Mahek 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says I don’t want a bail. None of you would sell your shop. Shaureya comes there. Inspector says Shaureya sir? you could have called me. Shaureya says you would get a call. Shauerya says today must be hectic for you inspector? First arres then media. I just came to make sure if Mahek has been released and sent home. He gets a call. He says KT sir has withdrawn his case against Mahek. His lawyer is coming. Kanta says we don’t need your favors. she is our daughter we will take her out of this. shaureya says she sure is yours and I have no plan to make her mine. I didn’t do any favor. I am opening a restaurant after two days. I worked so hard for it. I don’t want when it opens your mahek and you send me curses. I don’t want curses in a good time. So this is not a favor. Mahek says listen to others too sometimes. You didn’t do any favor on me. This is your guilt that brought you here and your love that forced you to be here. You can’t realize them both yet but I can see your truth on your face. Keep one thing in mind I will love you all my life. But what you have done to me I will never forgive your for that. He says I don’t care you were just a chapter thats over. I don’t love you, its just your misunderstanding. Shaureya Khana only loves himself. He leaves.

Scene 2
Mahek comes home. Balwant says i don’t understand how this KT withdrew his case? I heard he is very cunning person. PD says let it be. Our daughter is home don’t be sherlock holmes. PD says are you okay Mehak? Mehak says I am fine. I have all of you. We have tolerated so much together. sister says Shaureya still has feelings for Mahek. He wouldn’t have helped her then. Balwant says she is a snake and he can harm anyone. No one will talk about him in this house anymore. Kanta says you were not there you don’t know how he talked to Mahek. Mahek goes to her room.
Kanta says we shouldn’t be talking about all this in front of Mahek. She won’t say the pain she is feeling. Balwant says he will fail and thats my curse for him. Kanta says we should get over it and leave with peace. The more we talk about him the more we will be hurt. Imagine he is dead.

Vaitalana says on call you took our remaining happiness too. The man on call says if Shaureya gets to know I am with them he will kill me. Please inquire where is sanjay? Vaitalana says his off is off since 4 days. She throws her phone away. Shaureya comes in and picks the phone. She takes it. Shaureya says mami you divorced Kt. Vaitalana says don’t worry for me. I will find another husband but where will you bring another sister from? Shuerya says to servant bring madam something cold, her brain has overheated. Servant says what should I bring madam? She says shut up and get out.

Mahek is in her room thinking about what Shauerya said.
Kanta is cooking for Mahek. Ravi is shouting at someone. She comes out. Ravi is shouting at Sanjay. She asks Mohit to go inside. Kanta says go from here. We don’t any person from shauerya here.
Sanjay says to PD dadi I am that one person in my house that gets on my shoulders every time. He is son of my sister. Shauerya did the same with Mahek what his father did with my sister. Mahek was innocent like my sister. He is clever like his dad. Hit me dadi. PD says we leave it upto God. Get out of my house. Sanjay says so you think I am a bad man? I came from jail but I stole tax, everyone does that. But I didn’t break anyone’s heart. I got so worried when he to lost so I went to pray. Then I got to know he did this. Even if you people forgive him I won’t ever forgive Shaureya because he is doing exactly what was done to my sister. If you think I am of any use do let me know. He leaves. Nehal says Mahek has locked herself in the room. She took matchbox with her. They all run upstairs. Sanjay says I hope she gives media a statement before dying. she shouldn’t be alive.

Scene 2
Shaureya is getting ready for a jog. He says on call, my fine dine restaurant will be talked about everywhere. I am getting a singer for Valentine’s days event. You have to pitch to investors and I will be busy for two months.
He says so everything is going as planned. He is jogging. She hears Mahek’s voice. Mahek is there. He recalls their moments together. He recalls when he proposed her. She is not there. He says this love acting is like viral fever. It takes days to get it out of system. But I don’t have time for all this. Even the whole old city is on fire.

Mahek has locked herself in the room. Everyone gets scared and keep locking. They are worried. She comes out. She is dressed as a bride. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Jeevan says do you remember what he did with you? She says yes its about time I realize him that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Im sure he loves mahek…. i feel he found about his enemy only wanting mahek recipe… and he did all this to save her….

