Mahek 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kanta says to Pammi that Mahek’s father left 7lacs for her, we will do everything in our power, we will add money to that for her marriage. They both get call from Nehal and Mohit, they tell them that PD is sending Balwant to old age home, they are shocked, Pammi asks what happened? Kanta says Balwant is ill, we have to go, they leave, Ajay happily dances.
Balwant sits on floor and says i will not go anywhere, old age people grab him and starts dragging him out of house. Sonal and her mother sees this from their terrace and laughs. Mahek says how can you forcefully drag him? Kanta and Chacha comes there and ask old age people to leave, Kanta asks who called you here? he says PD, PD says this is my house and he has no place here as he is mad, Kanta says dont do this drama today please, PD leaves. Chacha ask them to leave and ask neighbors to leave. Chachu comes and asks everything fine? Balwant says leave it.
Mahek brings tea for everyone, Chachu checks Balwant’s BP and says its high, Balwant says PD didnt leave any chance to throw me out, PD says instead of your bickering, its better to throw you out, Chacha says how can you throw our father out? PD says he is my son too but you people become dumb when he insults someone(Mahek), he should be punished, Balwant says i know who is filling your ears against me, he stares Mahek, Pd says talk to me, dont threaten her, its been 8years since that accident and you keep blaming her, you dont talk to her nicely, she made sweetdish for you with so much love but you threw it out of house, you didnt lose your son only, i lost my grand son too, Balwant says you can forget but i cant, PD says when you go on walk next time, i will make sure that you get kidnapped, Balwant says see, nobody is stopping her, Kanta says enough, i went to beg Pammi for Mahek’s proposal but here oldies are fighting, i was there to talk about wedding but you people have dug well for me to die in it, what neighbors must be thinking? she leaves. chacha says now you people are happy? Balwant says shut up, Mahek looks at PD with disappointment.
PD comes to Mahek, Mahek says i am miffed with you, Pd says i did everything for you, he is my son but you are my life, i wont allow anyone to play with it, its been 8years, i wont allow him to hurt you more, Mahek says its my and his problem, you cant put damper on everyone’s mood, Pd says make good parathas for everyone, all will become happy, makes lemonade for me, Mahek says its for one who needs it most.
Kanta murmurs that Mahek and her PD are my only problem. Mahek comes there with lemonade, Kanta asks whats this for? Mahek says i am your problem not this lemonade, its for your temper, Kanta says my temper? did i make you wash clothes, sweep floor in childhood? did i keep you hungry? Mahek smiles and makes her sit, she sits on knees infront of her and says you know my friends use to talk about family in school, someone would say that their mothers beat them then i used to tell them my Kanta Chacha doesnt beat me but keep bickering whole day.. you know like God is there for human, mother is there for baby, even their scolding is out of love and you know for me my mother is only you Chachi, Kanta smiles and caresses her face, she says you have habit of your mother, you cant let anyone stay angry with you for much time, Mahek says drink lemonade and ajay.. Ramesh.. anyone you like, i will marry that person only, she smirks and leaves. Kanta drinks lemonade and calms down.
All family members are sitting in lounge. Mohit says to Nehal lets do commentary of situation. Nehal asks so what you think about match? Mohit says anything can happen, rivalry is old, weather is hot. Mahek brings pakoras there. Chacha asks if Kanta ate anything? she only drank tea, Chachu says she get angry and must have headache too. Chacha says what if inbetween fights of PD and Balwant, Kanta stops seeing proposals for Mahek. Kanta comes there and says i am her Chachi, not step mother, i never left any work without completing, she asks Mohit, Nehal and Mahek to leave, elders have to talk, they leave.

Scene 2
Kanta says to family that Pammi gave hint, they are hoping. PD says Pammi is pregnant? Kanta says i mean she is giving hope for wedding, Mansi says means they want dowry? she nods, Chacha says if we want this proposal then we have to give money for wedding, Chachu says people who are thinking about money more than girl then they are not fine. Kanta says they live in neighborhood, we can go to their house anytime, Chacha says we should remain ready for wedding splurge, we have 8lacs whih Mahek’s father left. Lets make list of things we need to buy. Chacha starts writing, Kanta says Tv.. Ac.. car, he says which Tv? plasma? bacteria? there are so many, she says i dont know.
Mohit asks Mahek to eat snacks, she says i am already getting fat, he says eat, she eats, he asks what she is thinking? Mahek says Ajay is interested in me? he already rejected me? Nehal says you both are mismatch, he is MBA, lives in bungalow, Mohit says you have done PhD on Ajay? i forgot you didnt even go to college, you got fake 12th standard certificate, Nehal says i dont want to waste my age in college, i will become fashion designer and will walk with six pack abs guys and i feel Kanta should lose hope with Ajay’s proposal, she asks Mahek to bring more snacks, Mahek says elders are talking there, Nehal says please.
PD says its wedding or you are making house? Kanta says Pammi told me clearly that if we want wedding then we have to splurge money, PD says we can reject guy, Chacha says i can manage 2..3lacs. Kanta says its daughter’s wedding, all have to contribute, PD says this is not some business, i wont give any penny, Kanta says dowry decides how much respect girl will get in inlaws house, Chachu says to Chacha that your business is working fine, you can give money but i cant. Balwant says we dont have to fight, when wedding is in fate then it will happen. Chachu says i didnt even like Ajay, Chacha says so Mahek is not some queen too, Chachu says what you mean? Chacha says i didnt mean it, Pd says he is not good guy, he is not comparable to Mahek. Mansi says why should we give dowry? People talk about physically impaired people’s wedding without dowry too then why we have to give dowry? Kanta says how will you arrange girl’s marriage without dowry? Mahek listens all this and feels bad,, Kanta says you people have gone mad, dowry is important.

Scene 3
Its night time. Mahek is standing on balcony, she recalls family’s words, how they fought for money. her laptop blinks. she checks that Karela kind has messaged her. She messages him “hello how are you?”, he writes “stressed about work”, Mahek writes ” i know that you are foodie like me”, he writes “how have you been?”, Mahek says he seems decent guy, she writes ” day was fine”, he writes ” you dont seem fine”. She writes ” it was bad day, very bad”, he writes “it has gone from fine to bad? what mid life crisis?”, she writes ” family issues?’, he writes “from when you start taking tension because of family? stopped drinking?”, Mahek writes “i dont drink, my family is worried about my wedding”, he writes ” wedding is problem, wedding is perfect dish, if one spice is missing then whole life can be destroyed”, she smiles, he writes ” you didnt tell me earlier that family is finding boy for you, when you start taking interest in arrange marriage?”, Mahek writes ” everyone goes for arrange marriage in my family, they liked one boy for me too”. Mahek writes ” i dont know you but i feel like i know you somehow”. Guy is shocked and unfriends her, she is shocked.

PRECAP- Its Sonal’s Roka today. Kanta gives money to Mahek to give it to Sonal. Mahek sees that guy’s family have brought many relatives with them. Sonal’s father is tensed and asks Mahek if she can do anything? Mahek says i can help, its Sonal’s Roka.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Woow I liked hero and mehak chatting but what is hero’s name

  2. Wow eposode was interesting.I just want mehek to be married with kerela king.And then their love journey.

  3. nice start , I think hero misunderstood her as his frd
    may b tats reason he chatted with her
    mehak is so chubby and cute 🙂

  4. atiba where r u dr………..
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