Mahek 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya Kidnapped by Some Mysterious Person

Mahek 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karona asks Mahek what did she get? did you get property? you lost Shaurya more, if anything happens to Shaurya for real then I wont spare you. Mahek says I am sorry, I did mistake, she sits in her feet and cries. Karona says I wont talk to you till I dont see Shaurya myself, she leaves. Kanta glares at Mahek and leaves. All family members are miffed and leaves except Vicky. He makes Mahek get up and says I will help you to find Shaurya. Digvijay says I found Shaurya’s phone from Khanna house. Mahek says it means Shaurya is there? I would murder Ajay and Nikki if they did anything with my Shaurya.

Nikki brings Key maker in house. She asks him to open store room where Ajay went, she says you are useless, open it fast, he says I am working. Nikki sees Mahek and Digvijay coming there, key maker asks who are they? she asks him to work. Mahek comes to Khanna house with police, Ajay opens door, inspector says we have to search your house, we have search warrent. Mahek comes to rooms but doesnt find Shaurya in house. Police looks around too. Ajay says Pammi had to leave house now? Nikki comes there and asks what they are searching here? Mahek comes there and grabs Ajay’s collar, she says tell me where is my husband? Nikki says what is happening in here? Mahek grabs her wrist and says if anything happens to my Shaurya then I wont spare you. Digvijay asks her to calm down. Ajay says Shaurya is dead, are you here to find his ghost? Mahek says shaurya is alive and he is here, they have kidnapped Shaurya to take revenge. Digvijay says to Mahek that you are destroying everything. Mahek says everything is already destroyed, my Shaurya is actually missing. Nikki laughs and says I have found a secret, top lawyer of India played a game. She says Shaurya never died, they did all this fake death drama to trap us and now Shaurya is lost for real. Nikki asks inspector to arrest Mahek and investigate Digvijay for making false death case. Digvijay says our case is not false, first our proof showed that you people killed Shaurya and now proof is saying that Shaurya is missing and kidnapped. Ajay says you keep playing with evidence. Mahek says I feel my Shaurya is here. She asks if they searched store room? Ajay says I will file case for harrassment, I will not let you search more. Mahek says I wont leave before searching store room. Key maker comes there and says to Nikki that I opened store room’s lock, all are stunned, Mahek says to inspector that see I told you, come with me, Ajay gets tensed.

Jeevan says to Kanta that Mahek is not seen anywhere. Kanta says Shaurya and Mahek are creating more problems to get property back, what if anything really happens to Mahek? what will we answer to Karona? dont know whats happening to this house, she asks Jeevan why he didnt go behind Mahek? he says you asked me not to, Kanta says you dont listen to me much, she cries and says we have to find Shaurya ourselves, Jeevan asks how? Kanta says I dont know but we have to find out.

Inspector, Mahek, Ajay, Nikki starts going to store room. Ajay says there is nothing there, Nikki asks Ajay what is going on? is Shaurya really inside? Ajay pushes her away, she falls down. Ajay stands infront of store room door and says I wont let anyone go inside. Digvijay says you will get arrested if you dont let us investigate, Rohit says let them go in, Ajay asks him to shut up. Vicky pushes Ajay away. Police captures Ajay. Mahek, Digvijay and inspector goes in store room. Nehal calls Vicky but Vicky says I will call later.

Sheetal comes to Sharma house and says I brought oil for massaging, Mansi asks her to just leave. Sheetal gives them oil and leaves.

All come inside store room, they are stunned to see pord CDs. Nikki says Ajay was hiding his cheap and shameful CDs here not Shaurya. Ajay says I see them when I am stressed, all are disgusted. Inspector says this is not a big crime. Mahek cries and says I know something is wrong. Digvijay says lets go out.
Mahek comes out of Khanna house, she says to Digvijay that I know Shaurya is inside house, we found his phone inside, Vicky asks her to calm down, Mahek says we cant lose hope easily. Mahek sees a mysterious person watching them from a car, she tries to look inside but car leaves. Mahek finds Shaurya’s phone near curb, she takes the phone and examines it. Digvijay says phone has car’s mark on it. Mahek asks Khanna house guard if he can show them CCTV footage? he says I cant, Mahek says its about Shaurya’s life. He shows CCTV footage, Mahek says video. Some people make Shaurya unconscious and takes him away from Khanna mansion, they put him in van and leaves. Mahek says we have to find this car, Digvijay notes number of the car.