  2. Guys y everyone is judging it that maheks gonna live wiith shaurue?
    She took a matchbox too right so lets wait for monday cayz i don’t think the direcyor is lame to make maheks character like hoing behind shaurya and ofcourse she is still not out of her trauma def any girl cannot come out of it so easily

    1. Moni7

      Yes ramya just a guess !!!.. chumma?

  3. Nice episode

  4. Good morning mehryans. And well said Chhaya.. This is what it is all about. He is having a big misconception here that he will be able to move forward after everything that happened. But the truth is something different from what his business oriented mind is not able to perceive as yet. Shaurya’s life is impossible without mahek. Whatever he did, knowingly or unknowingly.. But ultimately it has bound his destiny with mahek.. He can’t stay without her for more than half an hour ?

    1. Moni7

      Yes vishi..

  5. Moni7
    Have a look….. mehak’s bridal attire in red color scooty red color helmet … kareena in 3 idiots??ileana in naban(tamil version)?..can’t wait for Monday…. am excited?????

    1. wow Moni, she is so pretty, Am also excited to over monday

      1. Moni7

        Ammu me too dear ..she s cute la?????

  6. Hiiiii mehrya family..I think Mahek dressed in a complete bride will do an acting of burning herself in front of Shaurya n wait for him to stop her from doing so. N also to confess his love for her and tell the entire truth…. WILD GUESS I KNOW? BUT Would love if something happens like this ??? directors plz I want to see them together….luv u mehrya

    1. Moni7

      Riya but nice guess???????????… again mera BASANTI !!!episode….

  7. ChandaMaya

    What a revelation . . . Mahek knows you,$HAURYA($$$$$$$) better than you know yourself. Maamji wants Mahek dead, this Shaurya knows for sure. Can’t wait for Monday, ZKM.???⚡♥

    1. Moni7

      Hai chanda…yes yes.. Monday shaurie shocks ??… mehak rocks????

      1. HOPE SO

  8. ChandaMaya

    Maamaji is a real devil . . .?Shaurya, still protecting Mahek!!

  9. Hi dal’s No Comments, Waiting for Monday’s episode.

    1. Moni7

      Hai Ammu dear…how r u

      1. hi dear doing good yaar thank u, how r u ra.

  10. Khusbu sharma

    Mahek in a bridal avtaar mahek is going to shaurie house …woww muje abb Monday taak intaazar nahe hota hae…mahek abb wo kya karya gee…

  11. Yes, u are right directors ko ye sab ni dikhana chahiye ye seriall bhi boaring ho jayega.

    1. Ya you are right manisha di mahek ab pyar2 ka rt LGA ke rkhi h r ye drama ki to mai ye sireal ni dekhungi

  12. Preethiilang

    Tis shaurya does not love mehek he was just acting oly for tat itself he is doing tis much romance means?????…..unmaiyae love panna enna la panuvanoo mehek kitta???……..yes’day shaurya is back wit snake babu hairstyle??………ethula fire la vera romance evaga lolalayieee shaurya romance ku??…..but still there is lot of confusion abt tis katta durai(shaurya khanna)????……..sometimes ennoda kannuku avan captain vijayakath mathiri therira kovam padhu pothu i dnt knw y????………but next week lot of comedy and excitement and also romance is there in the air eagerly waiting for tat????………tis guy wnt love but he ill do everything wit her how it is possible whether he really wants receipe book ah illa vera athavathu ethir pakurana purilayae????

    1. Moni7

      Preethi dear.. public public da…..yes Monday!!!!..plz come soon we mehryans hardly waiting for u????….?you are most welcome Monday?…..i thought of upgrading my satellite dish connection….coz in tataksky HD 1 +….our show zkm is telecasting at 7.30 pm..

      1. Khusbu sharma

        Is zkm is showing at 7:30 on monday??what is de upcoming twist in dis serial ??dis serial is not getting its trp either…wht is director showing now??r muje tumhre comments bahat achhe laagte hain moni , r u tamilian ??

