Maharana Pratap 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap tries to get the smell off his hands but in vain. He is seriously irked with it. Chakrapani notices him thus. He has brought a solution for it – rose petals. Pratap is curious. How did you find them in this season? Chakrapani tells him how he told Saubhagyawati about the foul smell in his hand. She in turn told Ajabde. Pratap deduces that Ajabde ruined his gift that he had given her. Is this how she respects my gift? Chakrapani prays to God to give this Rajput some patience. She has made herself strong and has parted with this invaluable gift only for you so that you are at peace. You are angry for this as well! Pratap tells him not to take Ajabde’s side as he is his friend after all. He rubs the rose petals on his hand and finally the smell is gone. He wants Chakrapani to do something for him. Find out how many fishermen came in those people who came to give me blessings from Chittor. Chakrapani gets worried as the task is really tough. Pratap knows but he cannot take it out of his head. I must find out who he was. JB tells Chakrapani to say no. Whatever he has asked you do, say no. pratap tries to say something but she tells him to surrender himself completely in front of his family members as he is about to get married. We all want you to get ready for it. chakrapani takes his cue and leaves from there.

Phool is getting Ajabde ready for the tilak. Ajabde protests as Phool is making her wear heavy jewellery and stuff as even Pratap likes simplicity but Phool stays put. Saubhagyawati comes there. Ajabde asks her about the rose petals and if Chakrapani gave it to Pratap. He must have thanked me. saubhagyawati fumbles and Ajabde realises that he dint say thank you even. I know him he is like that only. Phool agrees with Ajabde. Ajabde wants to wear heavy jewellery as Pratap doesn’t care for his likes and dislikes. Phool explains Pratap’s view that he might not want to share his feelings through someone else. I am sure he will share it with you when he meets you. Ajabde realises (with surprise and wonder) that Phool knows Pratap so well. Phool declines. I only know you well. Get ready fast.

VB has got a pagdi for Pratap. She has made it herself. DB tells Pratap not to wear it as it is old but he knows that a mother’s love cannot be old. He wears the pagdi made by VB. DB says all three of us love you so much as you are very sweet. JB nods. DB again stops Pratap when he tries to pick his sword. She reminds him that it is his tilak today. You wont need it as your FIL will give you a sword in gift. JB adds that he will get it as he is a Rajput after all. It is an insult to Rajput warrior if he doesn’t get a sword in his tilak. Pratap asks if his dad believes it too. US affirms. A true Rajput is always looking for respect. You can call it a ritual but we have lived for and because of these rituals / traditions only. We trust them and live / die for them. a true Rajput takes these things very seriously. Pratap nods. US tells him that Mamrak ji and Rawat ji will be coming over shortly to fulfil this tradition. DB is eagerly waiting for them as she is sure her Uma jija would have done her task by now.

Uma Devi keeps an eye on the daasi’s who take the stuff to be given in tilak from the room. The servant closes the door after they all leave. She looks on in confusion.

Mamrak ji and Hansa tell their servants to keep everything down. He wants Uma Devi to see the arrangements first as she is above them. Hansa is really happy at her change in behaviour. She forgot everything and joined us in our celebrations. She stayed back at Bijolia and came to Chittor with us. She has given such a valuable bangle to Ajabde as a gift. I will forever be indebted to her. he smiles in reply.

Uma Devi and Rawat ji join them. mamrak ji request Uma Devi to check the tilak stuff once. We will send it once you ok it. She approves it. mamrak ji talks about the special gift for Pratap. A daasi brings the sword there. Uma Devi compliments it as it is made of gold. This is a symbol of a Rajput’s respect. He nods. It will get a new life when it will be given to our brave SIL. It will write history not just for Pratap but for the whole Rajputana. Uma Devi comments that parents do so much for their children when they are happy. you are an ordinary samant and yet you brought such an expensive sword for Pratap. Everyone feels bad while she continues talking. I have never heard or seen something like this. Mamrak ji talks about his love for his daughter. She is going to get married to Pratap. I don’t want her to feel less than any princess. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned as who gets a SIL like Pratap. Hansa tells him to stop praising his SIL so much. They have loads to do. We have to send this stuff to Chittor palace too. He says they cannot send it till Ajabde comes and touches all this stuff especially this sword. She only will do its puja.

Just then Ajabde comes there with Phool and Saubhagyawati. Hansa and Mamrak feel that their daughter has really grown up now.

Pratap is also ready for the tilak. US keeps looking at him with adoration. He looks like a big prince now.

Everyone has closed their eyes except Uma Devi as Ajabde does the sword’s puja. Priest prays that this sword ends all the adharma, bad people and maintain dharma. May it protect truth and dharma always. He tells Ajabde to give it to her dad so that he can give it to Pratap with due respect. She turns and finds Pratap standing there. He takes the sword from her and touches it to his forehead. Ajabde realises she was dreaming. She gives it to Mamrak ji. Uma devi has her eyes set on the sword all the time.

Changezi is in some jungle. He is heating some big knives in fire. He prays to Allah to allow him to kill Pratap for his Shehanshah.

