Maharana Pratap 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde sits in her palki just when Pratap enters Mewar palace. She looks back at the palace tearfully as she recalls her grehpravesh and all the incidents that followed afterwards. Pratap enters from another side so he doesn’t see Ajabde or her palki.

Pratap excitedly calls out for his parents and Ajabde but there is no reply. He wonders about their whereabouts. Can anyone hear me? DB comes there. Everyone can but no one is daring enough to face you. So much has happened in this palace once you left from here. Everyone is worried about your reaction. We had thought that Ajabde will bring peace and happiness not just for you but for this palace too but it turned the other way round. Everything got destroyed as soon as Ajabde stepped in here. She doesn’t let him speak. Fate has played a very cruel game with us. I know you wont be able to tolerate all this. She finally tells him about his Rani Ma leaving them and this palace. She gives him his version of the story in mute and how Ajabde agreed to go with Mamrak ji. He wants to talk to his father but she stops him. He is completely broken now. All of those whom he used to trust are not here anymore. Pratap has tears in his eyes. She makes him peep through the design in the wall. US is on a chair, distraught and unaware of his surroundings. Pratap suddenly realises where his Rani Ma could be. She has gone to Vrindavan.

Ajabde too thinks of the same at that exact moment. She orders her palki to be stopped.

Pratap recalls his Rani Ma’s words. Whenever she will feel like she is free from all the worldly things she will go to Vrindavan. DB tries to stop him but he leaves.

Ajabde requests her daata to let her go to Vrindavan once. I don’t know what will be in future but I want to hear it from Rani Ma once that she has not gone from Mewar because of me. it is very important for me.

JB is in a temple in very simple clothes. Pratap climbs the stairs of the same temple. She feels something and tells the priest that her son is coming. You must stop him. He obliges. He tries to stop Pratap saying that his mother doesn’t want to see him. Pratap disagrees with him. This can never happen. He requests him so the priest agrees to try once.

JB tells the priest to be firm with Pratap. If he comes here without my permission then I will think of it as a very big crime. I am neither his Rani Ma now nor Mewar’s Maharani. I am only my Kanha’s jogan now who wants to live here peacefully. Priest suggests her to meet him once. She relives him of his duty and takes the task on herself. Pratap is overwhelmed to see his Rani Ma at the door. JB recalls VB’s hurtful words and closes the door on his face. Pratap requests her to open the door once. Wont you meet / talk to your son once? Please tell me my mistake. He continues to plead her but in vain. She prays to Kanha to give her strength. If I talk to him even once then I will change my decision. A tearful Pratap sits outside the door while JB prays to Kanha inside the temple. JB continues to pray till the time Pratap sits outside the temple door. he turns to look at it once but then starts going back sadly.

He notices Ajabde coming there and recalls everything. She is excited to see him here. You must have met Rani Ma who might have told you everything. She must have told you that Ajabde is not guilty. Pratap says my Rani Ma has been snatched away by your love for me. if I had known it earlier, that my love is going to demand such a big sacrifice from me, then I would never have fallen in love. she is taken aback by his words. You too think I am wrong? You think I have forced Rani Ma to leave the palace? This is how much you trust me? pratap did trust her but she has cheated him. you wanted me all for yourself and thought of my Rani Ma as the obstacle in your path. How could you be so selfish? You remembered the 7 pheras but you dint recall the vows that we exchanged. I had told you that you will always be after my Rani ma for me. mamrak ji is shocked to hear it. pratap cannot believe it that she has forgotten their vows so soon. she cannot do anything now as even he does not believe her. what’s the use of making others realise that I am not wrong when you blame me too! There is no point of testifying for anything now that there is no trust. He does not want to be caught in her words again. you have snatched my Rani Ma from me and have hurt my father. I wont forgive you for this ever. I have started to hate you! She stops him. you can continue to hate me but I had loved you and will continue to do so. The day your hate turns into love, remember one thing that I wont accept your love till you start trusting me again. he is sure there will be only hatred in his heart for her now. love is dead! Mamrak ji faints as soon as Pratap leaves from there. Ajabde calls out for him in shock.

After a few days…

DB orders the daasi’s to clean the room where ancestors’ photos are kept. I will do puja here every day just like JB used to do. Call the priest. Go tell Pratap that her Choti ma wants flowers for the puja. She gets to know that Pratap has not even come out of his room since the last few days.

In his room, Pratap is thinking about his wedding with AJabde when DB comes there. She reminds him of his daily task. Get me flowers for puja. He apologizes to her but he cannot do it. she insists him to come with her. I want to say something to you. He keeps his Rani Ma’s clothes aside and holds her hand. She makes him look at the sun. Win or lose, this sun wakes up and shines every day brightly so that we can start a new day after every night. I want you to forget your past. Come out of your room. Do your work. Get me flowers, just like you used to get them for your Rani Ma.

Pratap goes out of the palace while DB’s words echo in his head about how he should move on in life. You are a Rajput! He runs towards the cliff. You are made to overcome all your pains and problems. You have to get over them all. Stop thinking / living for yourself. Live / think for your land. Maybe God is testing you after all. You have to pass with flying colours so that everyone in the future remembers you for the same – Dharti ka Veer Putra, Maharana Pratap! Epi ends as he jumps off from the cliff and has the said flower in his hand as he lands again (as a grown up Pratap).

Precap: Grown up Pratap tries to save a man from a mad horse.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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