Mahek 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suvetlana kills Shaurya and Mahek

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Mahek 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek screams.. My family. She says it can’t happen. They sees thugs coming. shaurya and Mahek run. The thugs run after them and shoot. Mahek and Shaurya go in jungle. They hide in a small ditch. The thugs go from there. Mahek says who are we running from? Everything is over. He says we have save ourselves for our baby. They sit in a truck and run in it. Mahek cries.
Suvetlana calls her men. She says did you kill them? Blooddy hell. I will kill them myself. Mahek recalls her moments with her family. She cries. She says how can we lose all this. Why this happened with us. Why is God doing this to us? What sin did we do? Shaurya hugs her. Mahek says no one alive. We should die too. We couldn’t save anyone. He says I dont’ know. We have to fight for our family. Suvetlana shoots her thugs. She says I should have killed you too. See inside if any9one is alive. All people are dead.
Kanta moves her hand. She gets up and tries to get Jeevan up. She says please get up. She screams. She tries to wake up Vicky Karuna and Nehal. No one opens eyes. She screams and cries. She says where are Mahek and Shaurya? I have to find them out. Please give me power God. She sneaks out. Kanta comes towards Suvetlana’s van.. She sits at the back of it and hides. Mahek and Shauyr stop at a place. Shaurya says we have to look for help.

Kanta is crying. She is hidden in the van. Mahek and Shauyra come to a dhaba. Shaurya asks the man for a phone. He gives him the phone. Someone shoots Shaurya on leg. Mahek screams.. Shauyra.. Suvetelana says this tempo guy was sent by me. Shaurya can’t stand. He throws sand in their eyes. mahek and Shaurya run. They hide at a place. Shaurya says go from here. She says we have to be together. The thugs are looking for them. They come to shaurya and Mahek. he says your game is over. Mahek hits him on head and they run. Suvtelana shoots Shaurya in the chest.
Mahek screams. She shoots him again. Shaurya falls down. Suvetlana shoots Mahek in stomach and chest. SHe falls down too. They are both dying. They hold hand and lose their breaths. Karuna separates their hands. she says your game is over. The evil wins at the end of the day. I killed the truth and good.
Mahek says even if we die truth will win. This war and story wont end there. In the end truth wins. You will pay for your sins. You can’t separate us. We are together forever. They both close eyes.
Precap-Suvetlana says last breaths are left. Die and I will rule. Mahek says will come back to complete this story.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. you made the show worse this reincarnation is in every story of zee tv ….it looks u promote evil …..very saaaad

  2. leisa s morris

    Im really fed up of all these serials with their reincarnation bul…t and ppl gettin awsy with the evilest of sins. Wat r these wrters thinking? Another kaala teeka moment.Do dey even have a heart and conscience dat dey showing dis crap over and over. Im so over dis. One more serial these good for nothing criminal writer’s has ruined. I dont want to see any reincarnation after screwing up such a gd serial. As far as im concern these writers can go to hell. Whoever is gonna b writin updates im sorry but i wont b reading as im through wit dis serial.

  3. Hmmmm… I left ZKM for a little while hoping the creative writing team would grow a brain overnight and then I’d pass back but this is utter bullshit….and it is cycles..these reincarnation bull story….must be a clause in these serials that when the viewers get bored of seeing the same ole thing, murder the characters and bring back the dead to continue…we really need to be careful what we wish for ehhh folks, because I had nonchalantly begged the writers some time back, to kill off the damn family and end this lackluster serial it has become but they murdered the clan alright but they reinventing them from the same gene pool!!! And with identical faces to boot….im sure!!! VIDYA…. Your last comment yesterday was awesome..Writers could afford to give viewers any brand of shit but it will still be that and there are those who’d think it is better than the original and lambast you when you point out the differences but they wouldn’t understand it…nicely said VIDYA…Almost every blo*dy serial so far has reincarnated souls today and they can never ever be like how it used to be years ago…. Today’s writers sit on their heads and write so what ewe all expect to get???

    1. …last line should read… So what do we all expect to get… Sorry for typo errors…

    2. leisa s morris

      Naz imagine those ZMK lovers talking bout dis is gd for d leap. Y should there b a leap d if so y kill out d whole damn family. So wat zee us showing is dat all u do is suffer and die and get no justice in dis life but u gotta come back to get justice.Dat makin any sense. Yes ZMK lovers we read d serials cause we keep hoping dat these writers grow a brain and be logical in the writin of their script. Wat wrong wit mahek and shaurya as dey r now dat u have to kill dem off and wat about their unborn child? The riters r crazy and so is anyone else who c this as someting gd killin of man oman and child is disgusting and totally uncalled for and non of these serials comes even close to d likes of pavitra rishta,d two choti bahu and so much more from gifted experience intelligent writers. Look here i so mad dat i could vent for days but imma leave it here.

