Mahek 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek asks Kanta what happened? Kanta shows her posters of her and Shaurya in pool. Kanta says i told you we are commoners, this is not our world, you have become like them here, want to see more? she asks Mohit to show more, Mohit opens his mobile and shows her Mahek and Shaurya on tv everywhere, how Mahek is said to be Shaurya’s lover, Kanta says this is why you came here? you brought us disrespect, Balwant is insulted in our society, i wont be able to come out of this depression because of you. Shaurya says hello, if this family drama is finished then leave, he asks bodyguards to throw them out. Shaurya says enough of your family. he asks his bodyguard to throw these filth out of set, his bodyguards cruelly drag them from there, Mahek sees Kanta be dragged inhumanly out of there, she is raged, she comes to Shaurya and slaps him hard, Shaurya’s head is wounded by it, Kanta falls on floor but guards still drag her out. Mahek thinks this was all planned by Shaurya? he takes off her apron and comes to Shaurya. She turns him to her and slaps him hard, Shaurya hits head on rod behind, all are shocked. Shaurya touches his head and sees blood on his head, Mahek says if you mother had slapped you in childhood then i wouldnt have to do it, i never thought you would stoop this low to win, you dont deserve to be called a man after disrespecting a girl, you are just a spoiled brat who no one likes, you think these people respect you? they are all scared of you but you are so emotionless that you think this is your power, there only two people in your life and that is Shaurya and all others, you can do anything with people to win, you can make people go to jail in fake cases, give money to take honor of girl, you can spike drink of girl to make fun of her infront of world, you called me cheap and betrayer as i am middle class, just look in mirror and if you have little self respect then you wont be able to look at your face, she throws poster on his face and says i today leave this contest, i wont insult my talent being in his contest, i cant even breath where you are, do one thing, after this contest, have one more contest to see if anyone is more cheap, disgusting man but you wont find any, i am sure of that. Rajiv says have you gone mad? Geeta says how did you raise hand on him? you cant leave this contest, Rajiv says you have signed contract, you cant come and go like this is joke. Mahek says i became joke, this contest is important for me but not more than my self respect, i wanted to do something but not by hurting my family, she says weeping and says i am sorry sir, you can do anything but i cant stay here anymore, she looks at Shaurya and says you think you are God? God will make you stumble one day that you wont be able to show face to people, we are taught to forgive people but you have won my curse today, you have hurt my self respect today, you will never get love and togetherness of any girl, you will remain alone your whole life, whole life, Shaurya angrily glares her, Mahek starts leaving from there, Rajiv tries to stop her but Shaurya says let her go.
Sharma family is leaving but Mahek comes there and hugs Kanta, Kanta doesnt hug her back, Mahek says i am sorry, i should have listened you, i was good in my home’s kitchen, atleast there people like him doesnt exist, Mahek says you know i wont lie to you, trust me, i didnt do anything to disrespect you, that Shaurya deliberately tried to disrespect me, forgive me, i am your Mahek. Host comes there and hugs her, she says to Mahek that i am proud you, people used to dream of slapping of Shaurya but you slapped him in real, it was important to show him his place, i thought wrong about you but you have guts, it take guts to leave show at this stage, take care, host leaves. Kanta is surprised, Ravi is proud of Mahek.

Scene 2
Investors of Shaurya sees Mahek slapping Shaurya on Tv.
Shaurya’s mother sees Mahek slapping Shaurya on Tv, Khanna says i came in news too for my success but not for being slapped. Vaitlana says i am going to my friend’s party, she listens news of Mahek slapping brat and rich Shaurya, Vaitlana says only this was needed, she sits down, Khanna says you were going to party? Vaitlana says Shaurya made sure that i am not able to show my face to anyone, they will talk about this slap only. Mother starts leaving, Khanna asks where are you going? she doesnt answer and leaves.
Mahek is going back home with her family, she is lying her head on Kanta’s head in car and recalls how Shaurya jumped in pool to save her then how he spiked her drink to make her dance wildly.
Shaurya’s wound is bandaged. Rajiv bring coffee for him but he denies it, Rajiv says you must be happy now, you wanted to increase TRP by making scandal, congrats, after this slap, you have got TRP, you are trending on twitter, Shaurya says i am not used to listen to lecture, kepe your opinion to yourself. Shaurya’s mother comes there and says this is your problem, Rajiv leaves. Shaurya is stunned to see her. Mother says God has blessed you, he gave you good face, good business, and family but you are not thankful to him, instead you are arrogant, Shaurya says this is all rubbish, she says shut up, first you insulted that girl then sent her family to jail and today you played with her honor, that girl didnt slap you but God slapped you today, Shaurya says maa. she says dont call me Maa.. people used to say that i am spoiling you with my love but i used to think it as joke, it was my sin, i thought atleast my son knows how to respect women but today i know how cheap thinking my son have for women, i am ashamed to be called your mother, i gave you love because of your poisonous past but my love made you arrogant, Shaurya says please listen to me.. Mother says you dont believe in God but that doesnt vanish his existence, we have to pay price of our deeds in this world only, be scared of him, she leaves. Shaurya is hurt. Shaurya gets call from investor, investor says me and my client wants to meet you rightnow, we are coming to your set. Shaurya is stunned.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to investor that how can you cancel deal at this stage? investor says we signed deal seeing your positive image but you destroyed it by getting slapped from Mahek Sharma, if you want this deal then you have to apologize to Mahek, Shaurya is shocked.
Mahek says to Balwant that i am sorry, Balwant says dont call me grandfather again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I am soo happy today was good he deserve it shaurya u can’t make fun anyone . mahek I proud of you . the precap also interesting but feel sad for mahek in precap.
    Hai my friends Latha athya ishu mouni arshi BBB naina Ryana and my all friends and new member welcome to our friends circle I am soo happy to getting news friends. Love u lotsss????.

