Maharana Pratap 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 9th September 2013 Written Update

Pratap goes to meet chakrapani, n ask for help, as he knew most abt the royal rules n laws n only he can find a solution to free shakti, chakrapani ask for tym. Scene changed, udai was discusing sum political issues with rawat n other ministers, rawat told him that until he reach delhi to punish shamsher khan for murder conspiracy of pratap, till then mughals will reach their, udai says its not a gud sign, as they are not gud people, rawat says that rajputana is on thr list, at the same tym pratap came to meet him, udai got angry on interfaring but rawat saved the matter n leaves. Pratap says that thr’s a law if the accused is injured he can’t be in prison for long n shakti had already passed a day, udai says that if the accused has himself resposible for the injury thz law dnt apply, pratap says he’s sick n pleads him a lot to free him n also takes gurantee that he’ll behave properly, udai was convinced.

Pratap got very happy, he says that deep inside US is really polite, US ask him to leave or he’ll change his decision, pratap ran to gave this news to sajjabai, here when pratap was convicing US, in the jail, the guard tease shakti n he got angry, shakti ask him to be quite but that guard start abusing US, this instigate shakti’s anger n he hold his neck, take out the keys n came out, n hit him badly, the guard was still not ready to say sorry, shakti just pushed him n he diedas a sword or sum sharpest thing enter his stomach, shakti dnt notice it n ran from there, he reached the palace n was hiding himself behind curtains, from one side shakti was going to sajja’s room n from other side pratap.

Other side, jaiwanta was teaching sajja sum meditation, to calm her down, sajja feels btr n jaiwanta leaves, just then sajja saw shakti in the room n she closed the door, n when she got to know that he broke the jail, he was shocked, shakti ask her that thy’ll leave the palace, meanwhile pratap reached thr n told sajja that US has pardoned shakti, shakti says he dnt want his help, he hold sajja’s hand n began to leave from there, sajja n pratap tries to stop him but he dnt, thi begin a fight between brothers.

In the cout, the priest told US that shakti is a danger for thr empire, US was disturbed n as he was passing orders to release shakti he get to know of prison incidence n as he saw the dead body of guard he ordered to arrest shakti.

Precap: Shakti was arrested, US angry, jaiwanta tries to convince him, pratap gather proves for shakti’s innocence but US dnt listen.

Update Credit to: Amor

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