Mahek 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek decides to go to boxing championship

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Mahek 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek’s ma makes her sleep. Shaurya can’t sleep. His sister says to his brother this boxer gets scared too. WE will record it. They keep a phone there. Shaurya and Mahek see their past life. They both get up. Mahek is scared and so is shaurya.
Rashmi comes ot Shaurya and says what happened? He says what if dad gets to know I was scared. She says they are both asleep. They wont know. She takes him with her.
His brother and sister come. His brother says we will show it to everyone.

Mahek’s mom comes to her and gives her food. She eats it. Herr sister says eat easily. Mahek says I saw the bad dream again. I feel like its truth. Her mom says everything will be fine.
Shaurya comes to kitchen. He says I want to cook. I saw a recipe on internet. It was kheer. let me make it. She says I wish your dad understood you wanted to do this not boxing. Dadi nd Yuvraj come. He slaps shaurya and says how dare you do this girly things. Shauyra says hit me if you want but this truth. He says I was doing exercise for boxing. I got tired. I wanted kheer. I asked ma to make but she gets tired. so i wanted to learn how to do it. He says my son,I knew you could never do this. His sister says I recorded he was scared. Yuvraj slaps her.

Shaurya and Rashmi come to his sister. Shaurya says I am sorry didi. Sweeti says we will never talk to him. we are discriminated. Shaurya says they are jealous of me. I had to lie otherwise papa would have been mad. They get mad at you all the time. She says one day a girl will come here and she will make them see the importance of girls.

Scene 2
Mahek’s father takes another jewel to sell it. Her mom tries to stop him. He hits her. Mahek takes out a rod and says don’t hit my mom. He slaps her and leaves. She says why did you have to fight with your father. Mahek says he wont have listened.
Yuvraj gives competition flyer to Shaurya. He says you have to win this. Rashmi says he isn’t even 10. He says you shut up. Shaurya says what if I lose ma. How do I tell him that I don’t like boxing. She says you have to like it because your dad wont let you give up on it. You might find new friends there.

Mahek sees boys looking at boxing competition. The boys tell her its for us only. Girls can only clap there. She says I will go too.
Shaurya does push ups. Yuvraj says hurry up. Do your exercise. You have to be the champ. Dadi says to his siblings go to your room. Champ is practicing.
Mahek reads where she has to go. She comes to her room.
mahek cuts her hair and says I am a boy now.
Precap-With haircut Mahek stands in boys line. A man stops her and says who are you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think this part of Mehek I am going to enjoy.I hope it’s up to my expectations.

  2. But hv u noticed one thing….Mehak n Shaurya died in 2018 n reborn in 2018 n they r now 8 yrs in 2018….bcoz when Sarla Arora of kkb 1 came in zkm then she blessed Mehrya by saying that 2018 will bring happiness in their lives……n how is it possible that they r of 8 yrs in 2018…LOL

    1. Lol….. Indeed. Writers think that we don’t have a brain but I’ve come to expect lack of logic and poor detailing in these serials so I’m going to throw my logical thinking out the window and see what we get from now on and when I see crap, I’ll not hesitate to point it out… Let’s see where it goes from here…. Good observation Aditi ?

  3. Aditi you are too much lol hehehe.

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