Mahek 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj accuses Mahek

Mahek 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Coach calls Mahek and says where are you? She says coming. Mahek sees samosas in canteen. She eats them. Coach calls again. She says I am coming sir. She comes to him and says I forgot my bag in the class. He says this is protein shake and pppowder. Yuvraj comes with management. Principal says she has stolen question papers. Coach says enough with your stupid stories. Professor says okay let us check. Mahek says how long will keep accusing me? Who is he to tell you to check my bag? Yuvraj says if you haven’t done anything then show your bag. Check her bag she would try to hide it. Professor says Mahek don’t give him a chance and cooperate. they check Mahek’s bag.

Sajita sees a woman falling. she gets hurt. She picks her up, its Kanta. She takes kanta to hospital.

teacher takes out samosa from her bag. The teacher takes out a paper its wet. They can’t read anything. Yuvraj says it must be exam question. Coach says you are saying as if you put it in her bag. Shaurya says to Yuvraj can’t you leave her alone? I am sorry Mahek. Neber knew my dad would stoop so low. Coach says this is all joined game of you and your dad. Shaurya says I can’t tell you how clean my heart is. he says my dad accused her falsely. You would have suspended Mahek if it was paper. Similary Yuvraj should be kicked out of sports committee. Principal says we will announce our decision soon. They leave.

Shaurya comes home. Yuvraj is angry. He says how will I help you? You got me out of sports committee. He says that paper was useless. we would have been in trouble so I had to do this to save you. We have to make a bigger plan.
Swati says mahek ma is nowhere. Her phone is off. Shaurya says once she is in my trap she will regret coming to the city.

Scene 2
Swati and MAhek are worried for sajita. Swati goes up to take her phone. Shaurya comes and gives Mahek flowers. He says these are for our friendship. I had to make up for what dad did. He gives her ssamosa. Swati sees him. He says I should go now. Swait says ma is in hospital. She took an old woman there. Shaurya says SHould I take you there?
Mahek comes to hospital. Sajita says what is he doing here? Ask him to leave. Shaurya says I can stay herre for help. Mahek says no you go. Nurse says we need o negative blood. Shaurya says I have o negative blod. I can donate. Swati says you should.
Precap-Mahek says he doesn’t have a place to go. Sajita says okay for one night he can stay in my house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It is time for Shaurya and Mahek to put a stop to ths silly revenge drama and realise their feelings for each other.Kanta chachi’s condition is pathetic ,hope Sajita will bring her to ‘her’ house and it is high time for Mahek snd Shaurya to remember their past before Svetlana strikes…I think this one night stay of Shaurya in Mahek’s house is going to be significant…..

  2. Finally….. Tonight’s episode will give us here on a very distant galaxy, Mehak and Shaurya’s death at the hands of the master wretch Svetlana….yes ladies, you read that right… That’s where we have reached on Mehak. I used to watch this many moons back, just to see romantic moments between this lovable pair but the excitement has gone for me now, I’m so sad….no one will understand…i don’t feel like commenting at all, but I’m reading the update now and then just to see when the Big Bang occurs… As for now, I’m into World Cup and I’ll enjoy this while Mehak and Shaurya curse each other, by the time the month’s gone, some reunion may take place with these two…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz im with.u I understand fully what ur feeling..dont comment either just read updates but had to reply to ur comment. Dat luv I had for d show is gone with their senseless deaths and their subsequent reincarnation. I feel as if im greiving and thes episodes aint doin nothing to make me even get attached to d script and their new role. I cant even relate to this shaurya and anyone sayin otherwise wasnt/isnt a true fan of MKZ

  3. World Cup eh Naz I only watch cricket any form I just love cricket and was also a big fan of Wrestling until I found out it’s fake LMAO,there is not much to comment on you gals said it all, Shaurya and his Dad needs to be taught a good lesson for what they are trying to do to Mehek I hate to see him stooping so low gawd.

    1. I love cricket too Jayashree, but only limited overs matches, test cricket bores me…but I also love football, mostly European but the World Cup every four years is a must watch for me…since my Italian stallions not in the tournament, I’m supporting any underdog who catches my eyes …not much to comment for me. I’m surprised that you only get few channels, the only ones I don’t have in my lineup are Sony and Colors…..rainy season started on your end? June to end November is ours, I love this time of the year…cool comfortable, for me.

  4. Yes,Naz,the excitement is really gone,not even a single serial that I am watching at present is worth waiting for and even commenting …I am also contemplating the same ….to take a break from commenting and go back to my first love…..Ofcourse,sports…I love all the three games,cricket ,Tennis and Football…if you are a fan of Italy ,I love to watch South American teams Brazil and Argentina..and European teams France ,Spain ,Portugal ,Germany and Italy…..very unfortunate that Italy could not qualify this time…anyway setbacks do occur and let us see who will claim World Cup this time..With Wimbledon also round the corner ,this is going to be a total sports season ….let our serials take a back seat and let us enjoy the rainy season watching our favourite games with hot cups of ginger tea and crisp samosas and pakoras ….this is the season for fried stuff…I will think about the weight after this season is over….Will comment on Kaleerein and Mahek once in a while to chat with you and Jayashree…

    1. Lakshmi, I’ve been a fan of South American teams too but this year I’m so disappointed with Neymar and Messi’s performances..not what I expected, yesterday’s match with Argentina and Croatia had me shouting some foul language… Lol… Anyways, not a bad idea to watch some sports to ease serials disappointment, that’s what I’m doing and that’s why I’m not commenting as much. However, I can’t stay away from Sahil, so I’m there everyday. When World Cup is over, I’ll be here… Hey, you painted a beautiful picture of the rainy days…this is what is satisfying, to watch the rain fall, drink natural teas and reminisce or watch the ONLY unifying thing possible on this earth… SPORTS…

  5. hiii gys.. h r u all…

    Yes I love cricket so much.. And msd is my favorite cricketer… He is my crush my heart my everything… I love cricket so i love all format of cricket…

    And msd is the only reason behind my craziness of cricket… And i love to meet him…

    Abd gys don’t worry… I think mehrya romance is on the way ….

    i love zkm coz of mehrya….

    If they are in the show… I love to watch any Story line….

    But i want onl 4th my samikran as mehrya ….

  6. Hey Sapna I also like MSD and Sachin also our own Shivnarine Chanderpal. It’s raining a lot here too Naz,and Lakshmi you actually like fried stuff not me I love steam veggies and raw vegetables I love broccoli and tomatoes uncooked but you go girl Lakshmi we have to indulge sometimes na? So enjoy your pakoras I really do not know what that is sorry.

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