      1. Leisa dear, we have been here as long as I can remember, and it’s our prerogative if we want to call it bullshit when we see it or not. All of us here are entitled to our own opinions, if we don’t like what we see, we say so in our colourful language, so to speak..and those who love what they see, are accorded the same previlidge to say what they want to say ,at their own risk…because if it’s foolishness we see and call out the writers on it…who the heck gives these new-ish viewers the right to tell us that we complain but still watching the serial?? We could watch or not, that’s our business, they should make their comments and disagree with our views if they want but they have absolutely no right to tell us to stop watching if we don’t like what we see!! You know what Leisa, I came up here just for fun, to see if there were any improvements since I had left but was so shocked to see this serial going down the reincarnation road, like most others before but what was more interesting, was to read the comments…and I said, well…here we go again!!..another set of viewers like what we had on Woh Apna sa over a year ago….hmmmm, I think I’m gonna stick around now, just to be with you all…

  4. Cathy

    Good Lord…….i’d cry if i can stop laughing long enough..oh how i used to love this show, what a damn shame it’s come to this…Sad thing is the actor playing shuarya didn’t want to play a father on his show, which explains why Neev disappeared…why don’t they just wrap up the story and begin different projects, never fails to amaze me the short sightedness of these writers and producers.

    1. Cathy, anytime an actor refuses to play a father or mother’s role when the script requires it, is being very unprofessional and vain and furthermore, if the storyline has to be shaped according to the actors whims, then it says a lot about the creative teams, it’s like who really needs whom!!! What’s wrong with wrapping up these serials when they have already bled to death??? Whatever happened to short and sweet??? Now we will see a man Shaurya’s age, playing a 20yrs old man and mind you, after maybe a 20yrs leap and the same goes for Mehak….for instance, in Woh Apna sa, after a 20yr leap, Adi metamorphasised into a 20yr old dude but looks like almost 40yrs old, Jhanvi turned Jia, looks even better than before so she could slide but coming to this serial, it’s going to see what magic the makeup artists can conjure up to make both actors look like fresh baked bread!!! I await…the arrivals!!!

      1. Cathy

        Naz thank you for saying what i was thinking, i don’t know what vanity mirror he’s looking into but he’s not the young fresh thing anymore, if you can’t take your character to the next level then your not really an actor and will never be anything more then what you play now, and soon, very soon you will only be offered “uncle” roles. pity. and as for Woh apne Sa you hit the nail right on the head…Adi is the oldest 20 year old on T.V. LOLOLOL.

        Anjali Dahiya Please try and refrain from telling us how conduct ourselves on this forum, this place is for discussion of our favourite shows and actors whether good or bad, if you don’t like what we say don’t read our posts.

      2. Cathy if u r not interested in ZKM then don’t need to read these updates n stop criticizing it….agar new storyline achhi hui tb aap kya khoge…??? And Anjali Dahiya is right….wait for new storyline ok….u don’t need to be so mad on this serial…..aapke paise nhi lag rhe h is serial mein…..

  5. You know what most of these actors/actresses do not want to play the role of parents we all have to get old someday no disrespect to Shaurya but he looks like a father of five. Obviously if and when you get married you will become parents/grandparents so I do not know what’s the big deal.I predict that they both will die that’s a norm on these series now-a-days,I am sorry she did not have her baby before she was killed cuz kanta is still alive to look after it. Reincarnation that same shit they keep repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating help I can’t seem to stop repeating myself LMAO.

  6. Anjali Dahiya

    pls guys its my very very polite request do not critisize any serial’s story line. we can’t do anything if kv don’t wanna to play father…its his wish…u guys always keep criticizing this serial….u should be happy that u r going to see another luv story of mehrya n why r taking this as serious as if it is ur family matter…many of u r agree with a point that is to ban this serial or off air it….chalo aapki baat ko hi mante h….ye serial off air ho gaya then what would happen…??? obviously yrrr new serial start hoga but usme bhi to luv story hogi….then why u guys are not preferring mehak n shaurya’s luv story once again in new avatar….guys u just enjoy n don’t worry much about this…..aap ye sab keh kar apna hi blood pressure high kar rhe ho… writers nhi pdhte hoge ye written updates then what….hua na aapka bp high aur bas criticizing mein tym waste….guys just chill….tyey will come back and start a new luv story…..i am agree with zkm lover and kashish….u both r right….n who knows that we would like that story line….keep calm…..

