Mahek 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek wins the tournament

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Mahek 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek and Shaurya become friends. She says but we wont be friends in the ring. He says yes no one can beat me. she says we will see.
The rounds start. Shaurya fights with one boy. He beats him down. Mahek fights the boy. She falls down but gets up. She hits the boy and wins.
Mahek’s mother is worried for her.
Mahek and Shaurya come in front of each other. Mahek beats him down. She wins. The winner says satay dev singh is the winner. The chief guest comes and mahek gets worried. She says what is Tune uncle doing here. What if he recognizes me? He says Mahek.. You are Vikram’s daughter. Everyone is worried. He says this is a girl. she is Mahek. The coach says look at her courage. Mahek looks at the price. The manager says she can’t be winner because she is a girl. Yuvraj says that means my son is the winner. Dadi says girls have no shame these days. Our son knew he was a girl so he let her win. Mahek says he didn’t know anything. Yuvra says disqualify her. Mahek says I won anyway. This shaurya didn’t know I am not a girl. Coach says she came with me. If I knew she wouldn’t have been here. She won because of her courage. Now you know she is a girl but you all against her. She should be respected for her courage. tune says we should discuss and decide who wins.

Mahek says to coach I won anyway. What is my mistake? That I am a girl? You all think we are made to cook only? He says why did you lie? She says because we are not given our rights we have snatch them. He says where did you train? She says I fought the bad boys back in street. The coach says leave it all on me. He goes in. All the tease Mahek.
Yuvraj comes to Tune and says my son should win. Tune says I know her father. He is Virkram he is such a bad man. If he gets to know he will kill her. Yuvraj says to dadi I know what to do. He leaves.
Shaurya comes to Mahek. She says what are you here for? your boy card? She punches him and says you thought you can snatch my prize? Coach come and says stop it. Tune tells coach sharma that Tune has decided who is the winner.

Mahek’s mother tries to get the report written but inspector doesn’t listen.
Tune says after discussion we have decided that this girl should be the winner of this match. Vikram comes in and says Mahek.. She is scared. He says how dare you. She is my daughter. Tune says don’t do this. he says i would kill her. TUne says don’t even touch her. he says she is my daughter. She will fight all her life. Who would marry her. SHe can never win this. Girls have no competition with boys. Thanks Yuvraj for calling me here. Yuvraj says she is out so our son is the winner. Vikram drags Mahek from there. Shaurya is given the trophy. Mahek is crying. He isn’t happy either.
Precap-Grown up Mahek and Shaurya come in front of each other. Mahek beats him again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shaurya never got a selfless father neither as Shaurya Khanna nor as Shaurya Singh Ahlawat…his sister n brother r against him…Yuvraj is so selfish n her granny she also listen to her so-called son…Shaurya seems to be kind hearted…I hope he would remain like this n not like his father…but guys temme one thing tht if we r not interested in anything then we would not be able to do tht thing in a gud way but Shaurya is playing well…how???

  2. Hahahahaha hahahahehehe Shaurya is getting beaten by a girl???? Man I am really enjoying meself I never thought I would say this but I am eagerly awaiting Mondays episode.

  3. This time show is going fab

  4. Friends,I have left seeing season 1 of this serial in between as I felt it was monotonous seeing the same characters for more than one year but this reincarnation track seems to be interesting ,,,the little Mehak is a dare devil and a real scare completely opposite to Shaurya who seems to be a docile boy,again in complete contrast to the Shaurya of previous birth who was short tempered and head strong ….but who will be playing the grown up Shaurya …Karan Vohra or someone else.
    You are righr Anjali even I got the same doubt…Shaurya’s passion is cooking but he turned out to be a decent boxer also…but having been beaten by Mehak ,I thought he would n’s accept the prize..
    Hello Jayashree ,here we meet again after Jeet Gayi To piya morre…even I can not wait to see the next episode….something fresh about this story.Hope this will turn out to be an interesting and entertaining love story ,not cynical stuff like Devi and Adhi’s.

  5. Hey Lakshmi I thought you had forgotten us,just kidding just the other day Naz Cathy and I were talking about how we made friends here sorry I forgot to mention you….you are indeed a wonderful friend on this forum how are you my dear? How are your children?I have not forgotten you.We will catch up later I love the way Mehek is going right now.

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