Mahek 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Shaurya that you are very big businessman, Shaurya says yes i am because i never loved you, i dont care about you, i dont love you so go to mental hospital and i will pay bills there but dont talk rubbish things like love because i never loved you Mahek Sharma and i wont ever love you, do you understand that I dont love you? Mahek looks in his eyes and says tell that you dont love me while looking in my eyes, tell me you never loved me, Shaurya glares at her, Mahek says say it. Shaurya grabs her shoulder, looks in her eyes and says Mahek Sharma i dont love you, Mahek is in tears hearing it, Shaurya looks away unable to look in her eyes and bows his head, Mahek says you said that eyes never lie, tell same thing to me after putting on glasses next time, she smiles at him and leaves.
Mahek is leaving Shaurya’s house when Karona calls her name. Mahek hugs Karona and says how are you maa? Karona folds her hands and says forgive me. Shaurya is looking at them from terrace, Mahek says dont do this maa, dont cry, she wipes her tears, Mahek says your son is brat, when all were finding him, he was enjoying with foreign girls, Karona says how can you be happy in this much pain? Mahek says we have to live life, i am in pain but i wont show it, she hugs Karona and cries. Shaurya is seeing them and gets call. Mahek looks at him and says to Karona that i should leave, she glances at Shaurya and leaves. Shaurya takes KD’s call, KD says you and your wife has costed me a lot and now she has to pay for it, watch TV after 10minutes.
Mahek is leaving Shaurya’s house when police comes there, inspector says Mahek Sharma you are under arrest, KD has filed FIR on you for breaking contract, mental harassment, leaking his company’s information, Mahek is taken from there.
Shaurya sees TV and see Mahek arrested. KD says t o reporter that Mahek stole my recipes and gave it to her husband, i want justice, i will send her to jail. Svetlana comes there and says to Shaurya that she has reached her right place now, her family likes jail, i remember her uncles went to jail too, Shaurya glares her.
Mahek is locked in lock-up. Sharma family comes there. Kanta asks Mahek what happened? she asks inspector why you are using us in rich people fights? let her go. Jeevan calls lawyer and asks him to come. Mansi calls Mohit and asks him to take care of PD. Jeevan says to inspector that Shaurya stole her recipes and patent them, and you arrested Mahek? Lawyer comes there and says we will get bail for Mahek but it will cost 15lacs. Kanta says to Mahek that we will give life to get you bailed. Mahek smiles and says you dont have to do anything, i know i will be bailed today and who will bail me.
Shaurya is sitting in his room and recalls his wedding night, how he exchanged garlands with Mahek, how they shared food, how Mahek asked him to comeback fast, i would be waiting in mandap for you, how KD announced that he will send Mahek to jail. Shaurya calls someone.

