Mahek 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mansi says to neighbors that Mahek is fine, you all can leave. Sheetal says that’s why woman should be in limits. Balwant comes and says why all are here? get lost from. Kanta comes there with Mahek. Mansi hugs her. Sheetal says to Mahek that don’t worry, people just laugh and forget, Kanta says your work is to put salt on people’s wounds. Mahek cries and hugs Sonal, Sonal says forget it, It was bad dream. Sheetal says she slapped him, what if it goes out of control, Kanta says we can handle, you all leave, all neighbors leave.
Shaurya says to investor that how can you cancel deal at this stage? investor says we signed deal seeing your positive image but you destroyed it by getting slapped from Mahek Sharma, Shaurya says I am sorry but my rivals have done all this and that girl is with them too, investor says we know that you have rivalry with her, you tried to trap her but she slapped you and made all women proud of her, she answered stubborn, arrogant person who doesn’t respect women. Your image is bad with youth and people wont enter your restaurant so we cant make deal, Shaurya says this is biggest deal of my life, don’t do this, I have invested so much for it. Investor says if you want this deal then you have to apologize to Mahek publicly, if Mahek forgives you in two days then we can think about it otherwise goodbye, they leave, Shaurya is tensed and thinks about it.
PD hugs Mahek and smiles, she says I believed you are my blood when I saw you slap him, I used kick between legs in my younger days, all snicker at this. Mahek sits infront of Balwant and says grandfather forgive me, Balwant says dont call me grandfather again, we used to not talk earlier too but from now on, we don’t have namesake relation too. Jeevan says don’t talk like this, Balwant angrily leaves. Kanta comes to Mahek and says whatever happened, it will take time to pass, just remember lesson from it and forget everything, even Shaurya Khanna. Mahek thinks.
Shaurya is near pool and is drinking wine, he says drinking wine is down too. Shaurya recalls his childhood, his father slapping him and abusing him saying that i can come anytime to meet my wife, if you try to be loyal again with your mother, i will cut you in pieces, stubborn child, she slaps him and leaves. Shaurya is in tears recalling it abd breaks wine bottle, he leaves from there.
Shaurya’s father says to mother(Karona) that we have to save this money, Karona says this is illegal money and should be given in poor. Vaitlana says i told you to make gold. Father says tell me what to do about black money, Vaitlana says they are raiding houses, we should hide money before income tax officers come here. Shaurya comes there drunk, all look at him, Vaitlana says father and son can drink together now, Khanna you can have company now. Father asks Shaurya when did he start drinking wine? Shaurya says you drink daily, did i question you ever? Shaurya falls on sofa. Karona tries to wake him up. Vaitlana says diet conscious Shaurya has bathed in wine today? seems like middle class girl affect. Father says this is off limits, Shaurya’s uncle and Karona takes him to room. Uncle says dont worry sister(Karona), he will be fine, he leaves. Karona starts leaving but Shaurya falls in her feet, Karona is in tears, Shaurya says i am sorry Maa. Karona tries to make him stand, Shaurya says sit with me. He sits in her feet and says sorry. Karona says you have decided to make fun of yourself and me infront of world, i thought my son knows how to respect woman but you broke my trust, i trusted my son to not touch wine and other bad habits but you started that too, whats next? Shaurya says you pray to God so much still you got curse like me, when i touch something, it gets burned, my business deal, my show, everything is burning. Karona says you try to be bad, why you did that with that girl? Shaurya says she deserved it, Karona says then you should be happy, you won by throwing her out of contest, you must be happy right? Shaurya says her slap.. it makes me remember someone, her middle class values make me remember my father, my father’s lies, my father’s fae acts, i couldnt take revenge from father so i take revenge from everyone who has my father’s contrasts. Everything is finished, i lost biggest deal, my investors say that my reputation has gone down, that girl became hero by slapping me and made me villain, my investors want me to apologize to her, Karona is tensed listening.

