Mahek 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to family that i just want to repent my mistakes, but decision is yours. Kanta says where did you learn to think so big? Mahek says from you, Jeevan says you are so nice, we will all go with you. Nehal says what will i wear in supercook party, Mansi says as if all will be looking at what you are wearing.
Karona comes to spercook set. Shaurya says you here Maa? she says i came to meet you and your arrangements, how are you? he says fine, did you go to old delhi? she says yes to meet Mahek, to make her understand, dont know if her family will come to party of show or not.
Mrs. Chawla enters party. Everyone congratulates her for winning supercook, reporter asks if she won because Mahek left at end? Mrs. Chawla, i wont becuase i am talented. Investor enters party and says to Shaurya to that you know your deal depends on Mahek, i want to meet Mahek here if you want your deal. Mahek enters party with her family, Rajiv says there she is. Reporter asks that you quit show in middle but you are back, any specific reason for that? Shaurya slightly smiles at her. Vaitlana says so spark of party has come. Shaurya comes and greets Mahek’s family by folding his hands. Karona comes there and is happy to see them, she says thank you beta(daughter), she welcomes them. They come inside. Shaurya says to her family that you came here to respect my mother’s words, you people dont know how much you have helped me to come here, look at those investors, they are investing 50crores in my chain of hotels, if you people didnt come here then everything would have gone down. Nehal is getting Ajay’s call but she is cutting his call constantly. Shaurya asks host to serve Sharma family specially, they are VIP guest. Nehal takes Ajay’s call and says i am busy, we are VIP guest of Shaurya, Ajay asks if he is dreaming? she says his mother came to apologize and invite us to party, all rich guests are here so i dont have time for you, he says dont fool me, she says i will send you video of party, she makes video and sends Ajay. Ajay is stunned and shows Pammi, he says see your so called useless Mahek is enjoying Shaurya Khanna’s party, Sharma family is enjoying there, she asks who is sending him video? he says my friend, who is show’s AD.
Rajiv takes attention of guests and says i want Shaurya to present winning trophy to Mrs. Chawla. Ajay and Pammi are watching live telecast shown by Nehal. Shaurya presents trophy and prize money to Mrs. Chawla. Mahek recalls how Rajiv proposed for Mahek to enter this show, she is sad, Kanta silently asks if she is fine? Mahek nods. Shaurya says guests, i want to take your little more time as i dont want to leave something important behind, i am little emotional, we didnt know who will win this competition but well deserving person have won but some people are above victory too, we met someone like that in show, she was relentless and could have given extreme in finals if she didnt leave show because of my misunderstandings, i want to show her journey through video, she didnt win competition but she won hearts. Video plays, Mahek entering show’s set in start is shown, how she was nervous, how she was praised for her dishes by judges but how she ranaway from show’s set because Shaurya scared her then how she cameback and keep winning show’s rounds. How she cooked chicken too being vegetarian, how she went to Agra and fell in pool too trying to get ingredient of her dish, how she enjoyed bonfire there, Mahek is emotional seeing her journey, video ends. One lady enters party, she is foreign investor. Shaurya asks Mahek to come on stage, Jeevan smiles and asks her to go. Karona aks Mahek to go, your place is there. Vaitlana says blo*dy show off, like father, son can stoop low in need. Mahek comes in stage, Shaurya says when Rajiv told me about Mahek, i laughed that how can dhabba worker be on my show but i was wrong to not recognize her talent, Rajiv recognized her talent and i was late to do so but we cant change what happened but i can try to rectify my mistake. He asks Dhabba owner Ratan to come on stage, all are surprised, he comes on stage. Shaurya says i met Mahek on his dhabba first time, i still remember that salty pulse i ate there, Mahek recalls Shaurya insulting dhabba people there, and commenting on Mahek’s weight. Shaurya gifts desi ghee(oil) to Ratan and says this was first thing Mahek asked on our set, Ratan says Mahek lets share it. Shaurya says as token of appreciation and hardwork, Khanna group of companies wants to present this cheque of 25lacs to Mahek Sharma. Nehal almost drops her phone listening it. Mahek is stunned and says i cant take it. Shaurya says this is nothing infront of your talent, i was late to recognize you, you are awesome cook but you are great person, you came here forgetting everything that happened, please accept this, i am sorry from my heart, please i am extremely sorry, please forgive me, he folds his hands infront of her, she says its okay, forget everything. Vaitlana says wow, now he is giving 25lacs charity to beggars of delhi, wow. Reporter asks Mahek if everything is sorted between them? Mahek says everything is sorted between us and i want to apologize to Shaurya too. Mahek says i am sorry for mistake i made unknowingly, Shaurya says i will accept your sorry only if you accept my cheque, please i request you, Mahek thinks. Karona says take it daughter, you deserve it. Mahek looks at Kanta who nods in yes. Mahek takes cheque from Shaurya’s hands, all clap, Mahek smiles. Ajay and Pammi are watching on video.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Mahek that delete my number from you, i wont irritate you by calling you and you wont have to curse me out anymore, you go in your world and i will go back to mine, Mahek says our worlds were never same, but the good thing is that we are not going back with grudge against each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thanks for the update