Scene 2
Karona comes to police station. Reporters gather around her and asks if Shaurya and Mahek will get married or not? Karona avoids them and come in police station. Inspector greets her. Ravi asks Karona if you have come to save your son’s name again or to show fake pity to us? Kanta says you came to us asking for Mahek’s proposal and see she is behind bars because of your son now, Karona says parents have to bear kids mistakes, what Shaurya did, after that i am questioning my upbringing, i request you people that even if you dont forgive me, but let me bail Mahek out. Jeevan says not at all, he gets up from wheelchair and says we have been to police station a lot because of your son, you shouldnt do it because your son might blame us that we stole your money and bailed Mahek, its enough, water is above head now, this is my family and this is our problem so we will handle it, he asks Kanta and Mansi to stay here, he asks Ravi to tell lawyer to file bail, we will arrange money. Kanta asks how will we get 15lacs so soon? Jeevan says i have talked to some people, we will handle it, he leaves with Ravi. Karona looks at Mahek, Mahek smiles at her and nods at her to leave, everything will be fine, Karona leaves.
Assistant comes to Shaurya and says Mahek’s family has denied money from Karona, her uncles are mortgaging their shops to bail her out. Shaurya is stunned, he hastily leaves from there.
Balwant says to Ravi and Jeevan that even if mortgage both shops, we wont get that much money and we have to give fees to lawyer too and KD have filed case for 5crores defamation money, how will we arrange money to go for this case? and if we lose this case then KD will take money from us, how will we arrange it? Jeevan says we will handle everything, i have talked to someone, estate agent is giving me 20lacs for my shop and 10lacs for Ravi’s shop, we will win this case and Mahek will comeback home. Balwant says if we sell everything then how we will run house? Ravi says we will put stalls on roads but we cant leave our daughter in jail, he asks Jeevan to call estate agent.
KD is calling someone and says this girl have insulted me personally, i wont spare her, i have rivalry with Shaurya but this girl have insulted me, i will make sure she goes to jail. Shaurya comes there and takes phone from him and sees he was calling Svetlana, Shaurya smirks and takes call, he says to Svetlana that flirt and make plans with your ex-husband later, he is busy, he ends call. Kd says how dare you come in my bedroom, he asks his guard to throw him out, guard doesnt move, Shaurya says he will touch me? Shaurya gives 2000/- to guard and asks him to leave, guard leaves. Kd glares Shaurya, Shaurya sits on KD’s bed with shoes on and asks KD to sit, its your own house, KD says i will call police and send you jail too alongwith your wife, Shaurya says if i slap you then you wont be able to speak for 4days, sit down now, i want to talk. KD takes chair and sits down. Shaurya says you are cheap man that for business you can sell your own father and i like that about you, Kd says you have this quality too, you can go to any extent for business, Shaurya says there is one difference between you and me, you are fox and i am a lion, i hunt my own prey, why you are doing all this? what you want? Kd says i want compensation and revenge for my insult, Shaurya says you dont even respect yourself, you stole my restaurant’s idea with help of Sanjay and Svetlana, KD says i have built big restaurant, i would have earned crores from Mahek’s recipes but she cheated me by giving it to you, i wont spare you. Shaurya takes out cheque book and says i am giving you 5croroes to takedown case from Mahek Sharma, you wont earn this much money with your skills, KD says i want 7crores, Shaurya says go and fight this case, make Mahek’s family give you this much money, i am leaving, KD says okay give me 5crores, Shaurya signs cheque and gives him 5crores, KD smiles and says i accept that you have deep love, Shaurya says you wont understand, you just see gain and loss with money.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Shaurya that you didnt favor me by freeing me from jail, its your guilt and love that helplessly brought you here to get me out of jail, remember one thing that i will love you for whole life but what you did with me, after that i wont forgive you ever.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Enna mairu ne puriyala.. Why shaurya is watching like eating mahek… Andha KD [email protected]@du, still affair with maaami… Ufff, mahek don’t forgive shaurya… Chumma alugaama urupdra valiya paaru, s don’t just cry, do something in life than going behind shaurya khanna.

  2. Tq moni,dhanya n latha dears???
    dhanya raees konja mokai ya thaan irunthuchi…tats why i saw only less than half movie…romba violence n no r konjam romance…athuvum antha herione sagikkala…tats why i tuned to ZKM…nammakku romance movie???? thaan no violence???…hehehe…??

    1. Moni7

      I saw few hindi movies..srk movie tailor pathen..adhu dhan heroine ah????…ava pakka paaaaaaaaaaaaah?????….

  3. ChandaMaya

    I’m back . . . .Takes time to heal. Mahek is strong, she will have reasons to forgive him soon. The crazy, reactionary Sharmas will feel small when they find out the real reason. Shaurya will regain their respective in time . . .Let’s hope it all for the right reasons and not just for gain. At least he saved Mahek from Me and his Maamiji❗❗Now we have to find out where Sanjay Maama is hiding.

  4. ChandaMaya

    Oops, At least Shaurya saved Mahek from KD and his Maamiji.

  5. Moni7

    U plp didn’t say about my VM?….i know it is tamil VM…but non tamilians can feel it.. music is a great feeling ????

    1. Vidhi

      Moni I watched it ma very nice darling ….. My fav songs too… Nenachapadi papilla amanjadhu ana odittane? Just kidding nd engagement vm I luv that song very much ARR hit one

      1. Vidhi

        Meant mapillai not papilla

      2. Moni7

        Vidhu darling…wat to do… ellam fate!!!!.. odittan… oddi pona kalyana mapillai??????…

  6. Good morning guys…….
    It,s really awesome episode

    1. Yes choti u are right.this serial is going intresting day by day i am sure sourya is in a big problem so he is acting as he does not love her but he is unable to hide his love

  7. Hi frnds i hope everyone has voted for sourya,mehak for best couple

  8. ChandaMaya

    Shaurya will deal with everything,everyone with very precise execution style. Sorry, Mahek and family, you will learn the truth behind his actions. So sorry there has to be so much pain, and trust me,Shaurya is in a lot of pain to see the love of his life hurt along with her family and his mother. So where are the rest of his relatives? Don’t see Nehal in these past couple episodes. if Sanjay’s plan had worked the next target would not have just been the Sharma’s family home, it would be Mahek. What really puzzles me, is why to such lengths of the marriage set up . . . Could it have not waited? That wedding was a facade, but why did Shaurya go that far to leave Mahek alone in that state? He asked for her permission to leave but she does not know why he asked her permission, and for the reason that might be.