JB is overwhelmed at the gifts that Mamrak ji has brought for them. US tells him that he only needs one gift in tilak. Mamrak ji understands it well as he too is a Rajput. He requests Rawat ji to bring that sword. Rawat ji is unable to find it in the presents that they have brought. He tells Mamrak ji that he cannot find it anywhere. DB makes an issue out of it. This is an insult to Rana ji and Pratap. The sword is of main importance at the time of a rajput’s wedding. She doesn’t even let Pratap speak in between. He has insulted your father. You should not forget it as you are an obedient son. Tilak is the most important ritual of a wedding. How can we forget it? mamrak ji calmly explains that they had indeed brought the sword. It was made of gold. Rawat jis agrees with him. he had especially shown it to Uma Devi along with the rest of the presents. She only had checked it and got it packed for us. Flashback is shown where Uma Devi hides the sword. DB asks them if they think they have hidden the sword. JB tells her not to stretch things but DB stays put. Its just not about Pratap’s respect but Rana ji’s respect too. You are saying this? The sword was to be given to Pratap to protect his life. He was to save his motherland with that. Is it useless to think about Pratap and our motherland? I have learnt it from you only and you are saying this?

Rawat ji calmly requests her to calm down. I feel that this mistake happened unintentionally. Mamrak ji has not done anything intentionally. DB tells him to think as a true rajput. Plus Mamrak ji is an ordinary samant how he would know the princely rituals. Everything will work for him. He forgot to bring sword in tilak. If anyone asks him about it then he will say that he forgot, right? Even Rana ji is quiet. He respects his friendship which is why he is keeping quiet. He tries to tell her to stop but she isn’t affected. We were getting so many options from the big families yet we chose an ordinary samant’s daughter for our Pratap. She even scolds Rawat ji. Finally Pratap tells her to stop. Mamrak ji is like my father and Rawat ji is like a guru for me. he is my ideal and my leader. I cannot see their insult in front of me. DB says this is what he makes use of as he knows Pratap will speak in his favour.

Rawat ji agrees with DB. You should not speak in this matter. He agrees that a mistake has been made. He takes the responsibility on himself as he is AJabde’s uncle. He has a solution for this. DB talks a little rudely to Rawat ji for which US warns her as Rawat ji is very special to them. rawat ji takes out his sword. My sword is not made of gold. It is an ordinary sword but it has been in our house since generations. Our ancestors have saved Mewar’s throne using this sword only. They have fought many wars using this and have won them as well. Fortunately, I too have fought many wars along with Pratap using this sword. If he is ok with it then I would love to gift it to him with all due love and respect. Mamrak ji and US look at him proudly. Mamrak ji takes the sword and holds it out for Pratap. He tells him that his Rani ma always says that God gives them more than what they wish for. I lost that gold sword but I am getting Rawat ji’s sword. I cannot explain it to you what value this sword holds for me. No gold sword can stand before this. This is priceless. Ajabde’s puja has anyways become my shield now. pratap takes it from Mamrak ji. DB is upset as her plan failed. Even US is speechless as the moment is precious. I will only say that I couldn’t get a better relative than Rawat ji; a better son than Pratap; and a better friend than Mamrak ji. I just got to know how lucky I am. Chakrapani comes to call Pratap or else it will be a mess outside. Whole Chittor has gathered outside to offer you gifts. Pratap leaves with him. His parents look on proudly.

Pratap folds his hands in front of his people. Changezi is in there too. Pratap greets people and they offer him gifts. Changezi is holding that special knife in a box. He advances towards him carefully. Pratap falls down as Changezi touches him. on the other hand, aalta spills on the floor from Phool’s hands because of Ajabde. They both look at it in shock. Phool knows it too well that Ajabde considers it to be a bad omen. Ajabde denies. I was thinking that you don’t know how to put it correctly. They both have a sweet moment and end up laughing and having fun together.

Chakrapani rushes to Pratap’s side who gets up and tells him that he is fine. All the other people are worried for him as well. Pratap looks at them keenly. He feels the same smell and is irked. Pratap looks around and notices Changezi’s turban. US and Rawat ji come there as well. People tell them that someone pushed Pratap. We are a witness to it. they have seen him falling on the floor but they haven’t seen the attacker. Pratap says maybe I lost my balance and fell. Nothing happened. US says you cannot fool me. do you doubt any of them? pratap answers in a yes. US tells Rawat ji to interrogate every single person present here. Pratap doesn’t want it. He tells everyone to go home. US and Rawat ji are confused. Pratap doesn’t want to disrespect his people.

Akbar’s army is really tired. They stop to drink water but Akbar throws it away. he tells Nasir to snatch water from their army. They will drink it from the river which is near rajputana border. Nasir is concerned about his army men. They need water. Akbar knows it well. I have snatched it from them so that they move towards the river with double speed to get it. they will help their Shehanshah in the true sense then. His soldiers oblige. Akbar tells them to move ahead as no one can stop them now. Akbar is happy that his feeling to kill Pratap is keeping him motivated. What an enemy!

Precap: Uma Devi is ready to plot as many schemes as she has to to stop this wedding. JB is writing a letter to Hansa. Someone is here who wants to stop this wedding and is plotting so much for it. Uma Devi reads DB’s letter. Too many gifts will be sent to our palace from Mamrak ji’s side. the gift that you need to send for Pratap is turmeric. Uma Devi has understood her plan. Pratap finds Changezi’s box. I am sure someone intentionally wants me to find it to attack on me but who was it? he turns to go but then stops.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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