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Akbar kneels down before the Fakir. Please tell me how I can kill Pratap. Fakir says if you ever get a chance to fight with Pratap in a war, and get a chance to fight with him face to face then you will be dead. Akbar angrily aims his sword around his throat. I dint come here to hear all this rubbish after struggling so much (climbing the mountain). Fakir tells him not to act childish. You cannot hear here what you want to. What I say here is His (Allah’s) words. Neither is this my suggestion nor my advice I said what I have realised. Akbar wonders if he will never be able to win over Chittor. Fakir says I dint say so. He starts sipping from his cup again.

DB is making the whole palace ready to welcome Pratap and Ajabde. She personally goes to decorate their bed. Jagmal says, you are decorating the bed as if they are really going to enjoy their first night here. You would have made all the preps to send Bhabhi ji to God? She replies that she will put Ajabde’s dead body over this body only when it will reach here. Her dreams remained unfulfilled when she was alive so I will do that for her when she is gone. They hear people cheering for Pratap.

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Pratap reaches Chittor Palace along with his sisters and Ajabde. DB wipes something out of the corner of her left eye. Jagmal asks her if her left eye is palpitating yet again. I think your plans failed this time as well. I wonder if Bhabhi ji is still alive and about to enter our palace. She gets restless and looks out from the balcony. Maan, CK wait while Pratap holds out his hand for Ajabde. DB is shocked to see Ajabde alive. Everyone smiles seeing the couple together. Ajabde folds her hands before all the people who are cheering for Pratap. Pratap too folds his hands before them with gratitude. Ajabde notices DB standing upstairs in the balcony and stares at her. VB gets nervous seeing her. DB’s expression changes to anger as she looks at VB. Maan too notices her Rani Ma. VB recalls DB’s words. Ajabde can see the effect that DB is having over VB. She holds VB’s hands. DB looks at her in amazement while Maan is trying to hide her smile.

Pratap and Ajabde move toward the entrance of their palace. DB recalls the last time when Ajabde had entered in the palace while she too walks towards the main door with the puja thaal in her hand, to welcome the couple. DB gets all the more worried as she observes them holding hands. She looks at Ajabde. Ajabde looks at her unfazed. Pratap asks his CHoti Ma (DB) if she is not feeling well. Ajabde says seems like Choti Ma has been running around a lot to make preps to welcome us. She looks tired. Maybe this is why she forgot to do your aarti. Maan too asks her Rani Ma to welcome her Bhabhi Sa. DB does their aarti. Maan points out to Ajabde that no one calls Choti Ma (DB), Choti Ma anymore. She has become Rani Ma here now. Ajabde nods, but she will always be Choti Ma for me. I had called her CHoti Ma only when I had met her for the first time. Hope you don’t mind it Choti Ma. DB affirms. Pratap and Ajabde touch her feet to seek her blessings. DB blesses Pratap. Thereafter, Ajabde puts DB’s hand over her hand and requests her to bless her. I am not going to get up till you bless me. Pratap says the blessings from a mother come from her heart. A forced blessing is of no use. DB says Ajabde will be blessed with what all she deserves. Ajabde gets up finally. I have come here only a while ago yet I have understood Choti Ma better than you (Pratap). Pratap asks for his father. DB tells him that Rana ji is busy in some important work. Rawat ji goes to see Rana ji.

Rawat ji greets US. I think Rana ji has forgotten his son and DIL and is lost in CHittor’s main gate. US says I hope your journey was smooth. Rawat ji thinks about the Haat Mela. Minus some troubles it was all good. I can see worry on your face. What is the reason behind it? US is worried about what Rawat ji had said about Chittor’s main gate. This is actually Gwalior’s main gate. Rawat ji realises the stark resemblance between both the gates. Soldier comes to inform US about Pratap and Ajabde. US suggests Rawat ji to welcome the couple first. We will discuss this later.

Ajabde and Pratap seek Kanha ji’s blessings in their temple. Maan teases them saying that this is where they had met for the first time. Ajabde teases Pratap indirectly by asking Maan who told her all this. Pratap denies doing anything like that. DB advices them to take some rest first. Maan wants to show the whole palace to Ajabde Bhabhi first. US joins them. He blesses Ajabde. I will try and make sure that you get all that you need here. He turns to Pratap. I hope you give as much time to your familial responsibilities as much as you devote in your political duties. It is essential to balance both of them. He turns to leave with Rawat ji. Pratap shows an inclination to join him. US reminds him of what he just told him. Pratap can sense that his father is worried over something. You talked about responsibility. It wont be good if I don’t support you in this case. Ajabde supports him. US tells DB to be very careful of the energies of this young couple. It will be tough for you to handle them. DB assures them that she will handle them. Pratap leaves with US and Rawat ji. DB tells Maan to show the palace to Ajabde. I will complete a very important task along with VB till then. Ajabde proposes to take VB along with her. DB gives permission. I have ample time to spend with VB. We will discuss things later. Ajabde takes VB along with her too.

Akbar returns to his palace. Mahamanga meets him. she is curious about his meeting with the Fakir. He tells her to cancel all that has been scheduled for the day. Mahamanga is confused. Akbar dips his feet in hot water. Mahamanga comes to talk to him. he is irked but she requests him to tell him what happened. she notices his anger and tells him not to share it if he is not comfortable. He is not a God after all. He might be great but! He cuts her mid sentence. Then why you said that his words become true? She nods worriedly. He tells her what the Fakir had told him. no army can defeat me ever. She gets happy and starts praising the Fakir. He can see the future so well. He is Allah, his words certainly turn out to be true. Akbar recalls Fakir telling him that he will lose out to Pratap in a one to one fight. Mahamanga realises that Fakir had said something else too but Akbar dismisses her. she walks out from his room dejected. Akbar remembers the fight that he had imagined against Pratap, wherein he had been hurt in the end. He touches his chest again.

Pratap is shocked to know that Mughals have triumphed over Gwalior. Bairam Khan hoists the Mughal flag over Gwalior palace. US affirms. Mughals have done it with the same ruthlessness for which they are famous. Bairam Khan was leading the army. He forced the king of Gwalior to leave his state after killing many people mercilessly. This is an issue for us to be worried about. Rawat ji nods. It will be more beneficial for us to focus entirely on our safety this time. Pratap denies. Rana ji is right. I can understand his worry. Gwalior and CHittor’s palace are structured in a very similar manner. If the Mughals have got Gwalior palace then this means that they have gained the experience of gaining access to the palace which is on top of a mountain, which was earlier an impossible task for them. their next target will be CHittor only. US agrees with Pratap. Pratap says that Mughal (Akbar) can gain as much experience as he wants to, he can strengthen his army as much he wants to, he will never be able to even dream of stepping inside Chittor’s main entrance till I am here. Soldier comes to inform US that a guest has come to meet them – Hakim Khan Suri from Sasaram. Rawat ji knows that Pratap had refused to be friends with HK. Hope he dint get angry over it and has come here with some purpose. You cannot actually trust their intentions. They all are in thoughts while HK is shown to be heading towards that particular room. Epi ends on the split screen of Pratap and HK.

Precap: AJabde takes a vow in front of DB. I will fill the place that remains incomplete / empty in Rani Ma’s (JB’s) absence, with her wishes and expectations. I vow that I will keep my home, my state and my husband safe and away from all the evil eyes. DB thinks of what all she has done to become Rani Ma from Choti Ma. I will not let you ruin everything. I will kill you Ajabde. She looks at the dagger in her hand.

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