Scene 2
Its morning, Jeevan says wifi bill is sky rocketing these days. Mahek is serving breakfast to everyone. Mahek says to Balwant take your breakfast, chachi made it, he leaves glaring her. Jeevan says our Mahek is back. Nehal gets call from Ajay and retires to her room. She takes call and ask what happened? Ajay says you dont come to meet me. Nehal says Mahek’s drama are not ending, She slapped Shaurya. Dorr is knocked. Nehal opens door, Shaurya’s mother Karona Khanna comes there and says i am Shaurya’s mother. Nehal comes inside and tells family that Shaurya’s mother has come, all are stunned, Ajay is still on line and listening it. Kanta aks Karona to come inside. Karona comes inside and greets everyone, she says I am Karona Khanna, Shaurya’s mother, Kanta saks Nehal to bring tea for her. Karona says I know you all must be surprised to see me here but some problems are solved by meeting only, parents have to rectify kids mistakes, i have to apologize on Shaurya’s behalf, i am sorry for his deeds.

PRECAP- Karona says to Sharma family that I want to tell you all that Shaurya says is not like what he pretends, you know why he hates middle class people so much? because he himself is middle class, his mother was middle class, Kanta says it means you.. Karona says yes Shaurya is not my son, Mahek is shocked hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey guys,
    Todays epi was quite shocking for me.Shaurya is not the real son of Karona then who is his mother,what’s the secret about his past.too many questions going on in my mind right now.

  2. Moni7

    Poor shaurie….but as expected karuna s nt his mom…..he too a middle class …..may be his father might have illegal affair with shaurie’s mom……so oly hate his father….but soon he gonna start his new drama….as per spoilers report……but hr drink wine today ??….poor milk boy?? now wine boy….. shaurie’s sad past…flash back……so now everything s up to mehak…. whether she gonna accept his apology r nt…. probably she vl accept….but still he s angry on mehak….he just saying i lost everything that all….i don’t have any clue whether he realize his mistake r not….moreover those plp in Instagram Twitter fb OH MY GOD……keep on confusing us ……. whatever it is they are the lead pair so it s obvious….but more twist n turns….like a normal dragging indian soap……feeling pity for shaurie he cried n he open up to his mom atleast…but dunno y he hates mehak that much…so have to wait and watch… already m getting tried of wat they showing us…plz make something new…hai frnds how r u alll…..after 2 days…..don’t mind me for my comments dear frnds…..

    1. Hey moni,
      how are u?
      Actually u r right the makers r trying to drag the story by bringing twists n turns n really can’t guess what will b happen next.

  3. hello friends iam new here can i join u all myself iam nayana from kerala i like this serial very much

    1. Me too dear i also from Kerala. Welcome to friends nayana. Where u live

    2. Moni7

      Hai nayana welcome ….keep commenting

    3. Hey nayana,
      Welcome to the TU family.I am twinj/aaku/aakriti.16 yrs.Glad to see ur cmt.Keep cmting n supporting mahek.Hope u had a nice day.

      Lots of luv,

    4. Nayana hai dear me too Kerala where u live welcome to friends circle

      1. hai vavachi u r also from kerala wow its nice iam from thiruvananthapuram wat abt u?

      2. Ernakulum

  4. Today episode was soo sad to Shaurya the shocking news is Shaurya is not son of karona . His past is very sad waiting for next part interesting
    Hai my friends naina arshi BBB latha athya ryana mouni preethi twinj and my new friends. How was the day guys

    1. Hey vavachi,
      Todays epi was a sad n shocking one.Poor sharya. Today I had a wonderful day n what about u?

  5. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends h r u………today episode was nice… I feel very sad when shaurie started to cry…..moni he started to feel the guilt yar….when he was crying with his mom know he told asking sorry for our profit is not good….he said in that conversation…..our choclate boy cried today…..

    1. Moni7

      Hai preethi dear…… shaurie spoke lengthy dialogue…. actually i dont know hindi….so I didn’t understand dear….i feel happy atleast he realize his mistakes and felt guilty……but v should not fully trust him ..he s not trustable dear….pakka fraud…..again his past similar to all serial …but interesting twist his step mom talking care of him s big surprise…. nothing much s interesting dear……then again shruti alias alien monkey …one more flash back….i hate it……about. Kk nd ms ….i really miss them……hope for the best

  6. Moni7

    Hai vavachi m fine dear…u….yeah me too feeling pity for shaurie…..he cried badly cutie pie??? …. waiting for tmrw’s episode….hai athya ishu BBB rayna naina razna arshi preethi kavi jayakumari latha twinj……all cutie pie how r u all……that greedy pammi aunty??? she doesn’t have any other work??? always taunting mehak n her family…….n that nehal n ajay another annoying characters i just hate both ????…

  7. geetharamasamy

    today i am very sad after watching this serial mainthing is shaurya is cry and shaurya is not real son karona . and he past life lot of faced problems in money i think next episode so intersting and exicting also i think mehek again joined competition and shaurya get again get business deal and reputation . thats scences i am not waiting .. i exicted tommorrow scences

  8. Mahek can accept appolage from shauri mother and win the contest but she shouldnt forgive shauri as it is very cruel to make a girl to drink wine and make her fun in front of others.

