Mahek 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjay break things in his room and says i wont spare him, how dare he change venue of wedding? i will kill him, Vaitlana says calm down, Sanjay says his death date will not change, Shaurya will die tomorrow only.
Mahek sees dream of Shaurya drowning in pool, she wakes up and runs to Shaurya’s room. Shaurya is sleeping, Mahek wakes him up and says are you fine? she cries and hugs him, Shaurya says i am fine, Mahek says i saw bad dream, Shaurya gives her water and says calm down, what did you see in dream? Mahek says i saw someone was drowning you in pool, it felt like someone was forcing you to drown in water, Shaurya says dreams watched with closed eyes are never true, Mahek says i am feeling like something bad is going to happen, Shaurya says this is your doubt only, Mahek says from the time wedding preparations have started, only bad things are happening, Shaurya says it was just coincidence, dream about good things, about us, its only one night then we will be together forever and i wont let you sleep so you wont be seeing dreams after getting married to me. Mahek hugs him, she goes and brings carton f her memories, Mahek says to Shaurya that we are shifting to hotel before wedding so can i keep this carton in your room? i want to keep it safe, Shaurya says sure, what is in this carton? Mahek shows him dress and says this is first dress my father gave me and this cap was made by mother for me, this is her last memory, i cant live without these things, she shows him her mother’s recipe book and says this is my strength, my mom wrote all recipes are in it, till marriage you have to keep all these things safe, i will take it from your after marriage, Shaurya keeps her carton, Mahek says i am love you Shaurya, Shaurya hugs her and says i love you to Mahek, Jag ghoomiya song plays and they share emotional and tight hug. Mahek pulls away, Shaurya cups her face and says our lives are going to change from tomorrow, be ready.
Its morning, Mahek’s haldi ceremony is going on, all are applying haldi to her. Kanta applied haldi to her, Mansi applies next.
Shaurya’s haldi is going on in house too. Karona says will you live our phone or i take it? shaurya puts it down and says happy? Karona applies haldi to him and goes to pundit.
Sonal applies haldi to Mahek. then Nehal applies, Sonal says to Mahek that they dont know you have killed Shaurya with your eyes, i told you about it earlier too, Mahek playfully shoves her away.
Shurti sits infront of Shaurya, rubs haldi on her hands and applies to Shaurya’s face. Vaitlana comes and says all the best, Shaurya says you can try but wont work. Vaitlana leaves. Shaurya is working on phone, Karona says what are you doing? Shaurya says i am booking my honeymoon tickets, she laughs and says mischievous kid.
Pundit asks Mahek’s maternal uncle to come forward and make her wear chura(bride’s bangles). Jeevan says she doesnt have maternal uncle, we are her paternal uncle. Mahek says they are my uncle, my father and everything, they are everything to me so my paternal uncle will make me wear my wedding bangles. Ravi gets emotional, Ravi makes her wear bangles, all are emotional, sada chidhyian da song plays. Nehal and Sonal covers Mahek’s eyes as per ritual so she cant see her wedding bangles, Ravi covers her bangles with white handkerchief. Jeevan says to Kanta that i am so unfortunate that i cant even sit on floor with her, he is sitting on wheelchair. Mahek says no problem, i can come to you, she goes to Jeevan and hugs him. Jeevan says girls leave house too soon, always remain happy daughter. Mahek hugs Mansi and cries. Balwant hugs Mahek and says i pray to God that all your wishes are fulfill, be happy always my daughter. Mahek goes to Kanta and hugs her, both cry, Kanta kisses her forehead and blesses her. Mahek hugs Mohit who smiles at her, Mahek hugs PD, they both cry being emotional, Pd says i pray that Mata rani keep you happy, my life’s biggest dream was to see you get married and its going to fulfill now. Mahek weeps hugging PD. Mahek comes to Ravi and hugs him. Mahek hugs Sonal, Nehal hugs Mahek and cries. PD says why you young guys are not dancing and having fun? Mohit, Sonal and Mahek starts dancing on gal meethi bol son, all family members join them and dance being happy. Mahek dances with Kanta and other family members, Pd joins them too, Balwant dances with Sonal and others. Jeevan is swaying on his wheelchair only. Nehal says to Shaurya that your and Shaurya’s life is set so next turn is mine to get married, kalire should fall on me only, Mahek says you are next in line sweetheart, dont worry.

