Mahek 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and says people should remember that Mahek is mine, Mahek is of Shaurya only, he turns her around and possessively holds her waist, he says on your every breath, on your every heartbeat, i have right, only I have right, he puts hand on her heart. He turns her around and says on your lips, on your eyelashes, on these arms, only I have right on them, he touches her lips, lashes and arms. He says from now on if anyone sees you, it will be only me, only i will feel you, i have got you after much difficulty and i wont share you with anyone, you are mine, only mine, Mahek gets jittery hearing all this, she pulls him and hugs him tightly, Shaurya hugs her possessively, Tu har lamha plays, Shaurya places a tender kiss on Mahek’s shoulder.

Shaurya and Mahek comes in home, Karona says we have got time of wedding after 5days, Shaurya says why so late? Karona says i got to know that you were bribing Pundit to give wedding date soon, Ravi says we will need time for arrangements too. Pundit says bride’s mother has to accept shagun, who is bride’s mother? all get sad, Mahek gets sad hearing it. Ravi hints at Mansi, Mansi says i will fulfill her mother’s duties, she takes shagun and congratulates Karona. Shaurya sees Mahek trying to smile but cant, he gets tensed.

In sharma house, Kanta is cooking in kitchen angrily, she tries to hold sugar can but it drops and breaks. Shaurya comes there and says angry on me or yourself? Kanta says what are you doing here? she leaves from there. Shaurya comes behind her, he holds her hand, Shaurya says i want to talk to you, Kanta jerks her hand away, Shaurya says to Kanta that I know you hate me, you dont have good opinion about me, i understand but Mahek is your daughter, you love her a lot then why you are pushing her away from you? why you are hurting her heart? Kanta glares at him and sits on chair, Shaurya sits infront of her and holds her hand, he sys i will try to rectify all my mistakes, i will make sure to make Mahek happy, without you Mahek wont be happy, i want to keep Mahek happy, what can I do to win your trust? Mahek means more to me than myself, please. Kanta looks away from him, Shaurya sadly starts leaving but Kanta says stop. Shaurya looks at her, Kanta says if this is the case then I want you to name all your wealth, all your property to Mahek, give Mahek your property, your house, your restuarant, just keep clothes with you and leave everything to Mahek, I want Mahek’s security, will you be able to give her everything? will you able to leave yourself with only 10 clothes? will you give her all wealth? do you love Mahek that much? shaurya looks away, unable to answer her, Kanta snickers and leaves.

Mahek is calling Shaurya but he doesnt pick her call. Shaurya stops his car from driving and calls Mahek. Mahek picks and asks where did you go? everyone was finding you, Shaurya says did you think that i ranaway again? Mahek says please I wasnt thinking like that, if you had to runaway then why would you come behind me? I am sorry, i didnt mean it bad way, Shaurya says its okay, i had important work so I left and dont worry, i will never leave you alone now, Mahek says are you sure that everything is fine? Shaurya says yes and whats not fine, i will make it fine, good night, he ends call. Mahek thinks and says there is something fishy, Shaurya was tensed.

Svetlana slaps her killer and says you have no mind, you tried to kill Shaurya three times but failed, dont show your face again, get lost. Killer leaves. Svetlana says Sanjay has fools with him, how to stop Mahek from coming into to Shaurya’s life? there have to be some way.