  9. thank u moni7 & twinj so sweet of u coming 2day’s epi it is a emotional episode he is suffering through bitter past wat will mahek do? will she help him ? wat abt shaurya will he apologize 2 mahek keeping his ego aside waiting 2mmorrow

  10. Welcome nayana…wating for tomorrow episode…I’m fine dear vavachi.

    1. thank u BBB

  11. anouska mishra

    I m feeling about shaurya today after seeing the serial i cried a lot . I m feeling guilty that i misunderstood him. Shaurya plz forgive me if u can but now i have been your fan and u my role model thats off great job u r a real super hero i salute u a warm and big hug from my side.

  12. I feel very bad on seeing shaurya’s tears… I initially doubt on those mom son relationship… Bcoz everytime he crossing mr. Khanna he had some flashes of images like a car accident someone beating him wildly like… So I thought that shaurya had a terrible flashback.. But not as he is also a middle class boy and all.. Its really shocking…. I’m waiting what gonna happen in future… Finger crossed..

  13. Moni7

    S dear frnds…cutie pie shaurie cried…..???? Even i can’t see it…..

  14. I just can’t see him loosing his everything means his business empire, his reputation,the biggest deal of his life, his mischievous behaviour?……..he has to be strong and turn back to his old arrogant look by which he kills everyone………..I don’t like this shaurie….i want him to be old one?

  15. Jab dono k behaviour me attitude hoga tabhi to voh pass aayege na!!!Aur unka Tashan vala love dekhane ko milega…….aakhir takrar se hi pyaar badhata hain…….just waiting for their intense eye-lock and intimacy ?

  16. Hey guys,
    Mk u r actually right tasan wala luv dekhne may bahat maaza ata hai par luv at first site may itna maaza nai ata par too much attitude is also not gud.Mk n Kk’s tasan is like this then how would b their isqh.Waiting eagerly to see their tasan wala isqh.N I too don’t like to see Shaurie crying, missing the old Shaurie.

  17. when shaurie said”mein har gaya”,sooo sad,feeling bad for shaurie….

  18. Moni7

    Yeah …..that attitude arrogant shaurie ????…with sarcastic simile…but now he became wine boy…….plz back to normal shaurie….

  19. Moni7

    Shaurie wants to break mehak confidence so plot against her play cheap tricks he did everything to her hurt n make her cry….. But last everything bounce back to him……??? He lost everything his name reputation deal even mom’s love n trust on him….. popular tamil saying வினை விதைத்தவன் வினை அருப்பான் திணை விதைத்தவன் திணை அருப்பான்… means “if u did good or bad to others ,same returns to u”?????it perfectly suits him……he getting back wat n all he does for her….sry friends i used tamil …..i gave d translation also plz don’t scold me…..?????,it is good sayings do oly i used it….no offense plz sry…..

    1. Nice lines and that’s true also…

      1. Moni7

        Hai naanum dear how r u……thank u ????

      2. Ya I’m good dr.. Wat abt u

  20. Hello Rayna, moni, BBB, twinj, vavachi, nayana, latha, iswarya and all my dear friends how are you. And I’m fine and miss u all love u guys.

    1. Moni7

      M fine naina….u dear

    2. Latha

      Hi Naina fine dear and how r u

    3. Moni7

      I too miss u naina dear ..but i didn’t see arshi,????

    4. Hi Naina,I am fine.Me too missed you.Love you too.

  21. Preethi ilang

    Dnt worry moni….keep watching mehek continuosly….u ill understand their conversation very soon….then as u said that shaurie know sometimes he ill be like remo,anniyan and ambi so we should not believe him…….Hi friends Happy morning have a great day…

    1. Moni7

      Hai preethi dear. How r u……

    2. Moni7

      Preethi dear……Most of the time he behave like remo anniyan oly???…now oly dey started showing ambi version of shaurie…. fraud shaurie.??? Vl b happy if dey finish the flask back soon… dealers gave 2 days time…..wen he vl go n apology to mehak?? nowadays wat ever he s doing everything bouncing back to him… should be very careful hereafter….

