Mahek 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya insults Mahek

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Mahek 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is worried at night. She gets a call. Its Nehal. Mahek says what happened? She says nothign is okay here. Karuna is giving whole property to Anjali. There is something wrong. i don’t trust this Anjali at all. Mahek says I will talk to you later.
Anjali says I had been in orphanage and now I will be owner of this huge property. I am the queen. Anjali comes to police station. Anjali says baby just wait for a few more days. then we will live in our palace. We will kick that old woman out. Her lawyer comes. She says see what I do with this Mahek and Shaurya and that Karuna will beg on roads. A woman comes and slaps her. Its Mahek. Anjali laughs and says oh you thought you can stop me with this? Why are you trying so hard? Keep crying front of Ma but she wont listen to you. Mahek shows her the video she recorded of her and sooraj. Anjali is dazed. Mahek says I will show your reality to Shaurya and KAruna.

Mahek calls shaurya. He says I am busy. Mahek says how do I tell Shaurya whats happening here. Shauyra’s boss keeps him busy. Shaurya doesn’t check his phone. Mahek texts him and keep calling him.

Mahek rushes towards Shaurya’s office.

Anjali follows mahek. She falls down. Her hand cuts. She screams. Mahek leaves in this time. Anjali says where did she go? I will kill her. She calls someone.

Shaurya is at work. Anjali texts him I wanna meet you. Shaurya asks her to come at his office. He gets his offer letter.
Anjali calls Shaurya’s boss and says make sure Mahek doesn’t get to talk to Shaurya. Anjali says Mahek i will ruin your life.

Mahek says I had video. there is poison in this coffee. This is all Anjali’s plan. These people are all one. Anjali comes. Mahek says what is she doing here? Its all her plan. Shaurya says shut up. He takes her out and says don’t make this mess at my workplace. I asked her to come here so I can talk to her. Mahek says please see this video. you will know everything. He says what video? Anjali comes and says what video? Shaurya says there is no video. Mahek says let me check. She checks her phone there is nothing. shaurya says enough. I don’t have time for all this. Shaurya goes in. Anjali says you can’t outplay my game.

Precap-Anjali says I will take whole property from ma and then kick her out too. Everything will be mine. Save your family if you can.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Let me try to understand this… Mehak calls Shaurya, her husband, and he tells her he’s busy but Anjali could call as well and he tells her to come to the office??… And since when can a nobody like vampy Anjali, call Shaurya’s boss and tell him that Mehak shouldn’t be allowed to see her husband?? Sigh…. These writers love to glorify villains!!! I’m saying this, that Anjali is screwing anything under the sun…though not like Karuna, Anjali is having a good time with men before marriage…who the hell cares anymore anyways, everyone doing it these days, no virgins in this world today…friends, I needed to rant a bit!!! ???…

    1. Cathy

      Oh Naz, no Virgins? What shall the world do now! i’m to western to be bothered about a girls virginity…as long as she is responsible and an adult then it truly is no ones business. “her mind, her body, her decision”…and this is my own opinion and does not reflect anyone elses thoughts and views. now don’t think im in favour of indiscriminate s*x or one night stands, that is dangerous and disrespectful for both the man and woman. Anyway this show has gone of the rails again i don’t get what is going on and i think i’ll take a break from it..i’ll miss my Shaurya though.

      1. Cathy, prudish folks in some societies do want virgins for their sons but that’s outdated in this modern world…..but you know how bias some of these writers are…..i personally don’t even think people think about this anymore…

    2. leisa s morris

      Naz i tink shauryas new boss is d guy wrkin for anjali who is trying to destroy shaurya in some scheme

      1. You’ve got a valid point here Leisa…that’s why he’s listening to the tramp

  2. 1) Anjali can not be karuna’s daughter. Nobody on earth will plan to throw your won mother (saying old woman) out of the house .
    They should perform the DNA test. Anybody (villies) can act like a daughter just to get the property.
    Please do not accept Anjali as a daughter just looking at the locket. She must have stolen the locket from the actual person from that house or the person must be dead.

    2) Khurana (lawyer) knows Shaurya and Mehak veywell, so he should not act domb.
    Saurya , Mehak ,Vikie ,Nehal and aunty all have to show their intelligence to get out from this nonsense.
    3) The whole Mehak serial only fighting for that house. Enough is enough……………………………
    4) Do not always write story only for goons,viliians,killers etc.
    Please produce some healthy and positive story lines.

  3. WOW Naz I can read the frustration in your comment just imagine Shaurya and Mehek have been through so much she even risk her life to save the ass now he is putting his sister in front of his wife no one does that I still wanna see my husband puts his brother or sister before me I’ll kick his ass to the curb.By the way is she Karuna’s daughter? You know with these series you never know. I am disappointed in Shaurya’s behavior unless it’s a ploy on their part to catch her out because I cannot see Shaurya going against Mehek for that sewage rat no ways.

    1. I think Vivek is correct on the point that Anjali is not Karuna’s daughter, Anjali must have killed the actual daughter and taken her place, maybe they were living in a kids home and the real Anjali could have known and was about to look for her family and..wham!! This wretch took over!!! Jayashree, all these serials are so depressing, the only ones which has captured my heart at the moment are Aap ke Aajane Se and Ishq Subhan Allah… Why don’t you join us there, few of our friends from ETRETR are there… I’m very impressed with both… Give it a try and if you don’t like it, least you gave it a try…

  4. leisa s morris

    So after all d times mahek has saved her family abd shaurya noone trust her and takes d wrds of a complete stranger. Who brought her there? Who ask for acceptancenof her now everyone puttin her before mahek. In dis whole serial wen has mahek evee been unjust witg anyone. U would tink dat her family would kno her by now eh

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