  2. Saryu

    Thank you Atiba.. U really give us a very fast update.. ?

  3. Moni7

    Wow awesome episode…. shaurie wow wat a change over man….. unexpected.. shaurie cutie pie???…..nice precap too…. I thought he vl apology with boutique …. knees down….as in promo…but it is a great thing he folded his hand in front a girl ….great shaurie???just want to see both together as a couple waiting for that moment…greedy pammi fulfill her wish by accepting mehak as her bahu….??? So oly that engagement drama….plz shaurie don’t let her go away from u…she s urs…. shaurie❤mehak……

    1. Shaurya is too handsome today…but I can’t believe him…he is sooo sweet wit mahek’s family…. it may b a trick to make them believe he is changed…
      Whatever…..but I love shaurya’s style today…he politely ask mahek to apologise and giving gifts….toooo good episode

      1. Latha

        Shauri always handsome maanu

  4. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends… was ur day…….today episode was good…..but i dnt like shaurya today in that pleasing nature yar….i dnt know why…….i love is attitude,rude and teasing nature……eargely waiting for tomarrow episode…….Hi vavachi,moni,bbb,athya these are the names i can remember sorry guys….

    1. Latha

      Me too Preeti I also don’t like shauri in that nature

  5. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi guys athya, rayna, vavachi, bbb, arshi, moni and all!!! Hw r u guys!!
    Coming to the episode…. So for this 25 lakhs pammi elephant is ready to accept mehek!!!!! How cheap????

    1. I’m fine dude. What abt u?

    2. I am fine dear.what about you?

  6. Today’s episode was lovely… Bdw Mehek n Shaurya initially use to chat on frdsbook.. Did they got to know.. That they where chatting with each other…?????

    1. Saryu

      No vinni.. they don’t know each other.. there is no chatting track after Agra episode!!

      1. Oh ok .. Thanx 4 reply

      2. Mona146

        so sad they should have known.

  7. Hey guys,
    Today’s epi was a blast…too gud…awesome plus amazing plus fab epi…Hope Mehak n Sharuya will unite soon.Luved the epi.That greedy pammie for 25 lakh will accept Mahek as her bahu but our cutipie Mahek will unite with our handsome honk shaurya.The new promo is too gud. Mehrya develop feeling for each other, can’t wait to see them unite.

    1. Hello twinj,me too waiting for their union.

  8. i also saw the promo i think shaurya has some feelings 4 mahek somehow mahek also feels bad coming 2 the epi Ajay & his Mom these greedy people r disgusting money money money seriously i can’t believe my eyes i have doubt that will he take the revenge against mahek for slap? becoz of this sudden change in shaurya i feel something weird anyone have same doubt like me? anyways waiting 4 nxt

    1. Saryu

      Yes nayana.. I too feel the same.. how shaurya can forget that slap easily.. I Guess shaurya is doing all this for his business deal.. Once everything comes on track he may start his revenge!!! How he can be so so humble!!

    2. I do have the same doubt…. shaurya can’t b this much sweet natured….

  9. Laaga to eysa ki Sharya ki deemag thikane aya he….par mujhe aabhi vi thori doubt he…
    Dekhtehe….aaga aage hota he kya…

    Precap bht assi thi.

