Maharana Pratap 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rawat ji decides to tie the dead bodies of those fighters sent by Mughals and throw them in the river. Pratap denies. I understand they were ruthless but we are not like them. this is not our tradition. We cannot be this inhuman with their dead bodies. Rawat ji reminds him that they all had come here to kill you. pratap points out that this has not happened. they are dead now. Rajputs don’t attack on unarmed people. These are in fact dead bodies. We are famous for doing the last rites of even our enemies. I want the same for these fighters. Rawat ji looks at him proudly and nods.

A Mughal soldier tells the same to Akbar. He says Pratap stopped his own people from doing this mistake of throwing the dead bodies of dead fighters in the river ruthlessly. He suggested burying them as per our ritual. He himself called a Maulvi and stood there quietly (with his head bowed down) till all the rituals were going on. Akbar dismisses all his courtesans. He stands at his balcony and the words of the soldier echoes in his head. he wonders if it is Pratap who is much more great than him in reality. Mahamanga joins him. She knows a Fakir. He lives in mountains. People say that his words always turn out to be true. I suggest, you should meet him once. I am sure he will bless you, and will also guide you for your future.

Next morning, Akbar heads towards the mountains with a few of his soldiers. They reach a point from where they will have to cover up the rest of the distance bare foot. Akbar obliges. He leaves his sword, his turban with one of his soldiers and continues on his way up the mountain. He thinks of Pratap and how he has been killing all people sent by Akbar so far as he starts climbing the mountain. The task is very hard, many soldiers slip eventually and get hurt. Akbar is only thinking about Pratap so as to push himself to try harder and not give up. A soldier suggests him to return as it is impossible to climb over this straight mountain but Akbar stays put. I will not return from here without meeting that Fakir. All the soldiers fall one by one. Akbar finally reaches the top somehow and notices a fire. A man is sitting behind it but his face is not visible because of all the smoke caused by the fire.

Akbar greets him, and then seeks his permission to sit. The old guy nods. Akbar kneels down. The old guy remarks that he (Akbar) has an enemy, you are upset day and night because of him only. All dreams come true yet something or the other misses out. Akbar asks him if he knows who he is. The guy asks him the same question. Do you know who you are? Akbar is confused. The guy says I am sitting here at the top of this mountain to find out the answers only. Akbar gives his intro. I am the Badshah (King) of this place. The guy wonders why he has come here then to meet a Fakir. Have you come to ask anything from me? you stay in palace yet look at you. You have become a beggar while coming here. Akbar looks at himself. When you know so much then you must know about my enemy too. My enemy is Pratap. It is my dream that I should gain victory over his Chittor. I want my flag there.

Fakir gives him something to drink. Akbar thinks and then takes a sip. He looks up but to his surprise the Fakir is nowhere to be seen. He notices light coming out of a cave and gets inside it. he stops in his tracks as he hears the hissing sound of a python. The python is too big and dangerous. Akbar ducks when it tries to attack him. the python continues to attack on Akbar while he continues to save himself. Akbar takes out his dagger and is finally able to kill the python. The python disappears as soon as the dagger hits him. Akbar hears the sound of anklets next. He looks around and notices a very beautiful woman smiling at him. He turns to go but she holds his hand. She walks around him and then leans on him to kiss his cheek. Akbar closes his eyes and is about to touch her when she disappears. He looks around in shock but there is no one. He notices a shadow on the walls of the cave. It is a man holding a sword in his each hand. akbar looks at him keenly. The guy turns and Akbar immediately gets angry seeing Pratap. Pratap throws one sword in his direction. They both start fighting with the swords fiercely. Pratap makes Akbar drop his sword during the fight. Akbar challenges him to hurt him but Pratap shakes his head. we Rajputs don’t attack on unarmed people. He gives the sword back to Akbar. They both resume fighting and Pratap hits Akbar on his heart.

Akbar holds his chest and shouts in pain but he realises that he was dreaming. Fakir continues to sip from his cup. Akbar looks at him in shock. He wipes the sweat of his face. He talks about the python. Fakir says that python was actually leading all those forces which are and will be against you one day. Honestly, no one can win over you. Akbar asks about the lady. Fakir says Fakirs know nothing about women. We only think of Allah. You will understand it in time. You will understand what women are after all, with time. Akbar tells him that he saw Pratap in the end. He fought with me. tell me how can I kill him? how should I fight with him? I request you to guide me. how should I kill him? I cannot sleep at night. I have triumphed over the whole world but this Pratap disturbs me the whole night. He comes in my dreams and laughs at me. I can only see darkness around me. I know it that this darkness will go away only when he dies. Tell me how to kill him. Fakir replies that Allah has blessed him with lots of strengths. He has a deep understanding of things. You also know how to read / decipher the signs from nature. You understand it all. Akbar kneels down before him. please tell me how can I kill Pratap. Fakir says if you ever get a chance to fight with Pratap in a war, and get a chance to fight with him face to face then you will be dead. Akbar is taken aback. He thinks of the fight sequence that he had imagined just now. Epi ends on the split screen of Akbar and Pratap.


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