Maharana Pratap 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badshah Khan is proud of himself that he captured Pratap. Even Akbar could not do it. Your enemy is so powerful that he can give me this entire state in gift. Pratap realises that he is talking about Akbar. He points it out to Badshah Khan that he has made his Shehanshah lose many times in fights. Badshah Khan is not interested in any of it. I have come here to take revenge from you. You had killed my Abbu. Now its time for me to kill you to avenge my father’s death. Pratap tells him to free Bijolia people now as he has got him. Badshah Khan refuses to let go of anything, Bijolia, its people and Pratap as well. He starts laughing maniacally at which Pratap smiles too. You have actually done surrender, not me. You hoisted the white flag in the air. Badshah Khan recalls the same and goes quiet. Pratap repeats that it is Badshah Khan who has actually surrendered. What’s the need for me to surrender when I have the army whom I myself have taught fighting skills, the people of Bijolia who can do anything on Bai Ji Lal’s command? He asks his soldiers if he is right or not. these soldiers are not looking down because they are scared of you but they are looking at their motherland for which they can sacrifice their lives. They are telling their motherland that it is time to repay your debt with our blood. Pratap motivates his soldiers to fight with the Afghan soldiers bravely and show their calibre. Ajabde and Patta reach there too. They stand behind all the people and watch it.

Badshah Khan tells his soldiers to make sure the people of Bijolia and soldiers bend their heads in front of them but in vain. One of Bijolia’s men kills the Afghan soldier. They all start chanting praises of their motherland which infuriates Badshah Khan. Patta realises Pratap’s strategy. Badshah Khan says I dint want to kill you on your land but you are not leaving any other option for me. he is about to hit him with the sword when Hansa says no. Badshah Khan tells Pratap to be quiet for her sake or he wont spare him but Pratap doesn’t budge. He continues to boost the morale of his soldiers.

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Meanwhile, Badshah Khan starts counting to 3. Hansa tells Badshah Khan to stop but Pratap tells her to let it be. Badshah Khan mocks the relation between them and their concern. Badshah Khan offers a deal to Hansa – tell Pratap not to instigate his soldiers against mine. Secondly, you will bend your head in front of me. Patta is getting angry. Even Pratap tells Hansa not to do it but Hansa has made up her mind. Pratap tells his soldiers to drop their weapons and stands helplessly. Hansa gets ready to follow Badshah Khan’s condition as Badshah Khan hurts Pratap with the sword. Ajabde stops Patta from meddling in as Pratap doesn’t want it. Pratap gives him swear to Hansa who is walking towards Badshah Khan but in vain. Badshah Khan smiles while Pratap continuously requests Hansa to stop.

Hansa makes it clear to Badshah Khan that this mother is ready to give any test for her child. This has been happening in our Rajputana since ages now. this trend will never change. But for a Rajput, his motherland if greater than his mother. He can do anything for his motherland. This mother is ready to bend in front of you for her son. Hansa bends down to touch Badshah Khan’s feet. Everyone is in tears to see her thus. Pratap cannot take it anymore. He breaks the chains around his hand and feet in anger and gets free. Badshah Khan is shocked / scared to see him thus whereas everyone else is happy. pratap starts beating Badshah Khan for insulting his mother and his motherland. Bijolia’s soldiers and its people start fighting with the Afghans bravely as well.

On the other hand, US and Rawat ji are heading closer to the palace with their troops. One of Afghan soldiers informs Badshah about the approaching army. He tells him to bring more army for defence and plans to take charge of Bijolia palace asap. The fight continues between Afghan and Bijolia soldiers. Badshah Khan yells for Pratap who dons his armour to get ready to fight for his motherland.

Precap: Pratap confronts Badshah Khan all by himself. Badshah Khan mocks him for being alone. Ajabde supports Pratap and does his tilak. Pratap beats Badshah Khan.

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