  10. Today episode was super how soo sweet shaurya khana the Pammy Aunty is fraud she doing for 25laksh I will kill her .
    Hai friends arshi BBB naina BBB Ryana athya ishu mouni Nayana and my new friends

    1. Hi vavachi,how are you dear.

  11. Latha

    Todays episode was awesome and lovely. I felt little bit emotional today after seeing that Shaurya folding his hands in front of mehak’s family and apologize to Mehak. he was such a rude guy and suddenly changed his behavior. Waiting for next.

  12. Latha

    I don’t like Mehak’s engagement with that useless Ajay.

  13. I think Shaurya’s xprsn looked weird nd doubtful for 2 times.
    1.When he said…sayer mein thora baad me samjha.
    2.Nd whn Mehek said….it’s ok.

    Anthr qus is…whn they showed Mehek’s video, nobody noticed Shaurya pushed Mehek in the pool..!!!!???

  14. Latha

    New promo superb our kadoos Kumar apologize Mehak with flowers

  15. Really amazing episode. Why sudden change in shauriya behaviour it may be drama for revenge,enaku ennamo ithu sariya padala, anyway today episode was too good

  16. Nyc episode..wating for next episode..I hope mehak nd shaurya unite soon…gd n8 my dear frnds..

  17. My god!!!!shaurya was looking absolutely stunning man….i mean how can he be Sooo dashing…….killer look, mischievous smirks, and his smile…..make me forget the world?………i mean how smart he is!!!he has just apologise so politely…..making mahek to adore him….i think he’s gonna do something for sure….as he will never accept defeat and that to from a middle class girl.

  18. My god!!!!shaurya was looking absolutely stunning man….i mean how can he be Sooo dashing…….killer look, mischievous smirks, and his smile…..make me forget the world?………i mean how smart he is!!!he has just apologise so politely…..making mahek to adore him….i think he’s gonna do something for sure….as he will never accept defeat and that to from a middle class girl.

  19. One of the best serial…which I have ever seen?….smart guy and beautiful innocent girl makes splendid pair…..looking for next episodes eagerly

  20. I also dont like mahek close to ajay (fraud). What ever she must marry shauri


    I hope shaurya is not acting…

  22. Hi guys…
    Today’s episode was awesome.But how suddenly shaurya changed his behaviour.Me too having a same doubt that if he really changed or doing these things for his deal.Hope that he is really changed.And that greedy pammi and ajay will accept mehek just for money.I hate that langur ajay and moti haathi.In promo,ajay was very close to mehek.I don’t like that.And mehrya developed feelings for each other.But guys don’t worry mehek is of shaurya only and she will be mrs khanna only bcoz they are lead pairs.I hope that shaurya will definitely do something to get his mehek.But one thing I didn’t get that ajay loves nehal then how he agrees to marry mehek so happily.Just bcoz of money he will betray nehal?I think that ajay has a plan,he will steal money from mehek’s house and then he will elope with nehal.Just my guess.Ok bye guys.Have a nice day.

  23. Latha

    I think Shaurya started loving Mehak and hopehe is not acting……

  24. Preethi ilang

    Yes latha he started to love Mehek…..whenever he go near to her he ill start the vibration……but i want to see the previous shaurya and their cat fight……

  25. Mehek and shaurya are the best couple….

  26. I love shaurya soooo much. ….. what a smile, just killing. …I hate ajay, monkey, his mother too .Please unite mehriya

  27. Jayakumarisuresh

    Nayana even i have the same feelings. He will take revenge coz he may go to any extreme level to grt his deal. Easily he cannot forgive his feelings on middle class people

  28. When u read this update that is now only, I was suddenly stunned and happy too. They both understood their mistakes. They think they r leaving and now will not meet with each other, but I think that chatting will continue, which means they will never get separated like mahek is saying. Mixed feelings… ?? to zindagi ki mehak.
    No typical dramas here and I think this sometimes happen in real. We can’t understand some person in our real life.

    1. *when I read

  29. shabnam yadav

    nice episode

  30. That bl***dy , f***cky vaitlana

  31. Hai viewers Shourya is born in a middle class family is only the mild hint that he is definitely going to get attracted towards Mehek. He doesn’t like the way of greediness of his father who earned black money a lot. He got the upbringing like his mom. Karuna Khanna. Sonoworries. Meek is going to definitelyShouryas. It is only my sincere guess guys!!!!

  32. Hai Shourya is from a middle class family and he is sincere at work and not earning black money like his father. So Mehek and Shourya like each other.Both of them do not like greedy people for money

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