  13. Preethiilang

    Entha shaurya khanna ku la sruthi mathri paaa yaru da ethu ra mathiri ponnu tha ammaiyum????……….but mehek i appreciate u …….dnt leave him nee padhura padhula avanae odhi vanthu unna kalyanam panikanum?????………but katta durai yen avolada photo va pocket hide pananum etha mathiri pala pudhir ku enna vidai thara poraru director uncle????…….v can understand kamala hassan movie also but v can judge tis mangoose mandaiyae shaurya ya va i dnt knw wat is going in is mind????……..director uncle pls dnt giv coolers to shaurya because v cnt see his expression and all already karan uncle kannu china tha ta eruku ethula vera coolers kudhuthu maraikuriga????…….bec next week v want to see is expression how he is looking mehek and all so dnt provide coolers to shaurya khanna????

  14. Hi mehrya family….
    shaurya khana acting is superb…?
    drama queen mahek u got mad and doing so bad…. have you not self respect…why the heroin always in zee are drama Queen and hungry for love of that guy who don’t care about her
    shaurya rock…mahek shocked…???
    blo*dy middle class mahek….?

  15. Leave from here.. Even I am a north indian and many others are. I don’t understand Tamil, but still we should respect everyone’s emotions. People are connected to this show by emotions and which can best be expressed in one’s own language. Besides everyone of them is writing in English too.. So that we don’t feel uncomfortable… Try to be a bit more tolerant.. Noone is stopping you from commenting in the language you want to.. And you should allow others to do the same… No offence.

  16. Preethiilang

    Wat is tis madrasi smell do u have any specific kind of smell for madrasi people and hindi people… first try to giv respect for other languages and cultures too…..if u want to boycott TU go head dnt damage other languages and all u dnt have write to speak abt other languages and all…….

  17. Preethiilang

    Hey guys those who r complaining abt other languages already tu have mentioned to put comment in english are hindi ……but v cnt express our emotions abt serial in english so for some certain thing v use our regional languages and tu is also allowing tat guys…….wat the words they are using yuck……disguisting chiii and all……i think they are uneducated peoples they cnt even giv respect for other people and their emotions

  18. Guys… Please… Be moderate… Its an open page.. Lets just not get biased and call someone names.. This is not good.. Try to find a common ground.. And that ‘leave from here’ was the name I was mentioning my comment to.. I’m not asking anyone to leave from here.. We all love the show and everyone is free to express.. I am not being offensive to anyone here..


  19. ChandaMaya

    Je parle Francais . . .Habla Espanole. . . ditche Italien? Mon Dieu! Deus! Deo! Deva! Do you know Sanskrit? What about Latin? . . . This is not just regional, this forum is international. Sorry, I’m foreign but I love all languages. Lots one could learn. We all love ZKM. How about the language of friendship, kindness,love and respect. The world is is reading your comments.

    1. Moni7

      Exactly chanda…..let’s spread the happiness…..we all love Zkm….we all bonded by ZKM….

      1. ChandaMaya

        You Rock . . .I don’t understand a lot but I read everything, and I am learning some words in other languages. Love you Moni, keep the comments coming. Don’t leave us. ? . . .Can’t wait for Monday.

    2. Vinitha

      Chandamaya superb yar.we all love Zkm.

    3. Moni7

      Chanda dear…thank u dear…i won’t leave ….this is my family..??????

  20. i agree leave from here….
    I also not understand malyalm then why all are using this language….please comment in English guys….

    1. Moni7

      Ooshi dear….. superb?

    2. guys don”t say it if we can’t understand their comments then it’sour mistake not their’s and u could also talk in ur regional languages

  21. Very well said Chanda…… Friendship, love and respect for everyone.. That should be the foundation of every conversation. We all are here because of our love for the show… Lets express it.. ??

    1. Moni7

      Vishi yes let spread our happiness and fragrance……we are connected by 3 words is zindagi ki mehak?????

