Maharana Pratap 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap moves towards his friend and gohar jaan see this and stop pratap. Pratap gives jalebi to child and jalal gets angry and bahram bring him to tent. Mamrat ji says, leave him this boy. Jalal says, i will kill pratap, he thinks that i am his friend and due to this i will kill him. Bahram khan says, no no jalal, pratap will kill you. Jalal says, i am very brave and i will hide himself. jalal then goes to kill pratap.
Jalal moves towards pratap and thiink about maha manga and everybody moves towards pratap. everbody run here and there and laxmi moves towards pratap. Pratap see laxmi. Pratap gone from there and jalal says, why will pratap gone from there after seeing this cow and gohar jaan says, this bijolia’s king’s daughters cow.
Uday singh says, soon pratap will get married. JB and uday singh says, we will find bride for pratap. Here mahmud shah fights with mamrat ji. Mamrat ji gets injured.
Hansa mosi gets tensed about mamrat ji and ajab says, pitaji will definitely get safe. Hansa mosi says, how? Ajab says, i have sent message to pratap.
Shah says to mamrat ji, what will your pratap said to us. If anyone will enter in our land then we will kill their hand. Shah goes towards to bijolia fort.
Everybody gets worried about mughals soldier.
Chakrapani smile and says, now you will get result to attack mewar. Pratap killed mughals soldier and see mamrata ji and chakrapani. chakrapani says, i am sorry bauji raj. Pratap then killed mahamud shah’s minister. Here mahmud shah enters into bjolia’s fort. As he tries to enter into it, pratap cut his leg. Shah begging in front of pratap. Pratap leave him.
Jalal says, it is not enough for me to only injured pratap. I have spent lots of gold coins in front of pratap. Soldier came and give news that mahmud shah gets beaten by pratap. bahram khan says, we have to leave here. I came here to bring phool with me.

Precap:- Phool tells ajab that she likes pratap.

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