Maharana Pratap 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakrapani saying about Tulsi Das meeting Hanuman. Pratap gets curious to know what happened next, did Hamuman ji show Tulsi Das the way to meet Lord Ram. FB shows Tulsi Das crying and asking Hanuman to show him the path to get a glimpse of Lord Ram. Chakrapani says Hanuman’s heart melted by Tulsi Das and he told him to go to meet Lord Ram. Pratap says I m sure of this, as my mum used to say a determined man can meet Lord, Tulsi Das would have met him. Tulsi Das stays in Chitrikut ashram and smiles seeing two men on the horses. Hanuman ji appears and he asks tulsi Dad did he not see Ram ji and Laxman ji. Tulsi Das realizes they are gone and says so this is Ram ji. He asks Hanuman ji to make him meet him again.

Pratap says Lord came and Tulsi Das could not meet him. Chakrapani says Hanuman ji said he will meet him after Poornima and Tulsi Das was ready to meet Lord Ra, and not miss the chance. A boy passes by him while Tulsi Das cures some people. The boy asks him to give lep to him. Pratap says Lord can meet the devotee in any avatar, I want to know did Tulsi Das missed to identify him. A parrot comes and tells Tulsi Das to realize that its Lord Ram. Tulsi Das sees Lord and smiles. He greets the Lord and Lord Ram does the tilak to him.

Lord Ram says he will give him an imp work. He asks him to write his Katha/story and Tulsi Das gets overwhelmed. Lord blesses him and leaves. Tulsi Das says Jai Shree Ram and smiles. Pratap says Tulsi Das is so lucky to meet Lord Ram. Salima asks Akbar to know his next plan to invite Rajput kings to meet him in Ajmer. Akbar says he did not understand her. Salima asks what he wants, to have his fear in everyone. He says yes. She asks him to control the places which they can’t control, Rajputana. He says you want me to become their friend and then make them fearing of us, how is this possible, the kings will accept our friendship.

She says the one you can’t fail, make them your friend, if you can’t kill them by sword, then burden them by favors and kill by love. She says Pratap is the only one who regards you his enemy. Pratap asks Patta about Chittor news. Patta says Rana Singh kept his promise and has forgiven Jagmal. Pratap says he did right, I was worried for Dheer Bai, he did a favor on me. Patta says I heard Akbar has moves Jaheera and this news is spreading wide.

Salima asks Akbar to make Rajputana friends. Akbar says no need, I will kill them. She asks can he win over them, if all Rajput kings support him expect Pratap then.. He says then no one will dare to look at us, I will be called Shahenshah. She says win their trust by giving posts and money, win over them and increase business to put your name in their works and the day will come soon when no one can love without you. She smiles. Akbar says all her plans are superb. She asks him to just trust her and see, she requests her to send invitation to all Rajput kings to Ajmer. He says on one condition, if you come along. She kisses him and says she will.

Bairam Khan asks Akbar why is he doing this. Akbar says I will bend to them and then control the enemies, then you see Khan Baba, all Rajput kings will work under us. Bairam Khan says idea is great, but I feel its risky, I will come along. Akbar says no, I mean thanks, I can do this alone, you just send them the invitations to them.

Ajabde asks Pratap are we leaving from here. Pratap says yes, we will go where fate is signing. She asks where. He says Kashi, I want to meet Saint Tulsi Das. Chakrapani and Patta smile. Pratap says I got a chance to hear about him, its not coincidence, he will make him meet someone special, I feel its big reason behind meeting him.

Pratap stops on the way for his prayers, while Akbar too stops to offer prayers. They are on two opposite banks on the rivers and see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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