  22. Wow…yesterday’s Epi was amazing….????
    Now we will get the real fun of watching ZKM my dear family…?????
    Till now only few ingredients were there and the soup was in cooking process and the amazing, yummmmmy and lip smashing?? soup is been cooked by our beloved shaurya khanna….sorry khadus kumar…biggggg businessman…. and lovable and confused basnati…our mota bonda mehak loved the taSte of the soup cooked by basanti and now she is ready to go to feed the same soup to her basanti….yeah ab maza aayega shaurya khanna….tumne toh hamari ladoo ko kd se baccha liya par ab tumhe is desi ghee mei bane hue ladoo se kaun bachayega??????….good going mehak….mehak make him realize ur love ?????and once he realize it go to vaishno devi for 10 days and let him also cry for u….those days and let him also go crazy for uu…only then he will feel the pain u have gone through????? literally aisi band pyar ki band bajana na mehak ki shaurya khanna ko har waqt tum hi dikhni chahiye….?????? bhag ke kaha jayega….

  23. ChandaMaya

    Back to ZKM, I am fascinated with the storyline right now. What’s the next surprise with Mahek?

  24. Wow chanda swetie…love ur comment…. even i m not South indian but love few word even without knowing the meaning… like chella kutty,mangoose mandaiye, mota bonda now i know motta bonda…i have got an amazing explanation but i find them really funny and just enjoy those words without knowing the meaning… ZKM loving group rocks and ZKM jealous group shock????

    1. Moni7

      Well said Kush dear….zkm loving group rocks jealousy group shocks??…and i like your soup chella kutty????????…. Awesome?

    2. Preethiilang

      Great dr even i dnt knw proper hindi but sometimes i use to put comments in hindi too yarr….. ur comments rocks…..

    3. Vinitha

      Superb kush dear.Zkm loving group rocks today thank you those who are all supporting us.

    4. Latha

      Kush well said dear ZKM loving group rocks and jealous group shocks????????????

  25. Chanda… What do you think about that valentine’s day singer?? I feel a jealousy track is on its way… And I feel Shaurya said that as he was trying to convince himself that he can move on..

  26. We are not forcing anyone to stay in this forum if they really want to leave JUST LEAVE . Don’t talk rubbish about other languages.
    That’s the difference between you and us.
    ONE JALLIKATTU PROTEST is ENOUGH to show who we are and how we are differ from you….your comments says what kind of people you are
    We respect all languages and love all languages not like you .

    1. Latha


  27. Guys y r we fighting for d thing which matters d least here… we cum here to express or discuss abt what we r commonly interested in….d serial…it doesnt matters which language we use..its a personal choice n besides d ppl who use Tamil also use Hindi n English…I infact enjoy reading their comments n try to learn Tamil which I otherwise won’t as I’m a maharashtrian. Bt still it’s always good to learn new things isn’t it?

    1. Moni7

      Thanks tsk……

  28. Tamizh6

    Hi maherya family. I am also confused like u all. Shaurya loves Mahek. It’s confirmed by his face reactions and activities (hide that photo of them). But when he is in jogging his thoughts and dialogues confusing. Director Saab please note this point. Yendaa naadagamaa irunthaalum oru logic venaamaa. ???

    1. happy u commented

  29. Moni dear ….thanks….Mehrya family from Monday mehak sharma rock??????? and shaurya khanna shocks???????????? he will say to himself konsi ghadi mei mai mehak sharma ko mila tha??????bhago ye lady bheem very dangerous….????????????his white chillies will convert to red chillies soon ?????day time ni sleep because of work and night tine no sleep because of love drama….ammaaaa?????….shaurya’s mom will definitely enjoy this love drama???? and i don’t mind if mehak also behave cheesy and be naughty with him as he use to tease her….???????everything is fair in love and war…?????????????????????love torture fir shaurya… waiting for monday….and also waiting for nok jhok of mehrya….especially waiting for naughty mehak?????

    1. Moni7

      Kush….wow wow wow????????….. cheesy mehak??…✌am waiting yaar?…love drama in night ????….yes yes……acho am feeling shy????…. Monday plz come soon?.
      . Kush chella kutty this is for u?(i love green color )

  30. Hi meharya fans am a Hyderabadi(Telugu) i don’t know other’s languages except English, Hindi and Telugu, but we all met here only because of our lovable show ZKM, so please don’t insult each other respects and our mother tongues, this is public forum page we all have a right to express our feelings in any languages with out misleads on our favorite show, if some one doesn’t understand of some one’s comment then you leave just expose your self which what you are getting feeling about episodes or updates as well then you can pass your comment here, and who can understand their languages they can go with that, you just leave that feeling. that would up to TU team which they will accept or delete, please love your beside one and support ZKM.