Scene 2
In morning, all are having breafast in Sharma house. Mahek sadly looks at Kanta’s closed room door. Jeevan says dont have hopes, she will come out of her cave when she wants, dont stress yourself. Shaurya comes there with papers. All see him, Nehal says I havent seen such desperate groom, he keep coming to his inlaws house, Shaurya nudges Nehal’s head. Shaurya says I have come to meet Kanta, Ravi says what if she says bad things to you? Shaurya says so what? she is my mother, she has right to scold me. Balwant says more problems are going to happen.
Shaurya comes to Kanta’s room, Kanta says you came again? Shaurya says people dont trust me and i used to never trust anyone but then Mahek came in my life and I even started to trust God, i told you that I just want Mahek happy and her happiness involve you, she loves you more than herself, for Mahek’s happiness, i agree with all your demands, Kanta is stunned. Outside Kanta’s room, all are tensed that Kanta and Shaurya havent come out. In room, Shaurya shows papers to Kanta, she sees his will, Shaurya says i do everything with focus and honesty, i was doing business for my benefit, when I get angry i destroy myself and others and now when I am loving so you can understand that how much I will love Mahek. Kanta sees papers and is shocked. Shaurya says I jsut want to love Mahek, i know her happiness is you and your happiness is Mahek’s future so I have done what you wanted. Shaurya says to Kanta that whatever was in my name, i have given that to Mahek. My property, my restaurant, my money, everything is in Mahek’s name and when we will have kids after marriage then 50% will go to them, me and my family will not have any right on all of this. This is total of 150crores and it will be all of Mahek, you are scared that i might repeat mistakes so see I have solved all your problems, one thing I have not given to Mahek, that are my 15 clothes, i mean they are useless to Mahek. Kanta is guilty and recalls how Mahek kept telling her that Shaurya has changed, how Kanta said that Shaurya will throw her away again, how she trapped Shaurya in fake kidnapping case, Kanta thinks that i couldnt see his truth, what happened by me? Shaurya turns to leave but Kanta holds his hand and says stop. Kanta cries and says where are you going? i scolded you so much, i made you lose blood but you didnt back away, how will Mahek find such nice guy? she pulls him and hugs him, she cries on his shoulder, Shaurya smiles, Kanta says forgive me, i kept thinking wrong about you, wont you forgive Maa? Shaurya says dont say sorry, just bless me, Kanta says i stooped so low, i was wrong, i lied, i hurt you and kept thinking that i was right, forgive me please, one minute. She gives will back to him and says I dont need it, you said so I trust you that you will keep Mahek happy always, i dont need these papers. Shaurya says they are needed, these papers can stay with you, it doesnt matter if property is in Mahek’s name or mine when Mahek is mine herself. Kanta smiles and kisses his head.

PRECAP- Shaurya pulls Mahek closer, she blushes and asks what your heart is saying to do right now? Shaurya says let me tell you, Mahek says dont stare at me, i will get shy. he leans in, Mahek close her eyes and is about to kiss her but Mahek pushes him away and starts running, Shaurya runs behind her and says paratha girl stop. Mahek is running away from him on road and is about to get hit by a car, Karona sees this and gets shocked, Shaurya shouts for Mahek, Mahek stops before car can hit her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hai mehrya fans
    Shaurya made me cry today…
    All my doubts blasted ..
    But one thing I cannot believe makers
    Please it is a request from all mehrya fans don’t spoil the story with unexpected twists

    1. Tomorrow is again Friday don’t know what twist is waiting for mehrya fans….???

      1. I am getting fear that writers will not made an accident for shaurya and shows that he is dead and mehak will become strong as shaurya…and they again introduce a new hero where as shaurya comes in exact time and again revenge drama or triangle love….

  2. Something is fishing. Chachi pls don’t turn negative.

  3. kya episode tha cleared kanchi’s shaurya ‘s mystery is remaining….
    like do dil ek jaan
    will the track proceed???
    else shaurya must not have changed 1.0 version

  4. Happy that kanta changed……..
    But,still have a fear that what happen when she does something with documents……and don’t want anything to happen to mehak…..
    Always there is a problem with mehrya….
    Pls director first finish their marriage…can’t see any more fights and accidents…now only she got well from that idiot ajay’s murder try…then again a problem…I can’t able to bare tgis director …plsssssss…marriage first then happy life with small children fights….

  5. Good job Shaurie..Aisa would be har kisi ko mile. ???
    I hope nothing goes wrong now..It’s high time yaar…We want marriage n see their kids n how would Shaurya be as a good husband n a father..O my God..I can’t even imagine????

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww unexpected scences today espeically katna chachi villey chapter is end today wow amazing shaurya proofed true love shaurya done a great job………. today …… comming to recap soooo exciting and i thought katna chahci villey chapter is end today and suddenly new villian character is entry tommarow……….. hai my dear cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee family member how are you to all dears…

  7. Wawww awesome. Is kanta really changed.
    Shaurya you’re the best. Uncle director never try to change Shaurya his role and character.
    How are you guys.

