Maharana Pratap 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

US is surprised at Pratap’s behaviour. You always stay alert but why did you let that person go if you had a doubt on someone? You stopped me as well. If we had interrogated every person present there then that person would have been caught. Pratap doesn’t want to insult his people. It was not even a surety that we would have found that person. He tells his father about the same smell. Someone used perfume to stop it this time. That same irking touch. US realises that he is talking about the same thing that happened when they had returned from Bijolia. If you think there is someone who is out here to harm you then you must tell us. Rawat ji agrees with him. Pratap doesn’t want to worry them. Maybe I made a mistake and I am still irked with that smell. US insists that he wants to know it if it is something serious. JB is curious too. Pratap dismisses it. He doesn’t share anything and leaves from there. Rawat ji and US are clueless too. JB looks worried. She gives a letter to daasi to give it to Hansa only.

Ajabde and Phool run around and play. Hansa tells them to stop and take some rest now. She sends them out and then takes JB’s letter. Hansa makes sure she is all alone. Mamrak ji would have told you what happened to the gold sword. I cannot understand how it can go missing. I thought a lot over it and have come to the conclusion that there is someone around us who doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Someone is plotting big things to ruin it all. It may be the same person who exchanged the kundlis. We have to be careful and catch the culprit.

DB writes a letter to Uma Devi. I was about to be caught today as I was over confident. I dragged the issue more than necessary. Everything went against me and things sorted out brilliantly. My whole plan got ruined. I am writing to you that we have to be extra careful while choosing our moves in future. Rawat ji will stand for Mamrak ji like a shield in future as well. Rana ji trusts him blindly.

Uma too is writing a letter. I haven’t given up yet. But I trust your scheming mind very much. I know that you will find a solution for this problem. Don’t worry I am ready to plot as many schemes as I have to, to stop this wedding.

JB writes that there is someone who is planning big things to stop this wedding. We will have to be extra careful till we find out the culprit. Many gifts will be sent from your palace to our palace as the wedding date is coming near. You can put a swastika symbol over the things that you are sending. This way we will be able to identify what all you have sent. We can easily catch the culprit in that case.

DB continues that many gifts will come to their palace from Senthi palace. The closest thing to be sent from you is turmeric. Uma Devi understands her plan. She calls a daasi to go and check if Phool’s gift for Ajabde is ready or not yet.

Pratap stands outside and replays the whole scene in his mind. He has seen a red box. It might be in my head. Maybe I am giving it too much importance. He recalls the crazy touch and smell. I must think as it has started to affect not just me but everyone who has come here for my wedding (including his family). I cannot come to a wrong conclusion in that case. He turns to go but then notices something and stops. He finds Changezi’s red box. Someone is trying to divert my mind to it and wanted to attack me for real.

Uma Devi checks the mirror. She wants it to be a little cleaner. Daasi talks to her about a special chemical. It is very poisonous. It is dangerous if it falls on the skin. Daasi experiments it on a flower which burns as and when the chemical is poured over it. Uma Devi steals it when no one is looking towards her. She wants to do the same with Pratap. I want to see the pain on your loved ones faces. Uma Devi tells the daasi not to tell anyone that she came here.

Hansa is making preps for the haldi celebration. She makes a swastika symbol over the bowl. Phool knows that she is worried over something and wants to know what’s troubling her. I can understand it if you don’t tell Ajabde but you can atleast share it with me. Hansa takes her to a corner and tells her about it.

Ajabde is looking for Phool. She hasn’t even picked my clothes for the occasion. She gets to know from a daasi that Phool is with her mother. Phool is shocked and wonders who would want to ruin this wedding. Do you doubt anyone? Hansa doesn’t have an answer but there is someone, either in this palace or that palace which is why JB and I have decided that we will be extra cautious. Whatever will go out from here will hold a swastika symbol over it for identification. Phool is with Hansa. She wants to know who is this person and is not in a mood to spare that person. Ajabde is confused. Hansa lies to her. She tells her that they will send her leftover haldi for Pratap as per the tradition. Ajabde smiles.

Pratap doesn’t want to put on someone’s leftover haldi. He wants a new haldi for him. She wants to put a juthan haldi over me. Everyone smiles. JB talks to him about their tradition. She explains that this way the soul and hearts of the couple unite. Pratap agrees. Rituals have been thought over. I will apply it when it will reach here. After all I have to follow the tradition. Everyone laughs at him yet again.

Hansa applies haldi to Ajabde (She is looking beautiful) followed by Saubhagyawati and Phool. Uma Devi watches them from a distance. She is holding the chemical bottle in her hand. She is sure the haldi will show its effect. Hansa notices her and asks her to join them. Uma Devi talks about how sad she is at the loss of sword. Hansa calls her their closest relative. Everything is incomplete without you. The problem is solved and no one Is thinking about it. come bless my daughter. She will be all the more lucky if many married ladies bless her. Uma Devi complies. She applies haldi to Ajabde who folds her hands thankfully. Phool wants her to bless Ajabde but she is lost in thoughts. She finally blesses Ajabde as Phool brings her out of her reverie. She is shocked to see that the haldi bowl is gone by then. She notices Hansa taking it with her.

