Mahek 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek and Shaurya die

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Mahek 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says we are dying but our love will live forever. Suvetlana says everthing will be under my rule now. They both hold hands and die. Their life flashes back before their eyes. Kanta comes there.. She says Mahek Shaurya.. but they have passed away. Kanta says please open eyes. She screams. She says please get up. she screams nooo. Some people do funeral of the entire family. Kanta stands alone and sees them all in tears. She takes their ashes and walks on streets. Kanta comes to temple and says how can you do this. She rings bell madly. Kanta says answer me what sin did we do? I want to know the answer. What was our sin? We did all that you asked to. But good lost. You could never support us. She places her mangalsutra in temple and leaves.

Scene 2
In a small town a baby girl is sitting in street. A man drinks and says girl shouldn’t be born. If I get a daughter again I will kill my wife. His wife gives birth. The woman comes out and says its a girl. he says to his wife again a daughter I wont keep her this time. He snatches her. She says please leave my daughter. He snatches the girl. She says please leave him. Vikram takes the baby girl out. He says there is no room for her in my house. The dai says are you crazy;. She is lakshmi. He says no she isn’t. you will tell police the girl was born deead. She says I can’t be part of your sin. He leaves the girl in rain.

Another rich man is in hospital. There are two kids with his. His wife delivers a boy. The doctor says his tests are being done.
Vikramm’s elder daughter tries to save the baby girl. He throws a glass on her and injures her. He says go back. she has to die.
Precap-Vuraj names his son Shaurya. Its mahek written on his chest.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Anu88

    I love this episode so so much …… I have get so so interest to watching this show…………now I see my favourite jodi in a new avatar ………..I am Eagerly waiting for the next part

    1. Priyankashaurya

      yeH.yar we will enjoy… then sdch

  2. Cathy

    OMGOD…seriously? how on earth did kanta arrange for all the cremations in her state, had she no time to change her clothing? Where were the police and people from her community? when did logic and coherent story telling fly out the window? i grieve for the old show.

  3. My favourite couple mehrya died. So sad

  4. my gosh what nonsense is this; is there no end to all the crap these writers producing; why all the good couples in love must always die and be reincarnated only to die again; this is so unbelievable; please writers just once could you give us a good serial without evil prevailing all the time; we the viewers are totally fed up of all the crap; mahek and shauyra waited so long before they found each other again why you writers could not let them live a happy life with their kid as normal people do; my gosh it is alway some sadness with you all and you enjoy making we the viewers sad too, when will you kill off naren and pooja just asking seeing that it is a pattern with all the serials and another thing where the little boy that mahek adopted disappeared too; did you kill him off too lol; my question to you writers is if there will ever be a serial that will end happy; i feel sorry for you all though cause it seems that who ever are the writers for these serials must have had unhappy dysfunctional lives that is all i can say.

  5. What the Hell.? Just when you think that this show can’t. Get worse. Here we go again..
    That is it . The end of shaurya and mehek..
    Have to find another show to watch.

  6. LMAO… Seriously? Mehak is written on the baby’s chest? What the heck is happening here ladies? I have a feeling that these creative writing team aren’t writing for an audience with logical thoughts like US. Their target are viewers diametrically opposite to our way of life and thinking. Just yesterday I was listening to the famed movie scriptwriter for Indian cinema by the name of Javed Akthar and he was explaining how important it was to write coherently,so that you can reach the audience’s attention. Most of these serials, like this one, have a zillion loose ends, events don’t stick like a perfect picture and we are left wondering…what just happened??? Where did characters disappear to? Were they not relevant in the first place? Etc etc…. Where is Neeve?? What happened…to the sanity of this once beautiful love story??? Still….. I LMAO!! What a traversity,!!!

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    According ro wikipedia show ended last week, then how come show still telecasted ?????

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