Scene 2
Mahek, Digvijay and Vicky comes to police station. They show inspector CCTV footage. Inspector says first you said Shaurya was murdered, then he was in Khanna house and now he is kidnapped by this car? Shaurya’s face is not clear too, I cant help more. Digvijay says fine, I will call commissioner and find a way, inspector gets tensed and says no no.. let me search this car, Digvijay says car’s number plate is clear, we can search it, inspector says let me do the investigation and I will let you know. Mahek says I wont go home, I cant sit there. Digvijay says please leave, trust me I am handling everything, Mahek reluctantly leaves with Vicky.

Pammi beats Rohit and says to Ajay that you made me get dishonored infront of everyone, you watch filthy movies? she beats him. Nikki comes there, she laughs and says your family is entertaining, I didnt know Mahek can play dirty, she filed false case of murder on us and tried to take property but now we have a good chance, all are busy searching Shaurya, before they find Shaurya, we can register property on our name. Pammi says I dont understand that if we didnt kidnap Shaurya then who did?

Some goons come to isolated godown, they are laughing. Head goon calls mysterious person that was in car spying on Mahek, he says boss we have done the work, we have kidnapped the guy in such a way that there is no proof left behind.

Karona is sleeping, she wakes up with a jerk and shouts for Shaurya’s name. All come there. Harish says everything will be fine, he gives her water but she throws it away. Mahek comes there too, Karona says find Shaurya. Kanta says kids have done mistake but we will find Shaurya. Karona says both did mistake but only my Shaurya is getting punished, what can we do? nothing. Vicky says to family that police is finding Shaurya. Mahek and Digvijay.. Karona shouts shut up about Digvijay and Mahek! stop chanting their name, my son is in big trouble because of their antics, Mahek is hurt hearing it.

PRECAP- Kanta taunts Mahek that you must be tired of keeping up with your mistakes and guilt? Mahek says I am sorry, Kanta says it will take time to win Karona’s trust back, she is miffed with you.
Nikki comes to Sharma house, she says to family that your Mahek is as filthy as you people. Mahek has stooped so low, she is still running here and there to get the property. Kanta asks Karona to not trust Nikki’s words. Karona says enough Kanta, stop taking your favorite daughter’s side, I couldnt think that Mahek can change so much, property is more important for Mahek than Shaurya. Kanta is stunned to hear venom in her voice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ohh now for god sake don’t start saas bahu drama I hate it don’t they get anything else that could be capable to watch
    I get bored to read updates don’t know what will happen if I watch
    I never watched zkm I just started reading updates from January
    I just read it to time pass
    useless drama

  2. Ooo,,god I really don’t know karan is in this condition,, I mean he is ill,,, we miss you so much karan,, we miss our naughty shaurya,,, I just pray for u,, u have to get fine soon,,, and join zkm,,, get fit and fine soon:,,,,,,, shaurya,,,,,,,

  3. This show is really not worth watching. Just keep reminding yourself this is fiction, thank God.
    This so called “hot shot” lawyer, khurana, is so stupid, has not done one positive thing; does not even speak up and tell Karuna that the kidnap plot was his and Shauriya’s idea and not Mehek’s. Talks big, no substance.
    Searching for Mohit, failed. Searching for documents, failed. Accident setup, failed. Ajay in jail, failed. Evil keeps winning.
    The writer needs to put in a little bit of thought in each sentence, and follow through.

  4. I think shaurya is hiding himself from everyone

  5. Karan sir jaldi a jo.we miss u si much

  6. Kidnaper may be Sanjay or Svetlana or Rajiv(shaurya’s business partner)

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