Scene 2
Shaurya is bringing out clothes, Karona comes there and asks what are you doing? Shaurya says i am making place in wardrobe for Mahek so putting some ofmy clothes in suitcase,Karona says you have changed a lot,finally you got your love i am so happy to get daughter in law like Mahek, Shaurya says this is big day,i hope everything happens nicely,Karona says all will be fine, my son is going to look best as groom, Shaurya laughs.
Sanjay has drink in his hands,Vaitlana asks if you are going for chemical attack? Sanjay says this is spiked drink which will make Shaurya loose senses, i will give him first doze then you will spike his food, then Shaurya will go to room for some rest, my men will kidnap him from there and throw him in pool, he will die there, get ready for death ceremony,i mean wedding, they smirk and leave.
Shaurya is ready as groom wearing elegant sherwani. Pundit does rituals and calls Shaurya’s maternal uncle.Sanjay comes there and says i am here. Shaurya is ready as groom wearing elegant sherwani, Shaurya asks Sanjay what he wants from him? Sanjay says just one glass of wine, groom should have some buzz of intoxication otherwise he is not groom for real, Karona says infront of God? Sanjay says God is everywhere, we cant hide anywhere, Sanjay offers him spiked drink, Shaurya takes spiked drink from and drinks it, Sanjay smirks.
Mahekis getting ready as bride, jewelry is put on her, her makeup is done, she looks mirror and smiles.All family members are ready and smiles at Mahek dressed as bride, Mansi says will you forget us? Mahek says who forget own-self? she hugs Mansi. She comes to Kanta and emotionally looks at her,Kanta says your parents must be so happy today, you never looked this good before, i pray that no evil eye cast on you, she hugs Mahek. Nehal says no crying Mahek, your makeup will be smeared, Mansi says i will see when you get married,Nehal says i will happily leave, i bear you people so i want something else in life too, Kanta laughs and says shameless girl.
Ravi is seeing arrangements at wedding venue. He sees Jaggi and his men dressed as waiter, she stops them, Jaggi gets tensed thinking that he might stop and recognize him as Sanjay’s men but Ravi just instruct them about waiting.
Shaurya is ready to leave house for wedding venue. Sameer jokes that girls hearts will be frozen today because Shaurya is sitting on horse. Shaurya gets up on horse. Vaitlana says these cheap people have arranged cheap wedding venue only, Sanjay says you keep cribbing about trivial things. All are dancing in Shaurya’s baraat, Khanna says why we are not leaving house and going to wedding venue, Sameer says this is your son’s wedding, all are enjoying, let bride wait a little. All are dancing, Shaurya is sitting on horse and getting dizzy, he tries to open his eyes but is fainting.
Shaurya’s baraat reaches wedding venue. Shaurya gets down from horse, he is grandly welcomed by Mahek’s family. Shaurya tries to keep composure but has headache, Kanta asks are you fine? Shaurya says my head is spinning, i want water, Ravi asks Mohit to arrange water for him, they take Shaurya inside venue.
Jaggi and his men are hiding in venue too.
Mahek is sitting in room. Nehal comes there and says Shaurya is looking like prince charming, he is holding sword, sitting on horse and all elegant, you get ready, i will come to take you, she leaves. Mahek looks in mirror and smiles, she cant stop grinning, she recalls their confession, their happy and romantic moments and keeps blushing, she recalls Shaurya going on knees and proposing her, their mehndi ceremony, their party night, she snickers and recalls their kissing moment, how Shaurya saved her from burning house.. she then recalls her bad dream about someone drowning Shaurya, she gets tensed and her breathing becomes heavy thinking about it.
Mohit says to Shaurya that there is still time, you can runaway if you want, Shaurya says i wont runaway alone, i will take your sister with me. Shaurya is brought to stage, all are dancing to balle balle song.
Sonal comes to Mahek and asks are you ready? She asks Mahek if you are fine? Mahek says i am scared, Sonal says its normal for bride to be scared before going to new house, are you scared of your marriage night? i have solid tips, Mahek says something bad is going to happen, Sonal asks what? Mahek says my sixth sense is saying something bad is going to happen, i saw a bad dream and told Shaurya about it but he didnt take me serious, Sonal says he is right, nothing bad is going to happen, your groom is on your door to take you away, dont worry everything is set, dont frown like this infront of Shaurya Sonal jokes that should i bring Shaurya here stealthily? he will give you magic hug and all will be fine, Mahek smiles, Sonal leaves.
Vaitlana says to Sanjay that are you sure your spiked drink will work? nothing has happened to Shaurya till now, Sanjay says wait for it, it will work, Ravi gives water to Shaurya, Shaurya drinks it, Ravi asks are you fine now? Shaurya nods. Mahek enters wedding venue, Shaurya is mesmerized by her. Mahek is brought on stage, Shaurya and Mahek gets ready to exchange garlands.
Jaggi sends his men to eat dinner. Sanjay calls Jaggi and says i didnt call you here so you can enjoy dinner, its time for you to pay for favors and do my work, Jaggi says your work will be done.
Kanta asks Mahek and Shaurya to exchange garlands, Nehal says to Shaurya that stand straight and dont let Mahek put garland around your neck easily, and Mahek make this garland as your love trap and trap Shaurya in it. Mahek tries to make Shaurya wear garland but he pulls away, Mohit says me and Ravi will raise Mahek in air so she can reach Shaurya’s neck, they try to raise Mahek in air, Kanta says be careful, Mahek winces in pain and says ouch when Mohit tries to pull her up, Shaurya gets worried and asks Mahek if she got hurt in foot? he bows down to look at her foot but Mahek puts garland around his neck in process, Shaurya looks at her stunned, she winks at him, Shaurya smiles and puts garland around her neck too, all are happy and shower rose petals on them. All family members join for family photo with couple.

