Mahek 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is lying on bed and trying to sleep, she gets up and says how will i live in this big house? it feels haunted. Someone puts sheet on her and takes her from there. Kanta comes out of her room too.
Mahek is screaming when she is brought in another room, she sees Shaurya and says you? he says calm down lady bheem, she sees Nehal and Mohit who has brought her, Nehal says Mahek loose your weight, Shaurya says they are my delivery job, Mahek says what is going on here? Shaurya says i want to show you something, she says what? Shaurya turns on lights, Mahek turns and sees Shaurya and her picture on wall, Nehal says how romantic, she wishes luck to shaurya and leaves with Mohit. Mahek sees her photos with Shaurya around whole room, Shaurya smiles at her, Shaurya says i wanted to show you this, you can arrange whole room, you decide curtain colors, bed and everything, Mahek is mesmerized by him and hugs him tightly, Mahek sees one empty frame and asks about it, Shaurya says i had to leave one frame for junior Mahek and junior Shaurya, Mahek shoves him, shaurya says i wanted to say that before meeting you, my life was little different, you have right to know about my affairs and all, Mahek puts hand on his mouth and says i dont want to know anything, i just know that present and future moments are ours together and nothing can come inbetween us, you dont need to tell anything, she hugs Shaurya. Mahek says i am going to my room now, Shaurya pulls her closer and says sleep here, Mahek says very funny, i will come here after two days so keep your mind in control, i have some work to do too, Shaurya says do it on my laptop, i will keep staring at you, i swear i wont irritate you. Shaurya lies on bed, Mahek starts working on his laptop, Shaurya keeps looking at her, Mahek says you know my skills are hidden my mother’s recipe’s book, my mom have made most weird dishes, Shaurya says i know, she says how? Shaurya says Kanta chachi showed me book, where is it? at your home? Mahek says no its in my carton here and safe, she says people cant think about dishes which my mother used to make, Shaurya says go to sleep now, you will have dark circles, people will say that boy is handsome and girl is not, Mahek says then marry your ex-girlfriend, she leaves his room.
Vicky is sleeping and snoring, Shurti is irritated and cant sleep, door knocks. Vaitlana comes in her room and says to Shurti that if you sleep tonight then you will be deadbody, Shurti says atleast respect our privacy, Vaitlana says your privacy is public in my account, listen to me if you want Shaurya, i have plan, she tells her some which is muted, Shurti smirks.
Its morning, Mahek asks servant about juice, he says its for Shaurya, Mahek says i will take it to his room. Mahek says to herself that Shaurya must be sleeping till now.
Shaurya comes out of washroom in just towel, Shurti is lying on his bed, he says what the hell are you doing here? Shurti says this is my place sweetheart, see i chose your clothes too. Mahek comes there, Shaurya says be in your limits, how dare you come in my room, Shurti. Shurti says to Mahek that he might have not told you anything, you know Shaurya and i have history, sometimes back i had my pictures in this room, we were in love but i still love Shaurya, i cant sleep thinking that my Shaurya will be of someone else, how? Shaurya pulls her away from Mahek and says leave from here, Shurti says to Mahek that i am still his weakness, he cant control himself when i am around, i love him. Shaurya says to Mahek that i wanted to tell you all this but you didnt listen, she is saying rubbish. Shurti comes closer to Shaurya and says we used to have so much fun giving love bites to each other, i remember everything. Mahek goes to Shaurya’s washroom. Shurti says Mahek has gone to cry in washroom, Shaurya says i have never seen such cheap women like you, go away. Mahek brings water bucket and throws water on Shurti, Shurti is shocked and says how dare you? Mahek says this was only way to doze off your fire, she stands beside Shaurya and says i dont care what was between you and Shaurya, she holds Shaurya’s arm and says he is my would be husband, if you dare try to eye him ever again then you wont be able too see your husband, you are sister in law so remain one, dont cross your limits, i am from old Delhi, i know how to fight, she pulls Shaurya closer and says take permission before coming in our room next time, she gives juice to Shaurya and sternly asks Shurti to leave now.. Shurti says Mahek Sharma.. she huffs and leaves.
Mahek says next time i will boil water then throw on Shurti, how dare she touch my husband infront of me? Shaurya says i am not your husband rightnow, Mahek says if you have doubt then you can change your decision now, Shaurya says nothing like that, relax, he gives her water and says dont be so angry, Mahek drinks water to cool down, Shaurya says i am hot boy so girls are little sad, Mahek throws water on his shirt and says if show sympathy to any girl then i will send her to graveyard, you in hospital and i will go to jail, Shaurya smiles and says people will say a lot and do a lot but they dont know that i am yours because you understand me, he smiles at her. Nehal comes there and says what you people keep finding in each others eyes? Shaurya says my family is calling you, Shaurya says you go, i will come, she leaves. Mahek looks at Shaurya and sweetly smiles at him.