  8. Uncle director let them marriage please, end this matter. Don’t bring twist between the lovebirds please, is an request. They might have enemies but let the two lovebirds understand each other .please don’t spoil the show. Let the show be different from the other serials

  9. i hey guys some first part shaurya and mehek scences is dilogues is missing…..

  10. Kanta Chachi ko trust ho Gaya….Par mujhe abhi bhi nahi Hai.aaj shaurya ke expression ajeeb Lage…Is baar bhi shayad uske dimag mein koi plan ho..Par lagta Hai shaadi to wo Kar lega…Baad Mei hi reveal Kate..But I really want ki shaurya mehek ko cheat na Kate…Par agar shaadi ho gayi aur San acha acha ho Gaya to story aage kaise badegi… Shaurya apne swarth me liye kisi bhi hadd tak ja sakta Hai..Well let see aage Kya hoga….

  11. Kanta chanch thsnx a lot for dis…awww moment between chachi n shaurya lije mother n son…really emotional scene…dnt want ant more trouble now…meherya rocks..their chemistry is so deep…just love it

  12. Please don’t mess with this story, now. We are looking forward to Mahek & Shaurya getting married. DON’T MAKE THIS BORING LIKE KUM KUM BAGYA, or, you will lose viewers.

    1. Chaaya

      The infamous dragged out storyline? Lol?

  13. Latha

    Shauri don’t worry yaar Mehak is always yours but shauri no more cheating. Sad to see Kanta chachi breaking down and crying. Elders are to be respected not hurt . After watching today’s episode shauri and chachi’s convo I feel she is not an evil person. It was very touching and emotional too. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s twist.

  14. Oooo,, wwwww really happy to see that chachi forgive shaurya,,,,,!!! Shaurya u r so sweet and cuteeee,,,, I LOVE YOU,,, SHAURYA,,,!!!!! I feel very relief after that,, and I think the evil kanta chachi ‘s chapter is closed now,, or we will get our old chachi back,,, thanks chachi,, I love u too,,,,, very sweet epi,,,,
    And precap,,,,!!! Plz get them marry plz plz CVS,,,, don’t create a new drama again,,, ,,,, and guys don’t doubt on shaurya now,,, it’s just enough,,, he really changed now,, OK good night,,, bye all mehrya fans,,,,,

  15. Is Kanta his mother?

    1. Chaaya

      Omg!! You could be onto something there Reshma. Nice thinking, because their could be any twist or turn. Anything is possible with these details.

  16. Hate to burst your bubble guys, but I think Shauriya is being deceptive and given fake documents to chachi.

    1. Chaaya

      Yes, that’s kind of odd. Agree, that there might be something to that. Shaurya has this odd smile when he hugged Mahek and also when he hugged Kanta. He had a bit but if a smirk, unless I am reading too much in it. If there is a chance he did put everything in Mahek’s name then Shaurya is no longer the moving target, it would Mahek that Svetlana would want dead, and as it is Mahek is walking accident. She is accident prone.

  17. Saxenasapna

    What a episode….
    I love Mehrya forever and always love them….

    Me kya bolu abb…
    Kuch h hi nhi khne ko…..
    Itna sara Romance my god….
    Inki bonding itni acchi h na….
    Mja a jata h…
    First part itna accha tha….
    That he said….
    U r mine only mine….
    Only my Right to tuch you….
    Feel u…
    My god…
    Apne dialog se hi mar denge ye log…
    Or kuch krne. Ki jrurat hi nhi h…

    Any way….
    H r u all gys…
    My all mehrya fan….
    I hope u all Good….

    1. Sarah2

      Sapna dear hmari tarah aap bhi bigad gaii ho aapko bhi inke romance ke siva Ur kuch nhi dikhta????koi baat nhi hota hota hi sabka yhi haal hi???

  18. I just wonder why all directors have the same story line please don’t make the serial worst by killing or change shaury and mehek

  19. Where are the ladies, moni, chaaya sis and chaandamaya. No comments today .

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Geeta sis, I spent be the entire day working on some calculations, so my eyes are really tired, but I watched the episode quite a few times trying to analyse this Shaurya. Too good to be true, but he is up to something. What? We don’t know, but I don’t want the writers to continue to villify him. Glad Kanta felt some remorse.