PRECAP- Shaurya comes in corner and sits on sofa and is getting dizzy, he drinks water and tries to remain awake. Sameer is searching for Shaurya in wedding venue and says where did he go one pheras time? Mahek is calling Shaurya too but he is not picking her call. Jaggi calls Sanjay and says boss dont worry, you work will be done.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Dear mehrya fmly did anyone noted the following…
    1.Kal se hum dono ki zindagi badalne waali hai Thaiyaar rahena…shauri saying tiz with evil  intention…to mehek
    2.Making his mother fool
    Apni honeymoon ki tickets book kartha Woon…
    Behaving like a gud boy tat his mother shouldn’t doubt him…creating space in wardrobe for mehek…
    3.Atlast telling  his mum…
    Aaj ka din bahuth badaa hai maa…I hope
    Jaisa Maine socha hai sab kuch waisa hi ho…
    4.mayb revenge plan joining with maama

    Mehek pagal lost her house as well as her precious receipe book…now wat next…

    I never felt tat feel in shauri’ face r eyes wen he saw beautiful mehek in shadhi ki joda…and his face gave only fake reaction…during jayamala…sudden change…

    But if tiz is shauri ‘s plan then he is more cheap than his father…he is breaking so many hearts…mehek,his mom,whole sharma fmly n ours too…hope tiz doesn’t hppn…director Ji please take ZKM to another level…bcos as mentioned b4…tiz iz my first serial am crazy About…

    1. Moni7

      Dolly dear ….s i noticed…i tweet my feelings dear…. coming to the episode….ssssssss dear..he just faking everything….fake hug fake smile….after getting that book he oly starring at the book didn’t even see mehak…nxt he packing his stuff for making space no planning to escape…. checking his phone for booking honeymoon tickets again no …. Tokyo poga poran….drink ?????? Avanukku nalla theriyum irundhalum adha kudichan….he s not less to mama and mami….

