Maharana Pratap 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 6th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mahara coming inside the palace and going to a room where his mother’s photo is there. He gets angry thinking about his past. He goes to her photo and says Masa, you have shown the sacrifice, and now its time that Mewar sees the sacrifice again, he says bless the wives of Mewar. Choti Maharani is getting ready and she comes to know that Maharaj is coming to meet her. She send her maids. Maharaj comes to her. He says go and rest as He has to go to Maharani for some important work, so don’t wait for him. He says how much you rest, it is good for you.

Scene shifts to Maharani:

Maharani Jayanti bai is telling stories to Pratap, and he feels sleepy, but he hears all the story and continues it. She blesses him. She comes to know that Maharaj is coming, she says Rana ji, coming here, at this time. Maharaj comes to her, and sees Pratap sleeping. He says today Pratap has done good job, she says he is following your steps. He says Maharani, you know the situation and you will know the other things soon. She says I can guess about it. He says you are the idol for every women, and she should be an example for everyone, and is history too. She says we are Rajputs, and we know our responsibility since birth, you don’t worry. She will do her duty with full energy, and ask everyone to do so. He says make everyone ready for the war. She says you are doing your duty, and I will do my duty, and I will do the arrangements, she asks what did you think about kids, Maharaj sees Pratap and says he will tell her later.

He says the Lord’s blessing will be with us. Maharaj leaves. Maharani comes to Pratap and cries. Pratap hears everything while sleeping, he thinks he has to find out about Johar. Pratap is shown doing some activities and exercises. A boy comes and asks why did you call me so early. Pratap says I want to tell you something important. Pratap puts water on his face, and asks him to wake up. He says he heard Maharani’s and Maharaj’s terrific talk yesterday night. The boy asks was it regarding the tiger. Pratap says they were not talking about the tiger, they were talking about Rajputs and Johar, he says he is thinking about their talk, and he wants to know the meaning. The boy says he cannot help him. Pratap says if you don’t help me, I will not take you to jungle with me. The boy agrees to help him, and asks what he wants to do. Pratap says to find out whats going on in Maharani’s mind. The boy asks can I rest, Pratap says no way. Pratap asks him the meaning of Johar.

An old woman is shown. She asks who is there. Its Maharani. She asks maharani, you here. She would have come if she said. Maharani asks can I come in. The woman allows her to come in. The woman asks her did the time come. Maharani says yes, the woman cries. Maharani says yes thats why I came to you. She says give the key of Johar. The woman cries and says she has to see this day. Maharani says the vision is terrific but the motive is great. You are lucky that you are being a part of Mewar’s pride. Maharani asks for the key. The woman brings the key and gives it to Maharani. She blesses her..

Pratap is looking for Maharani, the boy comes and tells him he has not seen Maharani. Pratap asks did anyone see Maharani. Kuwar Shakti is doing archery and misses his shot. Pratap sees Maharani, and he says whatever she is doing is hiding from me. So I too have to hide from him. Shakti challenges him to do archery. Pratap says he does not fear him, and he has to meet Maharani. Shakti says you are running away. Pratap does it while facing Shakti, and he shoots at the bull’s eye. Pratap says is it enough, happy. Shakti is shocked to see his shot. Pratap comes after Maharani and sees her going to a room. The room is locked and is known as Johar. Maharani opens the door and steps in.

Precap: Maharaj asks his minister the difference in the soldiers. Shams khan comes to know that he can defeat Udai Singh easily. Pratap asks Maharani the answers for his questions. He asks what is Johar, Maharani says I will tell you as the time has come for you to know.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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