Scene 2
Sajay drags Vaitlana to poolside, she says leave my hand or else, he says else what will you do? send that cheap Shurti in Shaurya’s room again? or you have some cheap women type idea in your mind? listen carefully, your work is to remain in corner and keep doing makeup, if you try to do anything again then i will break your face, Vaitlana says what to do? you dont tell me anything, Vaitlana says darling i am sorry, i did mistake but tell me that we have to bear all these cheap people here and its difficult for me, Sanjay says i get mad, just dont think anything, he calls his goon Jaggi. Jaggi comes there with his team. Vaitlana asks who are they? Sanjay says he is my friend, he killed one man last night only. Jaggi shows her dumbbells, Vaitlana asks what is this? Sanjay says Mahek and Shaurya cant marry, if they marry then Mahek will leave KD’s job and will start working for Shaurya, we need her recipes to destroy Shaurya, he says tomorrow when all will be busy, you will make Shaurya drink spiked drink, Mahek will be getting ready as bride and Jaggi will drag Shaurya in pool and Shaurya will die drowning in pool, all will think that Shaurya got inebriated and lost balance and fell in pool and died, he dances and leaves, Vaitlana looks on.
Balwant to Shaurya that we are old fashioned people, we dont drink water from our inlaws house and now we are sitting here, you are handling all expense of marriage, Kanta says to Shaurya that its your goodness that you brought us all here but Mahek should be going to her inlaws house from her house, if we cant do it then we can book resort or banquet hall to do her bidai, Ravi says we had dreams of Mahek’s marriage, let us do it, we want to welcome our groom and then you take Mahek with you with respect, please agree to it, Shaurya says we will do as you people decide, Balwant says long live son.

PRECAP- Shaurya’s baraat comes to wedding venue. Shaurya is ready as groom. Karona does his aarti. Shaurya smiles, all are dancing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Maine spoilers prha hai …….aur woha lika hai ki mehak shaadi tod degi…….do you have any idea what is going on? ……aagar shaadi nahi hui toh me serial dekhna chod dungi ??????????????

  2. Hi Mehrya family…..commenting here after a looooong time….I was happy at the pace the serial was going!! But I had my own doubts on Shaurya’s changed attitude towards Mahek and family……I thought maybe all the love was a drama to get Mahek close to him and thereby to give her recipes his brand name! But after seeing his care towards her family members I felt he is true to his emotions….
    Mahek’s performance in yesterday’s epi was mind-blowing!! The girl has improved a lot in her performance….and throwing the bucket of water on Shruthi…..I hope every girl has to behave like this to their husband/BF’s ex when they try to create issues between the couple instead of doubting your man…..loud round of applause for Mehak’s act!!
    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode…..
    And friends is it Shaurya in the new ad of Asian Paints where Ranbir Kapoor sings Barkha…..I felt the bridegroom is Shaurya…is it?

    1. Moni7

      Hai lijince how r u…after a long time m seeing ur comments….s dear ranbir advertisement… varshini varshini(in tamil Version)…same … Mehak mehak…look????????

    2. Nila

      hai mehrya family ,superb episode bcoz of mehak .ya i to see that ad (na nenachien epo paru shaurie ye parthu parthu enaku yara parthalum shauriya ve theriyutho?)and i thought some other guy

  3. ChandaMaya

    Someone asked where Shaurya got the photos from . . . I know that where there are surveillance cameras pictures can between ?‍? of course such a home with Hughes garden grounds must have surveillance cameras in this day and age.

  4. ChandaMaya

    I am watching the episode again . . . Cannot sleep. This serial is too much to don’t want all this evil stuff. ! Life can be romantic yet boring. Why all the drama? Injustice want for once that Shaurya and Mahek have a peaceful union.

  5. ChandaMaya

    Sorry for typos! I need sleep. So I meant to say that a posh upscale home with huge grounds is bound to have many surveillance cameras. That is how Shaurya acquired the pictures.

  6. HI all…yaar spoiler gave so much tension…doesn’t look that any marriage will happen today….common yaar its a love story and we have been waiting for it since a long time….and now this spoiler….killing mann can’t handle such things…whatever it is but atleast marriage should happen… even if shaurya doesn’t love her then too marriage should happen, even if so many evil plans are there but marriage should happen… moni kindly send a special request to the director naa..please he may listen to u…

    1. Moni7

      Kush dear …he already said no revenge… oly happy….but all these spoilers are killing me sweet heart…wat to do..

      1. Hmmmmm….spoilers are too confusing and creates so much tension for fans!! I think Mahek might save Shaurya and Shaurya will be hospitalized….shaadi cancelled and then Mahek will take care of him at hospital/home. Let’s wait and see!

  7. Hello dears
    I Can’t handle all spoilers yaar, making me doubt the director?
    Pls send today’s update early , I am being myself can’t wait anymore….

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