  2. ChandaMaya

    I really don’t understand why most writers make the protagonists look so lame and weak who cannot fight evil with equal and greater strength? The viewers are forced into their own doubts and torture by these crazy suspended tactics to question the forces of good. Even the good is subject to turning to the dark side. This technique is to keep the viewers in constant tension and anticipation. I am not so hopeful for this serial. Please surprise us ZKM in a positive way.

  3. Have some faith in Shaurya. Falling in love and being “in” love are two different things. Shaurya does need Mahek and Mahek needs Shaurya. He has a surprise . . . It’s not a honeymoon, it’s a new home for the Sharma’s and Mahek and Shaurya will have a good life with lots and lots of interference from the relatives. The writers might even switch things around to make Mahek seek revenge on her wicked in-laws to be. Shaurya is definitely suffering (his character needs to maintain consistency and this character suffering makes the audience sympathise with the hardship of the hero. if the writers know anything about good literature and drama, their writing has to fit the role and therefore, a sudden change in character would leave Mahek with a villain for a partner which means that the writers will have to bring in another love interest on the side lines . . . Someone interested in Mahek who hates Shaurya. Remember the genre of this serial is that of a Romance, so one cannot villlafy a character if the character is meant to be the hero. So if Shaurya’s character that of a villain then the writers have to create a mechanism for justice to right the wrong being done to Mahek. If that is the case, then Shaurya would have to die at some point and a new love interest would have to come onto the scene. The issue is that the character of Shaurya is being acted by Karan Vohra and Karan Vohra is a major serial seller . . . The women love him and the men love his strength and style, so it does not make sense that the director would turn him into a monster. This would make the viewers upset, and besides Karan Vohra is a hot commodity in this serial. The writers will keep him in the serial. Zindagi Ki Mahek is becoming more of a Zindagi Ki Shaurya. Try not to get too upset with the Shaurya character. Mahek has yet to play the bigger role. After all, it serial is called Zindagi Ki Mahek. I am patiently awaiting the outcome of this perfect romance. Mahek maybe exacting her own revenge and find love where she never expected.

  4. Moni7

    Hai mehrya family….i saw so comments in Instagram awesome episode ..luv u guys keep rocking??????,….oly few didn’t like the episode like me?????….rest all really enjoyed the episode….i Dunno wat to say….but if suppose it is possible plz TELLYUPDATES team plz forward our comments to ZKM team….let them know….plz forward it…
    THEY GAVE US A TOTAL IRRITATING EPISODE….. FAILED TO KEEP THE PROMISE?????……and waste of one hour… director uncle sry to say this… VERY BAD TWIST !!!!!!!!!….u didn’t show us the marriage….wow superb….v are not fools….try to make it positive or else finish the show…..

  5. Moni7

    1 shaurie’s -outfit nd mehak(personal opinion)
    2 he smirks at the book….( He gets the book which he actually want)
    3 mehak s in true love …. shaurie s pretending to be good….. fooling everyone including his mom
    4 accepting that drink(for sure he vl aware of it )
    5 mama plan .. kidnapping groom… technically possible but logically impossible
    6 Awesome twist…they invited us for the marriage which they didn’t show at all great team work???
    7 not able to judge the male lead character
    8 finally make us fool …big thanks to the amazing team….u plp really killed us

    Viewers are fool enough to accept anything✌….

    1. Moni, love your outline. Let’s wait now and see.

  6. Moni7

    Sry typo mistake…it is not mehak’s outfit…it s actually shaurie’s makeup and outfit

  7. Moni7

    Director uncle u invited us for the marriage…. pragya ,satya… everyone invited us….nadakatha kalyanathuku en da ivlo build up????…..nalla vechi senjitan ga la engala ?????….it is not.maha episode …… it is MOKKA EPISODE… hour of nonsense expect garland exchange…nthg else is worth watching……this s called sontha selavula sooniyam vechikiradhu???(waste of my wifi data)…..neenga la nalla varuvinga da??????….. pudichi jail la podunga sir ivanga la….