Pratap walks out of his room shyly which surprises US. JB notices VB all sad. She recalls how she wed Rana ji in a rush. I dint get a chance to do this ritual. She looks at US sadly who feels uncomfortable and takes his leave from JB.

Hansa tells daasi’s strictly to reach JB straight. You must not stop on your way. Uma Devi comes there to offer her help. Hansa denies as everything is done. Hansa notices a bowl and realises that she dint make a swastika symbol over it. She wants to know who kept it here. I dint ask for it. Uma Devi calms her down. She removes the cover and notices that it is full of red chillies. Mamrak ji too calms her. it isn’t necessary that there will be a mistake every time. Uma Devi suggests going with the daasi’s but Mamrak ji stops her. Rawat ji has taken the responsibility to look over it. Uma Devi is worried.

Gifts come from Senthi palace. JB checks the symbol. Rawat ji tells her to check carefully. She wont find anything amiss. He also tells the daasi to give the haldi bowl in JB’s hand as it is the most important thing here. She tells her to keep it with the other gifts. DB comes to see the things. She wants to take it to make uptan for Pratap and Rawat ji also agrees as she is Pratap’s choti ma after all. JB eyes the bowl worriedly.

Uma Devi had changed the haldi bowl very cleverly with the chemical mix bowl. She wants it to reach Pratap safely. She hears Ajabde and Phool’s voices and is scared. She hides the bowl in the box kept nearby. Phool and Ajabde are confused to see her there. Ajabde teases her. Uma Devi warns her that the one who laughs first has to cry later. Ajabde and Phool are confused. Hansa comes there wondering what happened. Ajabde tells her that she said something wrong. Hansa apologizes to Uma Devi on her behalf. She invites her for the sangeet ceremony tonight. Uma Devi says she cannot come as she has a sprain on her leg. I have to write an urgent letter too. She goes from there. Hansa tells Ajabde to be careful with elders. Uma Devi pretends to walk with a sprain while Ajabde and Phool look on. Phool understands that she might be hurt over the painful things that her grandmother has said to her. Ajabde declines. I am used to all that since my childhood. But I am sure you too will be worried to notice what I have noticed. Uma Devi was saying she had a sprain in her leg but now she is all fine. Phool follows her gaze and is shocked. She is sure there is something.

DB tells the daasi to make sure no one disturbs her. I am going to check the gifts sent by Ajabde. She comes to her room and checks the jewellery. She also finds a letter from Uma Devi saying that she has done her job. I have added the poisonous chemical in the haldi. Now it is up to you how you want to ruin Pratap’s face. I hope you wont leave any stone unturned in fulfilling this mission. DB thanks her from her heart. I will do it for sure.

Chakrapani tells Pratap to be sure as once haldi is put over it he cannot meet Ajabde before wedding. Pratap agrees hesitantly but reprimands his friend for not arranging a meeting with Ajabde. Chakrapani diverts his mind to that smell and Pratap looks upset. JB tells him not to divert his friend’s mind as he forgets everything once he thinks about the problems at hand. JB notices one side of the bowl but there is no swastika symbol over it. she wants to turn it around when VB calls out for her. I want to apply haldi first as I am the youngest one.

Uma Devi is smiling to herself. I replaced the haldi bowl. DB would enjoy this moment so much. She takes out the haldi bowl from the box and smiles holding it but is shocked to find Ajabde and Phool standing there. They too are shocked to see the haldi bowl in her hand.

JB agrees with VB and gives the bowl to her. she is about to dip her hand in it when DB interrupts them. JB doesn’t want to delay this anymore. DB talks about rituals and traditions. She doesn’t blame VB as she has no idea about the princely traditions. The eldest mother does a groom’s haldi. Even I cannot do it. you know I am his favourite ma yet I cannot do it. DB takes the haldi bowl from VB and gives it to JB. Pratap is getting impatient. VB steps back. DB is thrilled thinking about what she is going to witness now. A mother is about to ruin her own son’s face with her own hands. What else could be better than this? I cannot put it into words.

Phool wants to know what her grandmother is up to. You have done so much yet everyone here has treated you so nicely. This is how you repay them? Uma Devi says it is their helplessness as they are a samant family. I am Marwar’s Rani. They have no option. You think they can throw me? What world you live in Phool? You cannot see the reality as you have been blinded by friendship. But the truth is she (Ajabde) cannot harm me in any way. Phool tells her to stop. Ajabde calms her down. I will ask her. She asks Uma Devi who calls her the reason behind it. I don’t like you, your face, your ordinary samant life, your smile, your happiness and not even your relationship with Phool and its effect on her. if people like you start joining the royal families then our real royal blood will be lost. Phool sternly tells her to stop it. Ajabde knows that Uma Devi hates her but why Pratap. Why do you want to hurt Pratap? She is doing it as he chose her over Phool. I want to burn his face with that poisonous haldi so that his alliance breaks before the wedding. Phool and Ajabde look at her with shocked expressions.

Precap: DB and Pratap ask JB to put haldi on him. Phool and Saubhagyawati reach there in disguise and are shocked to see that JB is about to put haldi on Pratap. A soldier tells Changezi that Pratap is going to take a dip in the holy water today because of some brahm mahurat. Changezi asks him if he isn’t scared to go out all alone. Soldier knows that there is no one who can kill Pratap. Changezi cannot kill Pratap on land so he decides to kill him in water.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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