    1. Latha

      Hi vavachi love you too

    2. Moni7

      Hai vavachi dear….m became crazy fan of poor shaurie….cutie pie he is……so I oly support him??????????????

    3. Hey everyone,
      Actually I am a fan of twinj.But now I am a fan of mahek as well.The epi is too gud.The reaction of mahek muahhh luved it.Can I join ur friend circle.N I am actually an OS writer of twinj.If u all want then I can write OS for mahek as well.Now my intro,I am Aakriti aka aaku.16 yrs old.B-day june 16.Waiting for the reply.

      Lots of luv,

    4. N if u wanna check out my writing then type ‘she is the one god made for me(OS) telly update’Hope u all like it.

      Lots of luv,

    5. Latha

      Welcome aakriti to this group. Keep commenting dear and no need to ask

    6. I’m fine dear what about you guys. And episode was really nice.

  2. Omg!!! This is my first time commenting here, coz today’s episode is mind blowing …. Mr cruel shuary u deserve even more ???

    1. Welcome to friends circle and try to comment daily dear

    2. I will try tnxxx..

  3. Rajkumari Irina

    wow…!!! what an amazing episode….love today episode?????

  4. hi everyone. … r u all. …..monu rayna ayshu vavachi arshi latha sarayu ….sry yaar remember these names oly……

    wow yar nice episode. ……he deserves this….

    but its strange. mahak is talking about her self respect and leaving the show……but what happened to her self respect. ..when shaurya said she no more v*****e….

    anyway its a serial so we cant expect……logics….

    1. Hai athya,I am fine ?

    2. Latha

      Hi athya

    3. Ya I agree with u athya… mahek is too much…she is the one who every time crosses shaurya’s ….taunt him for everything…she challenged him…every man have an arrogance not to lose b4 a girl…this is common…but the way he chooses is wrong…but the mistake which he doesn’t make and pammi put the posters and shaurya get slap for it…I hate mahek…

    4. Moni7

      Super maanu ……..u too tamil ya….so many tamil plp ….so happy

  5. Preethi ilang

    Ya wat a episode….mehek u rocked the episode yar…..

  6. now shaurya will definitely take revenge. ……
    madubala story will repeat…

    but I feel mehak’ engagement gonba happen with ajay….bcoz I saw some pics in instagram…..mehak with ring and ajay in sherwani……. it may b shaurya’ plan to take revenge. ….jus a guess. ..nt sure…

    a hearty welcome for new commenters……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    mehrya rockz..luvng thm

  7. Moni7

    Soooooooooo far good episode????…..well done mehak… Today atleast she showed middle class plp vl left anything for their family…..Good msg frm mehak side…. whatever it is mom said he had some poisonous past ..may be if it is revealed….vl know abt shaurie i guess…. whatever it is i felt pity for him …. everything is bcoz of kanta…..even though he didn’t like mehak he helped her……. kanta how dare she talk about shaurie like that….r atleast mehak could make kanta to realize that he s not like that….bcoz of kanta oly he did everything in a wrong way… all misunderstanding his bcoz of mehak n kanta…. yeah I accept he is sooo Cruel…then too poor shaurie ….hope for the best….it is my opinion m sry if m wrong

    1. Latha

      Hai Moni kutti

    2. Moni7

      Hai latha dear…… shaurie eyes r filled with tears….but y everybody scolding oly shaurie…..yeah I agree he did everything spoil her name …make her family ashamed……pakka planned drama….but y he did all these nonsense …..bcoz of that kanta chachi ?….. who doesn’t have any thing in her mind…..she s the main culprit……. kanta chachi words hurt him a lot…… sharma family nt even think that shaurya help mehak ….he drop her home safely….then too kanta bad mouth about shaurie n his family…..and this mehak …..she could have slapped him wen he told her she did everything with her…she s not s v******n anymore….but that time she took it in a very casual way n funny things she did…….i was wondering how she can talk about self respect……self perfect is not important than life her(about her purity)… is disgusting…….it is clearly shown he doesn’t like mehak….but he likes meera sharma she is also a middle class….so prblm s with mehak behavior n her family. …nor with shaurya……plz don’t hurt shaurie anymore…… he s already in pain which v can see throughout hid eyes….

