Maharana Pratap 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

JB wants answers from DB who agrees on the condition that no stranger should be present there (hinting at VB). VB leaves taking the hint. DB tries to convince JB about the benefits of Phool and Pratap’s marriage. JB is not inclined with the idea. DB calls Ajabdeh a simple, foolish and emotional girl. I know that Pratap too thinks from his heart many a times. Don’t you want his partner to be strong and smart when he feels weak? Phool is strong enough. You saw what she did when she got to know about Ajabdeh and Pratap’s feelings. She broke her relations with her best friend. Ajabdeh took all the blame and left for Bijolia. She dint even try once to get the love of her life. I too understand that one day Pratap will certainly rule Mewar one day. He needs Mangalya Bal for his security (as told by their priest once). He will get it from Phool. A relation with a strong state like Marwar can only safeguard his future. We can fight as much as we want to but we shouldn’t be affected by any of these things when it comes to finding a partner for the future prince of Mewar. JB doesn’t want to talk to DB on this topic and tells her thus.

Chakrapani suggests Pratap to have food with Ajabdeh in her room today. Pratap asks him why. Chakrapani do the same thing when he is ill. Pratap reasons that this is because he and Saubhagyawati are married. Chakrapani stops himself as he was going to call them lovers. Pratap leaves from there.

Saubhagyawati comes to talk to Chakrapani about the same. Both are trying to stay away from one another. Something’s up!

Pratap recalls seeing Ajabdeh in pain in his sleep. He cannot get the images out of his head. Chakrapani knocks at his door wanting to talk to him. he tells Pratap that he feels he has fever and is feeling cold. Get me some medicines please. Pratap asks him if he looks like some Vaid ji to him. Chakrapani points out that he had made so many medicines for Ajabdeh. Pratap calls it a different matter altogether. Her injury was so grave that she had to be treated asap. Chakrapani stops him as he tries to talk him to Vaid ji. There were so many other people too to take care of her then why did you make medicines for her on your own. Why did you stay up for her for the whole night? Pratap does not want to talk about this topic.

Ajabdeh checks the medicine recalling Pratap’s wound. Saubhagyawati asks her if this medicine is different as Pratap hasn’t made it himself.

Pratap checks Chakrapani who is not at all ill. You came here to ask me all these questions about Ajabdeh at this hour? It isn’t like that at all. Let me sleep. Chakrapani wants his answers first. Why are you both behaving so weirdly all of a sudden?

Ajabdeh tells Saubhagyawati that it doesn’t matter as to who has made it. Saubhagyawati tells her that Pratap continued to give instructions to daasi’s while they were mixing all the ingredients to make your medicine. Ajabdeh feels happy which Saubhagyawati points out.

Chakrapani tells Pratap that he should forget his past. Look at your present.

Ajabdeh is staying away from Pratap so that Phool doesn’t get hurt. Saubhagyawati feels that Phool would have forgotten everything by now. Ajabdeh recalls Phool’s words. Your snatched Pratap from me by playing to be an innocent girl in front of him. saubhagyawati points out that neither Phool nor Pratap will be happy with each other ever. How will you do something for Phool’s benefit this way? Your decision to stay away from Pratap is hurting everyone and will continue to hurt for life.

Pratap too agrees to share his feelings with Ajabdeh. Both the friends hug.

Saubhagyawati tells Ajabdeh to share her feelings with Pratap. She agrees to tell it to him tomorrow morning.

Phool is looking at all the letters while she recalls her Dadi’s words. She tells a daasi to deliver her letter to Ajabdeh asap.

Next morning, Ajabdeh and Pratap feel nervous as they see each other. They both pray for strength as they offer water to sun. They both look at each other once again as they finish their puja.

Pratap and Ajabdeh seem to be heading towards each other when Ajabdeh meets her mom on the way. She can feel the colour on Ajabdeh’s face to which Ajabdeh replies that she has never felt better. Hansa Bai leaves from there. A soldier brings info for Pratap just then. He has been called by Rana ji. Ajabdeh and Pratap look at each other for a while after which he leaves to meet his father. Ajabdeh feels sad. She turns to go to her room sadly.

Bairam Khan stops Akbar from taking a certain route as it crosses from Rajputana. Akbar wants to go from this route as it passes from Ajmer and Alwar. Bairam Khan tries to divert it. Akbar wonders if the soldier appointed by him at Ajmer and Alwar were incapable of doing their duties and Bairam Khan is trying to hide it from him. Bairam Khan agrees reluctantly. He is worried if Jalal has got a doubt on him. Akbar agrees to stay near his favourite lake tonight.

Hansa Bai asks Mamrak ji to talk to Rana ji once about AJabdeh and Pratap’s feelings for each other. He has been called by Rana ji to discuss some important issue. He cannot talk about this personal matter in between. Hansa Bai insists so he agrees to try for her sake.

Pratap and Mamrak ji reach at the same time. Uday Singh tells Pratap about the letter sent by DB. She has sent a message from Raja Maldev as well. He reads it out loud for them. The letter talks about Pratap and Phool’s marriage alliance. All three of them are taken aback especially Mamrak ji.

Precap: Mamrak ji finds that necklace of Shiv ji (Ajabdeh’s) on floor. Uday Singh recognizes it as Pratap’s but Mamrak ji tells him the truth that it belongs to Ajabdeh. Her mother had given it to her. Pratap comes to talk to AJabdeh but she talks about his and Phool’s wedding. She doesn’t let him talk and wishes him well. Uday Singh wants to talk to his son about his wedding.

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  1. Veryyyyyyyy lovely episode

  2. nice but why separation again……

  3. pls dont make history as anormal daily serial becaus
    ever one know that ajadbe is the first wife of
    pratap let thier wedding be happen as fast as u could
    because there r lot of wars,realtions in the life of pratap
    if u prolong on the love stoey of pratp and ajabde then it
    will become weried
    plllllllllllls a request from a very big fan of this serial

  4. please till continue pratap and ajabde romantic scene no wars i am big fan of this searial

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