Mahek 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek pleads to Kanta to let her go, dont give this punishment to Shaurya, i cant see Shaurya in pain, please free him from jail. Kanta says fine you want to save him? want to bring him out of jail right? like you care for him, i care for you, i will free Shaurya from jail but i have one condition.
Shaurya is lying in hospital bed, he asks Karona where is Mahek? she says she will come soon, you rest. Shaurya says she trusts me that i didnt kidnap Kanta chachi right? Karona says yes she trusts you, she knows you didnt do it, take medicine now, Shaurya says no not until Mahek comes there.
Kanta says to Mahek that if you promise me to remove Shaurya’s name from your life, to forget him for life, to come with me and leave this city going away from Shaurya, if you promise me this then i will take complaint back against Shaurya. Mahek says this is not right, instead of forgiving him, you are punishing him like this? punishing our love? she cries. Karona calls Mahek and says please come here, Shaurya needs you a lot, she tells her everything, how Shaurya is badly beaten and not taking medicine. MAhek is heart broken hearing all this and helplessly looks at Kanta, Karona begs that i am pleading you Mahek as your mother, Mahek ends call and starts leaving but Kanta stops her and asks where are you going? Mahek says let me go, someone has attacked Shaurya, he needs me, Kanta says you are not going anywhere, Mahek says please take complaint back, Kanta says promise me to go away far away from Shaurya’s life and i will take my FIR back otherwise Shaurya wont be coming out of jail anytime soon and you wont be able to meet him. Mahek looks down and says i promise you that I will go away from Shaurya’s life, i will do everything you say but let me meet him for this last time, Kanta leaves Mahek’s hand, MAhek cries and runs off to meet Shaurya, Kanta looks on.

Mahek comes to police station. She goes in Shaurya’s ward room and sees him sleeping in injured state. She holds his hand and sits beside him and silently weeps, Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega jaise main karti hun plays. Mahek caresses his face, she leans in and kisses his forehead, she lies her head on his chest and cries. Mahek is unable to see him in this state, she turns to leave but Shaurya holds her dupatta, Mahek turns to look at him, he opens eyes and says heroine coming to meet hero in hospital and crying on his chest, dont cry these tears, they are very special, i am businessman and cant bear this much loss. Mahek sits beside him again, Shaurya wipes his tears, he pulls her closer and gently kisses her forehead, he winces in pain. Mahek says you take rest, you are not fine. Shaurya says i will be fine now that you are here, you trust me that i didnt kidnap Kanta chachi right? Mahek says i knew it from before and tomorrow everyone will know. Karona Maa told me that you are not taking medicine, if i make you eat it then will you take it? he nods, Mahek gives him medicine and makes him drink water, Shaurya says Mom complained to you about me? Mahek says not complaining, its love. Shaurya says and you? Mahek says not everything should be said, something can be understood. Shaurya holds her hand and says Mahek I.. Mahek says shh.. dont say it. Shaurya says dont leave me, dont go away ever now. Mahek says i never went away, i was here all the time with you, and you were in my eyes, i didnt even crying that you might drown in eyes, she breakdowns and cries, she composes herself and says now go to sleep, everything will be fine till tomorrow, Shaurya holds her hand and says I love you Mahek, she smiles and says go to sleep, Shaurya close his eyes and murmurs I love you, he goes to sleep. Mahek recalls her promise to Kanta to leave Shaurya for life, she cries, and comes out of Shaurya’s room. Naina plays, Mahek recalls Kanta telling her that they will leave city if she wants to save Shaurya. Mahek starts leaving police station and recalls how Shaurya asked her to never leave him again.

Kanta meets Ratan and says take care of Mahek and protect him, I have finally succeeded to take her away from Shaurya, i can trust very less people. Ratan says dont worry, Mahek is like my daughter, i wont break your trust. Mahek comes out of house with her luggage, ready to leave. Kanta gives her bus ticket, Mahek takes it, Kanta says Ratan will stay with you and take care of you, she nods, Kanta says Mahek i am doing this for your good, Mahek doesnt look at her and says dont worry, no one will know where I am going, i wont talk to Shaurya, i will fulfill your every wish, it was Shaurya’s right on my breaths and now its your right, if you ask me then I will stop breathing too, she starts leaving, Kanta is sad and weeps seeing her leave so broken. Kanta breakdowns as Mahek leaves from there.