    1. Vinitha

      Moni dr indha ranagallathulayum ne pota comments pathu siruppu vardhu darling. Pudichu jail la podunga sir ivana. Love u Semma. Ne sonnadhu correct vechi senjitanga.ipdiye serial Ponna director uncle ku ooooooooooo. Sangu dha

      1. Moni7

        Vinitha dear….They supposed to make us happy but they are not doing .that……so m entertaining u guys… that’s y funny comments…no offense pakalam…..

  8. Hi everyone how are you all. One confusing episode ??who wants what? That’s a mysteri ?? it’s a fight between my brain and heart. ?? brain says revenge heart says love. Too much??dear to watch tomorrow episode. Can’t see mehek in pain.

    1. Moni7

      Hai saloni r u

  9. Hi chaaya how are you? You know what if they replace main lead then no one going to watch the show. At least not me . What about you?

    1. Hi Saloni, I will skip out of the serial if Karan Vohra is written out of the lead role. Sorry, game over for me if the role of Shaurya changes drastically. I just don’t get it! If the writers want us to first think of Shaurya as a s*xy brute who falls in love, but is not in love really(?)! and only wants a recipe book to make him famous, which the character is already, then why receive an innocent. He can have the best of chefs from the entire world. I don’t really look at Indian serials. This is the first that got my attention. If the writers cheapen this serial, that is it for me. I don’t like writers playing mind games with the audience. Indian stories have a million sub plots and sometimes the main plot, and/theme gets lost in the confusion. I don’t have too much patience for skittish writing.

      1. Oops! I meant to type “then why deceive an innocent” (meaning Mahek)

  10. Preethiilang

    Moni dr romba tension agatha….how come we ill go to knw whether marriage is going to happen or not in monday episode only cool down babe????….then 1hr episode is utter waste director sir…..full dance oly???…….same KKB mathiri one month la kadathiga marriage ah pls ZKM director producer

    1. Moni7

      Preethi dear….oki wait pannalam till tmrw…hope for the best

  11. Epi was absolutely disgusting…i didn’t understand one thing that if cast didn’t wanted to show wedding then y spending so much for advertising about it… maha episode was just about haldi n showing barat, wedding decoration and that s it…i never use to see any serials except kkb but in kkb evil are so strong that lovers can’t reach there goal…rubbish it is…in kkb abhi rock star is shown a biggest fool who doesn’t have his own brains to think and in Zkm Shaurya Khanna is shown too smart….ultimately there is no love romance etc in Zkm…y these directors don’t understand that we viewer are done with rivals, politics and corrupt mind, we want some piece, happiness, some love and romance atleast when we watch TV..if this rubbish continues then trp will surely go down….m so much annoyed after watching the Epi that i don’t want to comment on anything else like Shaurie character, mehak looks….nothing it was just waste of viewers time…

    1. Well said. I agree, the viewers of today are not foolish. We live in the real world and we are experienced humans. We are not tuning in to see cartoon animation characters! and cartoon plots.

    2. I understand what you are saying, Shaurya is so smart that he is dumb also. Like drinking when the character does not drink. Duh!

    3. Moni7

      Kush dear… exactly same feelings….i already burst out in anger…..?????

    4. hi khushboo as u expressed right, same i felt as well, i hurted alot after watched the episode , why these peolple are wasted 1hour time.

  12. So I just finished looking at the last four episodes . . . It makes no sense that Shaurya would run into a blazing building and save Mahek if he wanted the box with the recipe book. He would have taken the book and run and made some broken heart story that it was too late for Mahek and run off to his ex femme fatale. No I am not convinced that this hunk of a man can be replaced with another mediocre male to play the role of another suitor for Mahek. No way. Reading too much into the acting, listen to the hidden nuances. Mahek’s childhood dream was to have her prince charming come riding on a black horse. So Shaurya responded to her princess dream. People who love each other also tease each other. Mahek is the one who will take control now. This is going to be another type of Bramharaksh-type serial, not the spirit type stuff but the way the female takes on the lead actions. Mahek is already getting more confident to put Shruti in her place. I think Mahek is going to change big time after marriage. she will still be her sweet self but she is going to be the lady of the house soon.

