Maharana Pratap 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap knows that Akbar’s confidence is shaken at the moment. We should attack him before he gathers himself again soon. We will surely win in that case. US is doubtful that they might put the lives of their citizens at risk this way. Rawat ji adds that Akbar cannot stay here for a very long time. He needs food, water, etc, for his army every day. This is not a favourable condition for him. he will have to leave from here. Pratap says Akbar is outside the fort. He can arrange for everything that he wants some way or the other. He has not done this for the first time. He must have thought of something before coming here. He attacked on us as soon as Ajmer’s army joined him. I am sure that a lot more armies can join him soon. I think we should attack him before the problem becomes big. We should attack him asap. US finds his logical sensible. Akbar wont take this defeat so easily. He will surely attack us. Pratap says think, Akbar knows that people will call him a coward if he returns to Akbar like this. It will become difficult for him to run his empire this way. He wont go back now. He is helpless to attack on us. He will do it. Rawat ji knows that they will have to be ready for losing their soldiers / people too if they attack Akbar now. his army is huge after all. Pratap says we will have to die while sitting inside the palace just like their ancestors if they don’t attack now. The women will have to do Jauhar again like my Dadi Ma Rani Karnawati. We will attack Akbar tomorrow morning itself. It will be a surprise for him. we wont give him any time to think or understand anything. US approves of the plan.

Pratap is with Raja Jaimal and Kalla. He thanks them both for being with them in this hour of need. He is still thinking about Khetu and Champa. Raja Jaimal had told them to head towards their village as soon as their work is done. Pratap is relieved. Khetu is very talented. She knows a lot many things that no one knows. We will surely need her, but not now. Ajabde is watching them from far. She is tensed about the whole thing. Amar Singh walks up to Pratap. I know how much you too wanted to be a part of the war when you were a kid. We both are alike. I too want to go with you. make sure grandfather wont stop me. Pratap nods. DB tells Ajabde to help her in preparing for dinner. Everything will be alright. Jagmal is glad that either Akbar or Pratap will die in tomorrow’s war. I will be safe in both the cases. Pratap notices him. he introduces him to Raja Jaimal and Kalla. Amar Singh asks him if he will accompany him in the fight. Pratap answers on Jagmal’s behalf. This experience is very important for him. he will come.

The food is set. DB sends Ajabde to go check where the men are. Ajabde finds Pratap and US discussing about the big fight due tomorrow. Pratap notices Ajabde. She signals him regarding food and he nods. US notices that his attention is diverted and asks him to focus on their plan again. Ajabde is gone by then.

Ajabde is serving food to Pratap. She notices him lost in deep thoughts. He asks her if she wants to say something to him while she is helping him clean his hands. Amar Singh notices them from a distance. US calls out for Pratap before Ajabde can say something. Pratap has no option but to go. Ajabde is in tears. Amar Singh notices her thus.

The men are above the main gates of the fort. They decide to keep an eye on Akbar’s army for the entire night. Ishar ji tells Pratap to go and rest but Pratap shows an inclination to stay back. Amar Singh comes there just then. you will have to come with me. Pratap gives Kalla a few instructions before going with his son.

Amar Singh brings Pratap to their room. Ajabde wipes her tears when Amar Singh calls out for her. He tells his father that his mother is crying because of him. You haven’t spoken to her since you are back. She is trying to talk to you since then. DB takes Amar Singh with her. Ajabde moves away with the pretext of taking out her jewellery from her box. He walks up to her, asking her if she wanted to say anything to him. he talks about how wars are won because of bravery, not a big army. Nothing can happen to me as your love, you are with me. He looks at her for a long time so her thoughts motivate him to return to palace all safe and sound. They share a hug.

Next morning, both Akbar and Pratap stand face to face with their respective army. Pratap yet again challenges Akbar to fight with him on one to one basis. We can save thousands of people this way. This time Akbar accepts the challenge. They both advance toward each other on their respective horses. Pratap hits Akbar with his spear. Akbar wakes up with a start. His inner soul tells him that Pratap will defeat / kill him and the soldiers one by one. He wont spare anyone now that he is back. Akbar regrets that he couldn’t find out earlier that Pratap was not in the palace. I would have attacked earlier only. His inner soul says it is too late now. Akbar wonders if he should leave from here asap. His inner soul gives him the very same suggestion. Akbar thinks of Pratap’s words next (him calling Akbar a coward).

Precap: Gwalior’s Jamaluddin joins Akbar. He has brought 10k soldiers with him. US thinks to postpone their plan for a while as the enemy’s army has become really huge now. Akbar wants to surround Chittor’s fort from all the sides. We will kill Pratap inside the palace only. All the open doors of the forts are closed as per US’s orders.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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