  22. Latha

    I was just crying when he was in his mom feet and crying just like a kid. He was telling that mahak’s slap made him villain but no kadoos from the beginning itself u r behaving like a villain with middle class Mehak.

  23. Latha

    I like the new promo our kadoos asking apolog y to mehak with flowers and that promo was superb.

    1. Moni7

      Hai latha dear…how r u ….well said dear…he always a villain????

      1. Latha

        Fine Dr ponnae ….

  24. Moni7

    The same happens in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon….where ashlok take revenge on astha after marriage …….for slapping him public……

  25. Moni7

    So shouldn’t trust shaurie……. Who can do anything to get his deal back…. Money minded guy…..

  26. Hello frnds im new in ths group nd i love ths serial a looooooot love u mehek nd shaurya?

  27. Hey frnds im new to ths group nd i love ths serial a loooòot love u mehek nd shaurya?

    1. Moni7

      Welcome pari dear keep commenting…

    2. Hiiii pari your most welcome here.

  28. Jayakumarisuresh

    Hi friends i dont think shaurie accepts his mistakes yet. Still he talks abt his business deal. So we will not come to a conclusion he will feel sorry for what he did to mahek. Moni i really like ur tamil proverb. It is apt.

    1. Moni7

      Thank u jayakumari….how r u….u didn’t give intro …?????

  29. Preethi ilang

    Fine moni…..our mehek is making shaurie ambi nowdays…..awaiting so see him in remo attitude yar….when there love story ill start…..oh eargerly waiting for that……

    1. Moni7

      Yes preethi dear ????? me too eagerly waiting for that……hope soon v see shaurie as remo….?

  30. Saryu

    Hello friends.. How are u all..

    Shaurie just squeezed our hearts in yesterday episode ryt!!
    As expected shaurya is not her Son but for what I am waiting is there connection between shauryas past and mehak’s parents accident.. ?

    One more spoiler I read is Super cook winner is mrs chawla but not our mehak ?

  31. Moni7

    Hai saryu…me too read that spoiler…. he giving 25 lakhs to mehak … confusing yaar….the s wat i said i hate those plp…..i lost that excitement of watching it bcoz of this kind of spoilers…m very much excited in the beginning of the show…..

    1. Latha

      Taht is super cook winner money

  32. Saryu

    Yes moni.. these spoilers are very confusing.. Ok just wait and see how our arrogant shaurie will come out of this..

  33. Preethi ilang

    New promo is out…..Mehek is getting engaged to Ajay……..shaurya is looking sad at the engagement……..Even mehek is looking shaurya…….

  34. Hi my lovely frndz Naina,athya,ishwarya,vavachi,moni,
    Latha,preethi and are u all?And hello new comers twinj,nayana and jayakumari.Welcome here and keep commenting.hello twinj your profile name made me remember of my favourite couple my twinj…my love…my life..Nice to meet you.Me too die-hearted fan of twinj.Still remember and miss them.Their love,tashan,hugs,forhead kisses and their all things are saved in my small memory as well as in my heart too.
    I was busy those days that’s why not commenting.Now I am free.I missed you all.Episode was nice Feeling pity on shaurya.Waiting for today’s episode.Want to know the past of shaurya.

  35. U right rayna…i am big fan of twinj…nd miss u all.I’m fine dear….i hope shaurya get changed his opinion for mehak…

  36. Moni7

    New promo….i can’t believe it….wen they fall in love… shaurie look too sad….we all know how much they both hate each other…sad bgm…sad song………..still i can’t believe my eyes shaurie eyes are filled teras…his head down……… mehak turn n see shaurie with such a saddnes……..oh my god wat the hell s happening ???

  37. Mahek Fan’s are increasing day by day. …so happy. ….hope the trp will be better this week ….


    Hi Moni I am from Chennai. I hope I have already told this.


    Why Mahek is getting engaged with Ajay. Nehal only loving him. Probably Pammiji wants that 25 lakhs, coz of that she would have agreed it.

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