    1. Moni7

      Chaaya…s u r correct even i want mehak to take the lead coz it is zindagikimehak not zindagi ki Shaurya???????…. director forgot the title??????

  13. Moni dear superb yaar…u’ve nice sense of humour…really everytime am reading ur comments am bursting out of laughter…literally laughing…serial parkratha Veda unga comments paddikka pudichirukku…

  14. ZKM also resembling IPKKND2 where shlok takes revenge on Astha during their first night…please ZKM all tiz we hd seen…so jagho n give us some gud surprise…I also read FB & tweet comments all had appreciated About the serial…only few of us din like it…and please guys only bcos of the lead artist we r glued to tiz serial…for sure if it’s changed will stop watching the serial…

    1. Moni7

      Dolly dear.. thank u soooooooooo much… umaaaaaaah???????????????????????….avlo pudichi irukka….feeling shy????… vekkam ma varudhu dear….
      S iss pyar ko kya naam doon ashlok and aastha …..??????… wedding night la he reveal his true identity la…same like shaurie…avlo love pannuvan…feeling sad..dear vl wait nd watch…or else.

      .RIP zindagi ki mehak???????????????????????????????????

  15. Moni7

    I hope today jalasa samathi for shaurie(drowning in pool)………

  16. yaar is serial mai bhi aisa hi hora jaisa kumkum bhagya mai hai why this zee tv serial all like that only .yaar zaldi mehak aur shaurie ki married karo yaar itna aacha chal ra tha phir ya ek enter aa gayi ab bus bhi karo shadi karo do zaldi in do ki.,

  17. Moni7

    Mehrya family……again i watch the retelecast……find few more things……which are ….first thing….. shaurie s similing at shruti in haldhi function..
    2 shaurie s very conscious dunno y (it is coz of marriage something else)
    3 most important one
    “he doesn’t felt any dizziness during
    garland exchange”
    How it is possible??????
    Unless otherwise v call it is
    “postural hypotension”…. prolonged standing leads to dizziness ….but here it is not the issue….he feeling dizzy coz of drug……so it is medically impossible to get intermittent giddiness(if a person intoxicated by a drug)??????….. director uncle v are not fool….by the time he could have fallen down..but he didn’t ????….if I started talking about drug pharmacokinetics nd pharmacodynamics u won’t understand…. director uncle what is meant bioavailability and half life of the
    drug??????…mami mentioned it is slow drug???….so it is impossible to absorb by (rapid)the gut ….bcoz route of administration is oral?????….poor bioavailability!!!!!!……so he s
    Sry guys ….

  18. Moni7

    Here is the link shared by preethi….. producer’s comment regarding fans questions in Instagram….

    1. Nila

      hai moni akka thank u for ur link in that some ppl comparing karan with gurmeet its not right but gurmeet is awesome actor and karan too I start watching Hindi serial bcoz of gurmeet he was acted in ramayan ipa kuda bagwan ram(god)na yenKu first mind la varathu gurmeet thaan good avan serial ku vantha ok but no replacement for karan he is so good as shauriya character shariya na athu karan than

  19. Moni7

    Sometimes synergistic effect of alcohol nd drug results in both positive nd negative effects…at times it vl become poison pr ulta…..this is the basic pharmacology of any drug….. everything is related with BMI….dose concentration route of administration….. plays a vital role ….i know it is fictional not real ..but then to want to share with u scolding????….plz…..