Scene 2
in morning, all family members are searching for Mahek. Jeevan says where did she go? Kanta says to family that Mahek is not at home, I have sent her somewhere, Jeevan says where? Kanta says i wont tell that, Ravi says what? all are confused. Sonal goes to her room and calls Shaurya. Shaurya is at his home. He takes Sonal’s call and Sonal tells him everything, how Kanta made Mahek leave. He ends call and pulls out IV from his arm and leaves from there.
Jeevan asks Kanta where did Mahek go? Ravi says why she is not taking call? Balwant says what is this new drama Kanta? Shaurya comes there after kicking their door and opening it. Shaurya comes inside. Shaurya starts breaking things in their house, Balwant asks what is this madness? Mohit asks him to stay away from my mother, Mohit, Ravi and Jeevan grab Shaurya away from Kanta. Shaurya asks Kanta where is my Mahek? tell me where did you made her go otherwise you all will see the worst side of me today. PD says Shaurya have you gone mad? Shaurya shouts i want answer, where is my Mahek? he throw away things from their dining table. Ravi says he has gone mad, Shaurya shouts where is my Mahek? i want an answer, Shaurya holds table glass and stands infront of Kanta, he says i will burn this house, this area and then this city if I dont get my Mahek, he throws away glass and says tell me where is my Mahek? Kanta says I have made Mahek go away from you, you will never get Mahek as you dont deserve her, Shaurya looks on, Kanta says you can shout as much as you want but you will never get Mahek, leave now, Shaurya asks where is my Mahek? he gets hysteric and throws away things from dining table. Balwant says call police, this crazy wolf will destroy everything. Shaurya takes chair to throw it away but looks at their family photo and stops, he gets teary eyed looking at Mahek in photo, all look on, Shaurya hold photo frame and imagines Mahek and his moment, he falls to his knees and recall their all moments, he caresses her picture and is pained.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Kanta that I will find Mahek till my last breath, you can hide Mahek anywhere you want but I promise you to find her in next 24 hours, Kanta looks on.
Shaurya comes to dargah. Mahek is there to and praying to God. Mahek prays to God that i am going away from Shaurya by killing my happiness, i just hope he remaing happy now. Shaurya turns and sees her standing there, he is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Disgusting….
    No more words…
    Can’t see Shaurya in this state
    Please don’t drag like other serials

  2. Swetharaja8290

    Unable to digest how can Kanta do this …..
    Really disappointed

  3. Raniboudy

    Omg!! Shaurya Khanna full power is back!! I hope he finds Mehek and just marries her immediately!! Love you all!!

    1. ChandaMaya

      ?Crystal Ball see these two eloping!! Just for Rani, sis.?

      1. Raniboudy

        Thank you so much Chanda Maya for my personal crystal ball reading!! j’espere que tu vas bien!!

  4. i just want to slap both mehek and kanta chachi,again when will be the happy ending without any drama this serial driving me nuts and again torturing of shaurya begins.i think kanta chachi should see cindrella and think about it.

  5. ACHU

    areyyy yaaar kya ho raha hai…hope mehak returns aas mrs.shaurya khanna

  6. hi guys how r u all ?
    i think Mehak is muslim (just kidding).
    happy to see the precap

  7. ACHU

    the way shaurya reacted after seeing mehak pic was awesome…from day 1 mehak marriage topic was started … still she is troubled by chaciii…only shaurya can bring happiness to mehak..their cute fights and taunting shaurya would be awesome…

  8. Wat nonsense y this running around like little children either they marry or not……at the temple he should marry her and done

  9. Hello all my lovelies?
    Hope u all well❤
    I’ve been busy for a while therefore my comments were missing.
    I need to catch up on the episodes.. Wow wow our Sher Khan has become a real obsessive lover boy, from ? to➖ ?
    Seemingly Kanta chachi is bringing the claws back out of our Majnu, Yay!thanks for sonething at least Chachi?
    Goodness they have really made Mehaks and Kanta Chachis character most annoying when will it change?
    Mehak seemingly will never grow up, so what will happen?

