Mahek 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya saves Mahek

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Mahek 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to all the girls lets go from here. She says to another girl lets go. She stays there. Mahek tries to break the lock. Nehal is worried for Mahek. Karuna called anjali. Nehal asks her where is she? Karuna says she was in jagrata.
Mahek and the girls go out. mahek say where is the third girl? I can’t leave her there. This is my husband’s number. Go and call him. I will get her out. Mahek comes in and says seema lets go. Give me your hand. The girl goes out. Anjali comes after Mahek adn hits her head. Mahek says seema run. They lock Mahek. Tai says I will ruin your life to burn to my palace.

Dolly says to Nehal my mom is really ill. Nehal says you should go there we will handle things here.
The girls come out and ask for help. The thugs come there and surround them. They kidnap them. A truck comes. The girls run and hide in it.

Tai sells Mahek to men. She sells her in 50 lacs. Mahek says you will Anjali. You will pay for your sins. Anjali says I wont let you go from here. Life will be full of darkness. Seema says you will rot in hell. Anjali says for now a beast will turn your life into hell.
Shaurya comes outside the truck. Vicky and all people come. They hit the thugs.
Mahek is in her room. The men are around us. The door opens. Mahek sees Shaurya and everyone outside. She says he is herre. We have to go from here. The men try to take men with them. Shaurya comes and says Mahek.. He hits men. Anjali is trying to hide. Mahek hugs shaurya.
The thugs fight all the people. Mahek sees that Anjali is trying to run. sHe goes after her. Anjali shoves Mahek. Tai puts knife on Mahek’s throat. Seema hits her on head. She falls down. Anjali ties to run. Mahek hits her and she falls down. Mahek takes of her huge anklet that anjali made her wear. Mahek hits anjali with it.

Mahek faints. Shaurya comes. He says mahek please open your eyes. Police comes. They arrest everyone. They take mahek to hospital. Shauyra says I am sorry Mahek. Please forgive me. It was all my mistake. He kisses her forehead. Mahek says you are with me, I don’t have to worry.
Doctor checks mahek and says everything is fine. In fact there is a good news. She is pregnant.
Precap-Mahek says I want to meet those girls. Shaurya says will your recognize them? Mahek says in heart you wont trust me without proof but now Anjali has to go away from our lives.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow. Very intense

  2. Will he believe his wife over his sister? NA he is just another a*sh*le.I am glad she is pregnant wonder if Anjali is gonna tell him the child is not his you know how these series goes sleep one night and pregnant the next day hahahahaha.

    1. No Jayashree…he has this much believe on his wife that she will not do anything like this…so nothing is going to happen that u r thinking…n u also heard the news that KV is leaving the show…so the story is going on that track in which KV is going to leave the show…

  3. Thanks for that bit of news Kashish.

    1. Cathy

      Just wow over the 18 year leap…what is wrong with Zee, why can’t they just end this show on a positive note, then give Mehek (forgot her name) a new show with a new cast…why drag this on and on and on.

  4. Very boaring and I dnt like this samiksha..

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