Maharana Pratap 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with gohar jaan says to jalal that pratap has made relation with phool and for their break up, give me last chance. Hansa mosi see that pratap is coming towards fort. Pratap says, chakrapani is safe. Hansa mosi ask about mamrat ji. then mamrat ji says, i am Ok. Mamrat ji thanks to pratap. Pratap says, now nobody will enter in our land. Now we thank to Ajab. She send me message with laxmi. Pratap takes permission from hansa mosi and mamrat ji.
Pratap and his friends make tent. Soldier says, rao mamrat ji is coming to meet you.
Phoool ask to gohar, where were you. Gohar says, i was helping to villagers. Phool ask to hansa mosi, will pratap come with mamrat ji? Mamrat ji came and says, no he will not come. Hansa mosi also goes to meet him but he again says, no.
Phool says to ajab, is it necessary to give all clothes to villagers. Ajab says, yes. Hansa mosi says, i dont know why will pratap is coming to fort. Phool says, i know why he is not coming because of ajab. Hansa mosi says, go ajab and bring him back. Ajab goes to meet pratap. Ajab says,i want to talk to you. Ajab says, why will you dont come at fort. i know this is not the reason. Pratap says, then what is the reason. Pratap says, ok it is the reason, so now you again came to welcome me.
Ajab says, if i didnt welcome you. Pratap says, i dont mind. Ajab says, i know you hurt your close people.
gohar jaan buttering to phool. Phool ask from gohar, where did you learn this type of hair style. ajab says, i have done mistake, i dont know what i have said to pratap.
Pratap says, chakrapani really loves with sobhagyawati. His friends says, ajab really also likes you. Chakrapani says, forget ajab, now phool likes you. Phool says, i convince pratap. Ajab says to herself, why you cant came on my call.
Pratap came and ask about ajab. Ajab give thanks to laxmi and pratap also gives thanks too. Ajab ask, you came here and give thanks to laxmi, and you are going without talk to me. Pratap says, i am going again. Ajab tries to convince her and pratap then gives surprise to her and says, everybody is waiting for you.
Mamrat ji says, everybody is gather here to give honour you. Pratap then says,, its all due to ajab. Pratap says to ajab, touch these coins and help to needy people. Mamrat ji blessed ajab and everybody give slogan of ajab..
Pratap gives ajab’s necklace and ajab thinks about it and denies to accept it. Ajab says, why will i not take this necklace from him. Ajab says, i will tell him everything. Phool came and says, i want to say you something. I love kunwar pratap. Ajab gets surprised. Phool says, i know you dont trust me but i also cant believe on myself. i dont understand what will i do. ajab thinks about pratap and cried. Phool ask, what happen? Ajab says, i am crying because you are also making difference with me. phool and ajab hug each other. Benidas says, now sobhagyawati is with chakrapani then why will we care him. Chakrapani says, what happens, why you going? JB says, you have sent marriage proposal to every royal family but nobody is giving any response. Rawal ji came and give good news that surohi rajkumar has sent a picture of her daughter. Then rawal show every proposal from royal family. Hansa mosi ask from mamrat ji, what happen, why are you so happy? Mamrat ji says, uday singh ji has sent us letter for pratap’s marriage. Hansa mosi tells every thing about ajab’s love. Mamrat ji says, how dare you to say this. where is kunwar pratap and where is our daughter. Hansa mosi says, this is your hate to your daughter. Uday singh ji thinks you friend and JB thinks us friend too and kunwar pratap is also love him.

Precap:- Mamrat ji says, we will sent phool’s proposal for pratap marriage. Jalal gets angry to heard this news and says, if phool will not be mine then she will not be others.

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