  10. All i can say is just take ur mehek away shaurya….kanta chachi is a machine who dnt hv any emotions or feelings…can’t c u in this state..really feeling like killing dis kanta…just go away n live ur happy marriied life without dis nonsense n drama…precape was awsome n karan’s acting today as usual was mind blowing..fantastic.meherya forever

  11. Moni7

    The best part of today’s episode SHOW STEALER ??karan???Too EMOTIONAL ?? ? He became violent when he comes to know mehak left the city ??…. Reason is LOVE ❤?…. Undoubtedly awesome performance Karan ??… You slayed it??..Made me cry????..#bestperformer  #tremendousperformance…..That moment ? Mehak photo…. He calm down again Reason is LOVE ?❤?…. No one will do this magic except mehak ??.. heart wrenching moment..Plz shaurya don’t cry ??…❤ DIFFERENT SHADE IN SINGLE FRAME ❤… No one could portrayal the role better than you…Bcoz you are the best The best???..#killerperformance #mademecry ….?The biggest misconception about love is the idea it’s a one big fairy tale … Where Prince saves princess from all the pain she’s feeling…But the true love is messy , scary true love is s lifetime journey…We are always learning, growing and caring one another because the PRINCE too feel the pain ….?❤?… Yes our Prince feels the pain ???…. you cried ??But seriously we can feel the pain shaurya aka karan… ?A thorn defend a rose harming  only those who steal the blossom?…. Shaurya always protect mehak…He may look like a thorn..But it’s our hallucinations..He is beyond our imagination…. Literally today he made our eyes wet by his Magical performance…❤The best of the best❤…. Precap:- Again it’s shaurya’s rule… True love never hide…He
    found mehak….???… Chachi get ready with your stuffs..It’s time to say bye bye chachi ??….

    1. I missed you Thengachi??

    2. Chaaya

      Just beautiful! “A thorn protecting a rose”. Just lovely!!

    3. ChandaMaya

      Yes, my Moni, sis Shaurya is in great emotional pain. So true about love. Love you Moni, sis.

  12. Areee yrrr I can’t tolarate it anymore,,,,this mahek is brain less,,::: if she know that shurya is innocent so why she agree with kanta, s word,,,
    Mherya scene is so sweet and emotional,,,
    Ohh,, god,, i loved this shurya,,,
    his angryness,, madness,,, just superb,,,,! Again nice precap,,, thank god shurya find out mahek,,

  13. Mehrya n hate chachi

    Arey yaar..kanta Chachi..Have you gone mad. If this kind of Chachi is at home then there is no need of any enemy. There is no guarantee that even if Mahek marries some one else also then there is no guarantee that he will take care of her, no marriage has guarantee then why is Kanta behind Mehrya and asking about the relation being successful in future. Even after Mahek was broken when Shaurya left her, Chachi has supported Mahek when she decided to change Shaurya..And now she is telling the same old story that she will not be able to see if Shaurya dumps her again..Crazy pple..??

  14. I think he should marry her rite there in the church now

  15. Hii,, moni di,,, how r u,, we all missed u,,, why u don’t comment in some episodes,,,
    Anyway u say right,,, today our shurya gave an excellent performance,,, and make me emotional too,,,, I love u shuryaaa,,,,,

  16. Hi every one Moni back in top form, and awesome back Shama .
    I hope this merry go round stops .only cooking ,love will .bring them together.Karan you nailed it today.

  17. If I were mahek, I wont trut shaurya. He betrayed her once how can she trust him again. He did the same drama before and how can she say he is not acting now?
    Mahek has her talent. She has to show her how powerful women are that women are not a toy he can play anytime he wants. She should show her talent to the world.

  18. Candiva007

    Please Shaurya when you find Mahek please kidnap her and get married! This way Kanta can’t do anything! I was hoping that Sonal will open her mouth and say that Kanta did all the drama by herself and Shaurya didn’t beat her up but I understand that she wouldn’t want to go against her MIL since her mother is not speaking to her.

