Mahek 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek joins Arman’s mission as Nahida

Mahek 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says its me Nahida from the camp. He says what does Nahida mean? She says the one heart likes. He says whats your story? She says I was happy in my family. The army took our family from us. Our mom died as well. I will avenge their death. Arman says welcome to the mission. He tells abba everything. Abba says you know what to do right? She says yes. She gives Shaurya a look that he understands its Mahek.

Arman’s man says the one who cooks the best food will be part of the mission. Mahek cooks a dish.
Kanta and Nehal are worried. Nehal says she will be fine. we have to do our part. Natin comes and says I told Nahida that abba asked her to not get out of her house while Mahek plays her role.
Mahek tries to recognize a fruit. Abba says if you are from our country you would know what it is. Arman says let her cook abba. Mahek is confused. Abba says how do you not know about it?
Kanta says Karuna is in hospital she wants to meet Mahek. Anna says tell me what it is. Mahek is worried. Shaurya tries to tell her. Mahek says if you doubt me I am wasting my time here. Abba says mind your language. Mahek says why do women have to give explanations all the time? I lost my parents in this war. Shaurya tells Mahek it is called Japani fruit. Mahek says your doubts are hurting. She says this fruit is called japani phal. Arman says fine. Arman says to abba you doubt me and my people all the time.

Doctor says to Karuna you can’t meet her. She has strain. Karuna says once please. They show her half body only from the door. Its Nehal pretending to be Mahek. Doctor is also helping them.
Mahek serves her food alone with other women. Everyone likes it. Abba says Nahida and Afreen are shortlisted. they will have to give another test.

Abba says to Arman I doubt that Nahida. Mahek wakes up at night. She goes to meet Shaurya. He says why did you come here. These people are really dangerous. Mahek says I have to get you out of here. He syas they doubt you. A man shouts he is running. Shaurya runs from his jail. Nahida says he ran in that direction. Arman goes with her. She catches Shaurya and slaps him. She says catch him. Arman says do you still doubt Nahida? She is our person. She is the best candidate. Abba says okay then. Take her in the mission. He says we will tell you what to do.

Precap-Maehk gives Shaurya food. He caresses her face. Abba comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I guess, we don’t need a Mehek mask to be made since we have recruited the real Mehek!!!!!

    do they think that this is some one with mehek mask on?????and her name is Nahida !!!!!

    confused ???????

  2. Ow the agony spare us,how much more will you guys let us suffer?jeez man enough is enough

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