    3. I agree with u moni7….our thinking r same…. i like shaurya…after that incident only he want them to teach a lesson…it’s common only…

    4. Moni7

      Hai maanu call me moni … Welcome dear

    5. Moni7

      Maanu m die heart fan of of shaurie…. same pinch dear…… whatever it is my support for shaurie oly….. shaurie roczzzz……

    6. Ya moni …me too…I love shaurya a lot…he is so genuine in beginning…kanta did all the blunders and spoil shaurya s character…I hate mahek and her kanta vachu…

    7. Sry that’s kanta chachi typing mistake

  8. Nice episode.Feeling pity for mahek as well as sharuya too. Guys what happen nxt i can’t imagine

  9. rayna dr….send me a request in fb…..
    athyafathima… pic…iz…..insideout movie animation characters…… or tell me ur id dr……..

    oly if u wish……other wise ….its ok dr……

  10. Saryu

    Hello everyone.. how are you all..

    So fully emotions packed episode.. Everyone attacked our poor shaurya today.. Mehak slapped.. Kantha scolded.. Karuna bashed.. Rajiv taunted.. And finally investors.. So much pain to shaurya in single episode.. ??

    1. Moni7

      Yeah sharu u t ryt …poor shaurie….i feeling pity for shaurie????

    2. Fine dear,you?

  11. members are increasing day by day…am so happy. …but yaa quite sad bcz of trp…

    hope…..this week it will increase. …fingers crossed

  12. Awesom….Lv u mehek … feeling so bad for souri

  13. Latha

    Hello guys today’s episode emotions over loaded. Yes Saryu u r right every body attacked our poor shauri. But u guys notice that when Mehak slaps shauri and when his mom was scolding, his eyes was filled with tears and pain.

    1. Saryu

      Yes Latha.. he was badly hurt..

  14. It was nice episod but we want some love also between these two

  15. Moni7

    Hai frnds…athya ishu BBB vavachi latha naina arshi rayna rana preethi kavi n all my frnds………. whatever it is m die heart fan of shaurie….so I felt pity for shaurie…poor shaurie plz don’t hurt him anymore……… importantly he cried….

    1. Latha

      Yes Moni I too felt pity for shauri and I think there was a bad past. He planned to give drinks to Mehak but it bounced back to him and every one attacked including his mom

    2. Moni7

      S latha dear…..but then too he looking so sad while speaking to dealers..pavam shaurie?????…. it is better to marry mehak than to apology ……. once he married her……. every prblm vl b sort out for both shaurie n mehak….. but after marriage he vl do anything to hurt mehak n her family….he s in sema gaandu…..??? With mehak…… shaurie’s mom also always pampering him like a kid…… she should b strict to him n could have teach him how to behave with others…… but atlast everybody Corning cutie pie shaurie…..??? Dunno wat he gonna do …….

    3. Hai mouni . I am fine. Yes u right I also feel sad for Shaurya when his eyes tearful.

  16. Moni7

    Tears rolled down…..plz don’t hurt him anymore……. mehak plz accept him…..he may be good at heart…forgive him for his mistakes….don’t punish him plz……just give him a chance …to turn to be good… for sure shaurie vl take revenge for this……..fingers crossed,????

  17. even I too felt pity for him today……

    wanna see shaurya asking sry to mehak. …

    y dont know….but I like this rajiv character lot…..angrl rajiv…

    very excited to know with whom ….mehak got engaged. ……

  18. fine dr saryu……wat abt u…

    pls intro ur self…jus name and place.

    1. Saryu

      I’m fine.. Thank u..

      Name is Sarayu.. from Hyderabad, AP

    2. Latha

      Hai Telegu ammaye

    3. Moni7

      Welcome sarayu…….m monika from tamilnadu

    4. Hai Sarayu . I am vavachi (Lavanya real name). From cochin

    5. hey telugu pilla…Happy to see a girl from Ap…. 🙂 🙂 :-)…..

      Actually my mom dad both r from Ap but…settled in Tn…….and me too born in Ap but…raised in Tn……

  19. Good night sweet dreams frds…..
    shaurie dreams monu….

  20. Hiii everyone first time I’m commenting here aweeeeeeeeesome epi just love it

    1. Latha

      Welcome Sharman to this group

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