    1. Chaaya

      I think Kanta is the real deal!! She not only wears the pants, she is the pants (without the letter “i” and the letter “e”. Cannot help myself!! Remember your last comment? Well Jeevan just does not realise that “The Emperor Has No Clothes”. You’re familiar with that story right? It’s just a shameful thing and everyone knows it but no one wants to say it. Kanta needs a real husband to slap her good!

      1. Candiva007

        Isn’t it “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? But i know where you’re getting at.

        I think those thoughts about Jeevan slapping his wife but then I think of everyone getting upset that I am for a man hitting his wife. I’m not, i’m totally against violence against women and people thinking it’s right for the husbands to hit their wives but this situation i’m all for it! LOL

  19. Latha

    Heart melting episode and Karan u just nailed the show fantabalous performance, love u Karan. I think shauri 1.0v came back and shauri’s first challenge he will marry Mehak with in seven days and second one is within 24 hours he will find her, both will going to happen. True love always win. Best scene which I like very much today mehrya convo in jail.


    Onllllllyyyyyy saddddnessss….
    Now as mehak promised kanta she will do what kanta want… poor mehak… i think show title should be changed from Mehak to – Who is more egoistic Kanta or Shaurya…

    1. And I think Kanta ‘Bai” will win .. stupid woman

      1. Chaaya

        Just call the woman Kanta . . .Deserves no title of respect. You are all too nice. Just Kanta. I lost my respect for this character.

  21. This series is getting borrowing to much of running up and down if the story line don’t change the series will lose a lot of fans I will be one of them

  22. OMG- Chachi, mother figure, Shaurya should charge her with a defamation of his character charge, this will set her straight

  23. Moni7 how come you are praising Shauriya so much, after being so negative and anti Shauriya

    1. Chaaya

      Moni7 gives credit Toba character where it is due, and when it is undeserving, then a suitable criticism is in place. Shaurya was behaving badly at first. Remember? Now the tables are turning. Shaurya is hot blood. He’s a man of Now, not Later.

      1. Chaaya

        To a character (not Toba).

    2. Moni7

      Excuse me ….Wats ur problem…It’s my opinion.. I’m appreciating karan vohra for portraying shaurya khanna’s role..It’s not about the character … Praising his performance….
      Even i criticize his performance in earlier episodes…No doesn’t matter about praising him even though he played negative role….

      I love his performance…Karan performance… More over it’s public forum…We can share our opinion…You can criticize serial and characters …We all agree and disagree with opinions…You entitled with yours just like us…

      Don’t have any rights to question me y should i praise him.. my opinion if you don’t like it just skip it….

  24. Yes rashmi me to. Change the storyline uncle director. Why you’re dragging the show. Do something with kanta chachi. Evil will never win over the good ones. Except kumkum bhagya .
    Hi guys how are you guys doing

    1. ChandaMaya

      Hi Geeta sis, I have saying all along that Mahek is behaving like a foolish little girl who does not trust her best self. She is living up to a traditional law of women sacrificing themselves and their truths by accepting a lie. Children who are born out of forced marrIage are robbed of the true bonding love between parents. No marriage is perfect but women are always making great sacrifices.

      Kanta is sacrificing another woman’s child just to make a point to Shaurya, and Karuna. A real mother always feels in the core of her being a child’s pain. Karuna is a true mother figure, and for Kanta it’s all about possession and control.

    2. Chaaya

      Did you say KKB, Kumkum Bhagya? Lol!! Ohohoooo!! Lol! Evil Aliya and Tanu!!! Caught up with the KKB wedding . . That is not only evil upon evil, it is torture!! I hope ZKM does not follow that. If you noticed in some of the earlier episodes, anytime Shaurya is watching his tv in his room, he is looking at KKB!! Maybe that’s a message for us!

  25. Mehek isso stupid

  26. Shaurya acting is awesome. He’s doing it very good. He’s a TV man, our hero is back. This chachi is calling herself a mother, she is a devil ? . Why is mehek listening to her, after she knows that her chachi is lying to her. so stupid of this mehek. How can mehek sacrifice her love for this criminal chachi.pfffff
    I’m very disappointed in the storyline.

