Moni, Chaaya Chandamaya,Latha,preethiIlan,Dolly,Jayshree,Christina, Kushboo….(sorry if I have left any specialists.)
    Moni, Ippadiyellam Eppadithan Yoshikka mudigirathu?Rasikka,sirikka,sindikka…..ungalippol yaralum mudiyathu…….Astavathani!!ZKM &Moni Nagamum sathaiyum pola… Mostly ella commentskkum pathil kodukkureenga ! Romba Nalla gunam !!!!!!!!
    Latha,I appreciate your confidence!Wow after this much twist,you belive Saurya’s love! So sweet!
    Chaaya &Chanda…….So nice analyses!!!!!!!.The style and the way of commenting are different from our’s .(Indians)May I know from which countries you are?
    All are giving interesting ,sweet,different types of comments.I love you all.
    Even I have one prediction,shall I share with you?….I think this Maamaji is with Saurya!!!! He is helping him in all stages. (Swetlana is having connection with KD .It may be the reason.
    1.His behaviour with mami.
    2.The drink given by mama is accepted by SK.
    3.He has upsconded immediately after SK’S escape.
    4.After returning ,he has not met mami .He has come to know about the conditions in Sharma’s house,and giving messages to SK .(Remember the phone call received by SK at the time of jogging. He talked about the fire at that time.)Mama may have told about Mehek at Sharma’s house.
    I think mama is behind in all causes regarding Mehrya !!!!!


    1. happy u commented

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