  20. Helli family… i just rethink about Zkm just by using brains n not heart… as SK is the lead role and will he’ve to fall in love with mehak…i remember his statement when mehak was vomiting he told his mami that he will get married to mehak and will keep her happy also do whatever u n hubby can do…in this full shaadi his mom is involved and she seems to be very happy by this and she has also told to shaurya i don’t think that he will ditch his mom too as she was the lady who stood by when no one excepted him even his own father….he definitely knew something is fishy in that drink but he Drank it this to misguide mama….he knows very well that mehak is a pure soul and when she said about her dream he heard but reacted when she left to bring that box….his mobile activity during haldi is confusing me….no one knows except sk and ms that recepie book is with him…he know that whatever issue is happening in the wedding is because if his mama n mami but still either he is misguiding or doesn’t want to give tension to mehak by giving it a name of coincidence…..when shaurya got to know about her job he only asked her to continue otherwise she was ready to join him…again when there was blast at sharma house shaurya was actually looking for that book instead of mohit but then he heard something and went ti save him….family need reply from u all after reading this what u all thnk about Shaurie… he loves her or not…

  21. sry for late reply moni dear just now saw it so extreme sry ur right he is having some different intentions avan parvaye seri ila but hope and praying that he does change to negetive role

    and the comment on zindagi ki shaurya ur wright director uncle marunthutaaru do u watch kkm my ammi watch ayio ulaga maha kodume da samy tanu aliya matave matanga matna abhi ku memery loss they thouhgt that pakravanga kane pasanga na puliyum pul thingumnu solalam

    1. Moni7

      Hai nelo s …kkb pappen but not now….y sry and all its oki dear….coming to ZKM….damn confusing with new spoilers hope for the best

  22. Hi all, i think shaurie dint change he s planning his revenge only. He booked tkts to escape frm delhi n mostly frm marriage. Marriage wont happen. As he want tht book he dont want to postpone wedding evn many probs hav come. He packed his suitcase saying giving space to mehak in cupboard. Poor mehak gng to suffer


    Hi all, Skipped three episodes, today only had a chance to watch. We donno what this director is upto. Couldn’t find anything. I have a strong feeling this SK will escape. Shaadhi won’t happen. He will take revenge, coz his expressions made me to say like that. He is not showing any interest while mahek walking near to him along with her family.

  24. Nila

    no marriage in Maha episode? then y one hour episode semma tension but main twist ye upcoming episode la thaan iruku sema planning is going on shauriya’s mind waiting yaar anyways yesterday episodes in haldi scene shaurie was so cute and mehak too i heard that mansi chachi was really cried(remind her daughter) during haldi rasam of mehak in shooting spot so touching semma bonding yaar and finally waiting for shauriya ‘s turn (enna pana porano)appo theriyum what is twist means?

  25. Hi Moni khush chaaya come down girls. Maybe shaurya love mehek.he can’t express his feelings. You know some people are emotionally challenge ??? so have some faith ??

    1. I don’t think it is the real wedding. It’s a part of the real wedding as a show for the enemies. There is more to this. Obviously, Shaurya was planning something on the phone.

    2. Hi Shalini, I think I had the same dream the character Mahek had. Man oh man, I am actually dreaming this stuff. I need to detach from the outcome . . . I was too disappointed with the shadi exposure.

      1. Sorry, I meant to type Hi Saloni. Spell check changed the name. I think we will be surprised. I am hoping, at least it will be not as bad.

  26. Expect the unexpected…tiz is wat is updated from director… I feel maybe shauri knows everything Abt his maama’s plan and his friend rajiv is with shauri only…simply acting to be on villian side…he will collect all sabooth and throw maama in jail forever…not sure but if tiz happens will feel releaved…wat u say guys…

  27. One thing I do like is Mahek is becoming really spunky and I know she is smart. She is a real challenge for Shaurya. Some smart men like a challenge. From the beginning of this serial they have been competing. As for the recipe book, it is only Mahek who can make those recipes come to life. A recipe book without the right cook is useless.

  28. Aruni_kashyap

    What the hell.. OMG.. plzz mujhe shaurya aur mehek ka pyaar sccha lg rha h.. So plzz ab usse mt todna..!! Kitne bhi twists lana ho le aana pr dono ki shaadiyan ho jaaye vo v scche pyaar ke saath.. uske baad jab mahabharat ki jung chhidegi na MehRya aur svetalana-sanjay ke beech usme maza aayega.. nd this recipie book and all.. plzz stop that thing.. Plzz shaadi ho jaaye!! ??

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