  27. Chaaya

    Thank you Ariana, but I have one request, pleased when you are writing name sure the gender agreement . . .This error is consistent. Mahek is a she and after (female). A man, Shaurya, is a he and a him. Sorry, dear, but I had to point out this error or typo, but it occurs way to frequently, so p!ease for the sake of proper English, and you do great job for sure, please take some care with your gender agreement. Thank you, and please do not take this case a negative criticism, because we all make mistakes.

    1. Chaaya

      See, I make typos too, Atiba, not Ariana!! Thank you, dear.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Sorry Chaaya sis, you don’t sound too smiley (and I mean Smiley ????), nor Smelly!!! Hehehe!!!?. Just being a monkey!! Don’t be so hard on us today. Atiba is our lady, she’s under stress just like all of us. This ZKM giving us finger-typing strain, headaches, neck pains, no sleep!

      We love you our Atiba!!!!? We are so grateful to have someone who works so hard to bring us the updates in a record speed. You convey the story very efficiently. Thank you.

      1. Chaaya

        Never be sorry, it’s true. I am just having an off sort of day. I will be fine. Thanks.

      2. Chaaya

        Yes, I can relate to no sleep!!☕☕☕☕☕after several cups of coffee.

  28. Chaaya

    I am seriously disappointed in the storyline. It’s disgusting. All the villains care successful. Don’t be moralnof the story is crime pays, and one can get away with it (at least for a time). We need to see some immediate justice for Mahek. Kanta, well just lock her up!!!!!

    1. Chaaya

      Gosh, i am very careless today with my own typos! Let me slow down and say, that the morals or lessons have yet to be established. The viewers are getting tired with this.

      The story keeps jumping all over the place. The writers have to start interweeving it sooner or later. . .If there is a subplot, then start revealing it!! I just don’t understand why the story is going in a hundred directions. So now the break has been successfully accomplished by none other than, Kanta.

      Mahek is without any world of her own. Please, get these two together fast or viewership will fall off drastically.

  29. Just kill the kanta chachi I want her to be killed if Shaurya can’t then give her to me I will kill her hate her from the core of heart

    1. Chaaya

      Oh, you made me laugh!!! Thank-you Ooshi. I had a really off day today . . .A lot of undone work, so laugh a bit is a welcomed respite.

      1. ChandaMaya

        Laughter is the best medicine. ?
        Let’s laugh at foolish Mahek. Shaurya can’t live without his baby!!! Foolish girl, if you don’t marry Shaurya, you’ll end up unhappy with your Kanta for the rest of your days, and you would be the cause of Shaurya’s ruin.

      2. i am happy that my comment brought smile to your face and refreshed u i am very happy for this but actually when i wrote this comment i really mean it still i am happy that it make u smile and thanks for replying

    2. Ooshi baby cool dear, i can’t see ur angry.

      1. not see it’s tolerate hope u don’t mind it’s my habbit other wise sorry

  30. It’s too much to bear. Don’t separate the love birds. Punish Kanta chachi or change the story line. If not then waste of time watching the serial.

  31. Kanta chachi y r u injecting adrenaline to shaurya like this?

  32. Chaaya

    Between KKB and ZKM, I need a nap ?

  33. You’re right chaaya. I’m happy for your smile on your face. Sometimes I also have these feelings about zkm. I hope that zkm never go that way like kkb. Have a great day guys

  34. hi, my opinion is that kanta chachi is trying to bring the real love from shourya Khanna, but i don’t know what will be going i just imagined.

  35. Moni7

    Hai chaaya sis Chanda sis rani swetha ammu dhanya mama geeta sameeksha geetha nd all ….

    Sry for late reply sis….Love you Chanda sis chaaya sis

    Hope today gonna be the day wer shaurya loves win or chachi’s love (obsessed love )..Lol….

  36. hii chaaya di,moni di ,geeta,geetha,sameeksha n others.
    How good mehek is! She is doing all this for her family evenif she sacrifices her love shaurya to make happy her chachi.
    Aaj ke jamane me aisa bahoooot kam log karte hai.

    1. Chaaya

      Okay ? . . .

  37. Very disappointing

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