  9. Hi shabnam manisha how are u frnds. I watch this serial regularly. U are right manisha this serial is going interesting day by day

  10. Hi family…just saw the episodes of Wednesday and Thursday…. hmmm this shaurya has become gajni …..hahaaaa can’t face own love?????????? mehak too cool…love u swetie…ur love shaurya very hot n very naughty ????…just remember that he told u that he will not let u sleep…but looks like that he will sleep because of u….????…what an attitude shaurya in front of mehak i dont love u and i don’t care for u…????and then in front of kd giving 5 cr to take the case back….see mehak ur big business man….??????no love no care but gave 5cr…what a business man…and kd bheegi billi…and mami lomdi……mehak and karuna?????what a sas bahu chemistry…. shaurya sad lion….looking at them…good to see the love in others eyes and Shaurie darling u r smart in everything but not as smart as mehak….after all she caught u….love it…bye family catch u later…

  11. moni ma…both VM’s are ??…
    first one wedding sequence VM little old song…still suits..whrin the second one is my favourite Maddy’s alaipayuthey is picture? perfect…gr8 goin?? …teach me also how to do tiz dear??

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby ma..thank u dear????… actually video vandhu Instagram …song mattum dhan naa add panni editing…. slow editing….

  12. Moni7

    First screen test of karan and samshika….

    1. Vinitha

      Nice Moni. Cute couple

      1. Moni7

        Vinitha..avan sirippan irukkan….

    2. Perfect screen couple ? dear

    3. Vidhi

      Yeah ok ok karan than but now he is doing very well

      1. Moni7

        Yes vidhu dear..he improved a lot …look vice nd acting vice…..????

  13. good afternoon to all members of my family Diii… ???

    1. Moni7

      Good noon ooshi dear……

  14. Ya…. mee too confused….. why he is hiding d truth….. i think he is saving mahek from sanjay…. bcoz they ready to kill shouraya aftr dat they plan to kill mahek…… (the bomb blast at mahek home )…. jeevan sachu dead….. sanjay can do anything ….. i doubted in karona….. she is the main villi….

  15. Preethiilang

    Hi karan vohra uncle ur twist was nice oly not bad???…….u people are thinking y i am calling karan uncle because tomarrow he is going to celebrate is 5th aniversary??? in our TN after marriage most of boys are called lky this oly uncle so nanum inni karan ah uncle ah adapt panikanum…..yes’day he was taking lesson for KD if i giv one slap u wnt atter a word nu????…..already tis treatment is done for u by mehek????…….enna uncle problem unkaluku neega mehek ka love panarigala illaya???…….neega singam(sher) ah athala velli ulagathu tha mehek munnadhi neega rat tha eppo vo mey???…..u cnt control ur emotions shaurya i bet u if mehek again again comes before u means tats all u ill be flat again????…….because unnga parvai enga poganum enga eruka ella viewers kum theriyum???………..

    1. Moni7

      Preethi dear…no da public public…..yes we all know….?????….so oly he using goggles(kuduthu kannadi)….

    2. Vinitha

      Sema preethi. Control dear public public ha ha ha

      1. Preethiilang

        Vinitha dr feelings ah kothidhanum illana manusu valigum atha inni eppadi tha comment podhuva director ku ah purila na 30days how to learn tamil book parcel panidha vedhiyathu tha?????

  16. Preethiilang

    I think shaurya khanna as fallen in bathroom because of tat head injury as happen or multiple personality dirorder erukumoo or gajini surya va how he can avoid is true love????……..mehek yes’day told he is enjoying wit foreign girls no mehek avan athukala worth illa avanuku etha laddu neetha????…..shaurya khanna neega mehek love panaringala illayae nu oru varathukulla solliduga pls illana nanum moni TN state layae mapillai parkarom tat too decent guy he wnt look frm top to bottom and all???

    1. Moni7

      Yes preethi ready vl give her photo in tamil matrimony??????.. qualifications…good looking (inner Beauty)….

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    I used to watch this show sometimes as my Cousin is a big fan of mehek show and Mehrya . I like mehrya too. But now after seeing that Shaurya have an intention behind stealing mehek’s book and cheating her i find this show now more interesting I hope mehek gets to know about shaurya’s intention

  18. Moni7

    Ooshi. Thanks for answering my questions… interesting answers…but actually my main question is frm a a tamil movie which was released 33 years back karakattakaran…..still now no one find the answer … untold story of that tamil movie???..which is super duper mega hit movie of 80s….

    1. no need of thanks i can’t understand tamil so no value of even watching so can’t give the answer of that question and no need of thanks

  19. Hi I love ZKM huge fan I am neeru from south shocked first because sk left mehek felt tears in my eyes but now they show something different now I want to see the show let’s hope best

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