    2. Chaaya

      I think Chanda mentioned about being occupied with Kumkum Bhagya. ? All about weddings! All th see serials copy each other’s ideas, so much so that it is not original.

    3. ChandaMaya

      Hi Geeta dear. I am not lost and yes chaaya I have looking at KKB again. My usual on again and off again when the storylines gets my interest again. I have been pretty constant with ZKM but it feels like things are going to do wrong again. Can’t handle the emotional highs and lows.

  20. HI Mehak Family ……..Toady episode is very good ……..shaurya doing good Job …… kanta chachi is satisfaction Shaurya Love mahek But Yesterday I see that Shaurya face I think He plan something he again chit mahek……..

  21. Sarah2

    Hello everyone,wav yar kya episode tha aaj to shourya Ur chachi ki conversation ne hme emotional ker diya?? thak God chachi maan gaii aab Jake thoda relief mila.wyse chachi hi badi achi bhut pyar kerti hi wo mahak se?? jab chachi be shourya ke forehead pe kiss kiya to scene hme bhut pyara lga??? it was like awwww so cute moment ?bhut emotional baate ho gaii chalo ab mahol ki kuch lite kiya jaye??? shourya kitne chalu hi shadi abhi hui nhi hi Ur ye janab abhi se jante hi ki inke bache hoge na ki bacha???? wyse jitna ye romance kerte hi usse to hme lgta hi inhe twins hoge like hm do hmare do junior shourya and mahak ?????uff yar kya ho gya hi hme hm bhi shourya ki trah naughty ho gye hi???? Gav bsa nhi lutere pahle aa gye????? yha abhi shadi to hui nhi hi Ur hm bhi inke bacho ki baate ker rhe hi???? I’m telling you guys iss bande ne hum subko bigad diya hi,Jo nhi pta tha wo bhi pta chal gya hi jyse seduce ka matlab, fifty shades of grey and many more????

  22. I have not watched this serial in middle. so can you guys please telk me what happened to shaurya at the time of wedding and why he was so much rude to mehek? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. Sarah2

    Ek ur baat jab shourya ne mahak ko hug kiya tha Ur apni akhe kholer uske shoulder pe kiss kia use time unke face pe Jo smile thi yar hme usse bhut derr lgta hi ??? wo to bilkul first time mahak ke love conffation ki trah thi.are yar aab chachi man gaii hi to hme doubt ho gya hi??? lekin koi bhagwan jii ke age pyar ki acting kyse ker sakta hi ?? unhone tab mana tha ki wo mahak se bhut pyaar kerte hi jab unhe koi bhi sunne wala nhi tha.??? Ho sakta hi unki smile hi eysi ho. jahir si baat hi yar ab koi alag alag scene ke liye alag alag smile kyse ker sakta hi???? lagta hi ye doubt tabhi khatam hoga jab in dono ki shadi hogi?? please please director sir bs inki shadi kra dijiye tabi yakeen hoga

  24. Hello Sunshine’s???
    Shauryas smirks and on and off displays of sincerity puts me off totally.
    He is def up to something…

  25. Guys is it true the new villain will be Shaurya mother, karona ma. omg I hope is not true

  26. It may be fake papers

  27. Gud moves please dont mess it up like boring serials kumkum bhagya,sanyut parivar

  28. what a u shaurya and mehek

  29. Hi, it might be fake docs, and he is trying to keep to mehak on his control thats why he is insisting to put a muhurth in early, some thing i thought that those property is belongs mehak it self, some flash back connection is there between mehak and shourya, and this is my only imagination.

  30. Chaaya

    For some reason I don’t think it is take but definitely there is a clause that clears him from certain responsibilities. Svetlana will be looking to kill Mahek. She is the moving target now. Once Svetlana thinks it is Mahek holding the money bag.

  31. hey guys this beautiful mehrya

  32. ChandaMaya

    I think the ratings for ZKM will call if the writers mess things up more. Getting a bit fedup with all the inconsistencies.

  33. ChandaMaya

    Will fall, ratings will fall.

  34. watch this beautiful song with mehrya

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