  7. Seriously this show has become worse .And now the incarnation part will be the hell.This show should end.But I am really sad for mehak and shaurya child

  8. Naz girl what did you expect for shauya and mahek to live happily ever after with their child, no no not allowed in these serials otherwise we will be getting what we want to happen and for those writers we cannot have that sort of ending for them they must kill off the good ones and let the evil ones like themselves prevail, i say they are evil because their way of thinking and writing are evil to the core my gosh mahek and her husband just received the good news of their unborn child only to have it snatched away as per all the other serials where the good suffers and the bad remains to create more havoc and live life lavishly; i knew it was just a matter of time before she was killed off so this is the second time for her to face death and come back alive after being reincarnated; boy oh boy what it is with these writers why cannot they give us a good serial with a beautiful ending why is it a must to always have the good ones destroyed and anjali why the hell she was not written off too she so damn ugly and wicked anyway i console myself by saying it is a good thing that it is just a serial because i sure would not like this to be a way of life in their country.

  9. Anjali Dahiya

    Are yrr itni comments to kisi k FF ya OS me bhi nhi pdhi mene kbhi….Kashish u don’t need to say anything to anyone…. their views will be different after new storyline….keep calm….wait for new storyline n their new avatar….I m sad but excited for MEHRYA’S new avatar n luv story….

    1. Priyankashaurya

      yeah me.too……..if you truely love them if u truly love meharya…..then u would have si=uported them…….i love we will enjoy the new phase………and one more thing…if there will be no evil in the show then how will the show extend.i think…true fans will never nat zkm to goo off air….so the tru fan will surely enjou it.just like anjali dhya and kaashsh and me………
      lets stay porstive…….we dont need nayone suggetion for our mehrya

  10. Shadup puhleesee shadup some of you just makes me sick damn,sice when did mehak and Shaurya became anybody’s that you guys keep saying my saurya my mehrya. My foot persons give their opinions abide by it do not go ridiculing them lawd gawd.Go on start I am waiting on my turn for you people to start on my case stew!!!!! typo error it’s since and not sice in line 2.

    1. Cathy

      Jayashree…they are just fan girls..they contribute nothing to these forums but emojjiis.

  11. I hope they r saved before they die ….n revenge begins….just hopping yar ……

  12. leisa s morris

    My god dey saying if we are true fans we would be happy with d killin off of the main leads as dey would b comin back in a new avatar. Really? A true( fan) would b appalled dat dis is bein done to their soap that dey invested time in because we loved d leads as dey r and were lookin forward to their luv story and not another arjun and jia. D first reincarnation is saw was with vidya/divya cant really remember d name of d serial but it was done brilliantly and i didnt have any issues but dat was one in yrs but these days almost every serial has reincarnation/ time leap and its frustratin dat we have no real true endings to these serials cause lets face it at d end of d serial its almost anticlimactic cause we no longer relate to the serial and d characters

  13. Agga4102

    Nowadays, most of the serials in zee has same elements except with some major changes….

  14. Priyankashaurya

    if u all dont like the serial that just leave it na…who have forced you too watch it…… need……and if u want to watch then dont criticize it………m just saying that,,,,,,,and i think being true fan we should support the hrecters……and by the way writter are writting te story not samiksha and karan so….we cant blame them………if u like them realy then watch it.or leave why are you abusing them,,

    1. Cathy

      Clearly you don’t get the difference between being a fan and having a critical discussion of the shows we invest our time in. YOU don’t get to tell other people on this forum how to to talk to each other about the direction a beloved show has taken, YOU are not the creator writer or producer and you have little to say on what we as a core group that have been here for as long as the show has been on the air talk about, you certainly have the right to defend your show or say you love how it’s going and the others here may respectfully disagree with you, we are as a whole a very friendly group and love to debate storylines for and against a plot. we would never tell you your wrong or to tell you not to voice your opinion and we demand that same respect back. if you can’t follow basic manners i will make a formal complaint to the admin, i don’t want to because i believe in peaceful resolution but if you and your friends continue to harass other members here then i will.

  15. For ALL those who are saying that the naysayers should leave the forum if we don’t like what is happening here, which part of our comments you all don’t understand?? Just because we see crap passing as logic, doesn’t mean we should drop off, in fact…we should stay just to embarrass the hell out of these writers….you so called lovers of ZKM, make your comments and move along, the same way you are entitled to your opinions, so too we are. If you all love what you see, good for you but for those of us who see beyond the stunted mindset of a creative team, it’s our choice to voice our opinions. Get this…for the past few years, many serials have reincarnation as a tool to revamp their saturated serials ,aren’t you all tired of the same thing over and over again? Where’s the originality? So…if we all agree to disagree on the serial content whenever we want, nothing is wrong with that but when you make suggestions for us to leave the forum because we don’t like it…then you all are stepping on some toes and that’s not wise to do. Keep your personal advice to yourself and let’s us make our own decisions to leave or not….

    1. Cathy

      Hopefully this is the end to this silliness.

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