    I am sorry, if any typo mistakes are there.
    thank you and love you all.

    1. Moni7

      Hai ammu..i know oly english and tamil….am trying to learn hindi from u all

    2. Moni7

      Ammu love u baby?????.. umaaaaaaah.????

  31. Hi friends…pls understand we r here to share our feelings abt our favorite ZKM…
    I don think language should b a barrier…if u like do njoy it…if not pls ignore…
    Whrin we dont have any rights to stop others thought…
    People…don worry Watever u want to pen down…go ahead…
    need not fear wen TU is here…
    Its upto them…to upload n maintain their viewers or delete n loose us…??

    1. Moni7

      Dolly punch fear wen tu is here????????

    2. Latha

      Dolly dear superb punch …………

    NOW MEHEK HAS BECOME CONFUSING SHAURYA BELIEVES THAT HE DON’T LOVES MEHEK SO HE SAY TO HER THAT HE DON’T LOVES HER but he is still remembering her it’s interesting his scene with mami was just awesome
    hoping for some thing interesting

    1. but what mehek up to it’s confusing eagerly waiting for monday

      1. Moni7

        Am not sure dear..but she trying to make him realize that he truly loves her in series of his drama mission…both love each other…. shaurie too really fallen in love …that’s why he bailed her….so fingers crossed.. everything is up to zkm team ….hope for the best…..

      2. Latha

        Yes ooshi me too eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

    2. Moni7

      Confusing ooshi dear…then wat is the reason for hiding that photo if he really don’t love her???….again confusing dear?????

  33. Moni7

    Zkm group lovers …. this is for u all.. umaaaaaaah????????…our bond is getting more stronger✌….more stronger we are more difficult to break us????…. friendship no need anything .. just a heavenly feeling… u all my friends from bottom of my heart??

  34. Christina

    Hi hope u all remember me preethi sis,moni sis,latha sis,ooshi sisetc..sorry for not mentioning all of urs names…
    How r u all??????
    Happy news…mahek has peaked at no 8th…in the trp chart of 5his week…
    Take care all of u..???????

    1. Latha

      Hi Christina fine dear and how r u…….

      1. Christina

        I am fine n how r u

    2. Moni7

      Hai chotu how r u dear…don’t worry all s well

      1. Christina

        Hi di how r u???i missed u all alot…

  35. Christina

    tomorow is my result…please pray 4 me…….

    1. best of luck for the exam Dear but sunday? and i am as fine as ever how about u? having any info about Di and all missing them very much and specially Di

      1. Christina

        Not exam but result yes in sunday as there is no holiday in sunday in nepal…

  36. Latha

    Look guys..This is a public page. PPL here have all rights to talk in any language. If you guys find it disturbing pls carry on posting comments in ur own languages. No body here can stop you. The way u all are separating ourselves as north and south shows how much intergrity you have towards the nation. And mind ur words never talk rubbish about PPL in south. If u feel our comments here in our language which is our pride..Doors are open for u guys to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tq moni ma??…luv u???…long time to go…cant wait till monday???…
    Why they not telecast all days??

    1. Moni7

      Yes dolly dear… zkm Saturdays and Sundays…..hate this week days???

  38. Hey ooshi…. How are you… I think Shaurya will get the taste of his own medicine.. He hasn’t found anyone of his stature and mind as yet. But now mahek will show him how powerful their love is.. This karela king has no chance in front of our laddoo ?

    1. agreed and i am as fine as ever

  39. Hey Christina.. Wishing you luck for your result ?

  40. Moni7
    Actually i don’t have any idea what is it…but may be new entry of ZKM(shaurie’s jealousy track-saathiya serial male actor)
    He he he????

    1. ChandaMaya

      New entry . . . Possibly new rival? I am really curious now! Do you think he will fall in love with Mahek also? Shaurya will get jealous? What about Nehal having a love interest? or does Shaurya have a little bhai?

      1. Moni7

        Chanda wait wait how many questions dear!!
        No idea dear?
        See this… actually they trying to confuse us by posting random click???

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