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Maharana Pratap 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap is about to touch a bowl when Ajabde warns him to be careful. The chemical in the bowl is used to clean the mirrors. It is highly poisonous. He sweetly thanks her for the advice. Pratap tells Ajabde to check out another shop. Maybe you will find the bangles that you have been looking for. She walks ahead, he is about to follow her when he notices another Afghan fighter watching him from a distance. The fighter confronts Pratap and hurts him badly. Pratap makes him sit in a position that the guy appears to be a beggar. Ajabde turns to look at him and smiles when she notices him giving money to that person. She looks at the bangles.

Chakrapani apologizes to Rawat ji. I had no idea that Pratap’s life is in danger. We only wanted Pratap to spend some quality time with Ajabde Bai Sa. Rawat ji loses his cool. This was the reason why I dint inform Pratap about the Afghan fighters. Patta assures Rawat ji that nothing will happen to them. the three men head towards Haat Mela.

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Pratap dips that guy in the poisonous chemical kept nearby. This chemical will start showing its effect real soon and you will die. He joins Ajabde but then suggests her another shop from where she can buy earrings for herself. Rawat ji, Patta and Chakrapani are on their way to the Haat Mela.

Pratap kills another fighter who attempts to attack him. people are surprised to see all this action, though Ajabde is oblivious to everything. Pratap continues to kill all those who try to attack him. All this while Pratap continues to make Ajabde switch from one shop to another shop so as she doesn’t get worried. Rawat ji, Patta and Chakrapani reach Haat Mela. Rawat ji suggests them to disperse in different directions to look for Pratap. Patta and Chakrapani oblige. Pratap continues to kill all those Afghan fighters one by one. Chakrapani and Patta notice the dead bodies of Afghan fighters and walk in that direction. Pratap likes a pair of anklets for Ajabde. She asks him where he keeps disappearing in between. He replies that he will bargain as he is a pandit and not a prince. He gestures her to walk.

The leader of the Afghan fighter dips his dagger in the poisonous chemical. Your death is here! No one can save you from me. he starts following Ajabde and Pratap. He looks at his dagger. Rawat ji notices him. He calls out for Pratap and intervenes in the situation. He gets hurt in the process. Ajabde rushes to his side. Pratap holds the Afghan fighter by his neck. How dare you hurt my Guru, my father, my everything, my saviour! Chakrapani stops Patta from interrupting. The leader says whoever you have killed were amateurs. Don’t get happy, I will kill you! he starts attacking Pratap but gets badly beaten in the process. Pratap boxes him on his face lot many times, all the while asking him who has sent him. The guy finally dies in the process. Rawat ji holds Pratap. Pratap gets concerned for him. rawat ji assures him that he is fine. How would we know who has sent all these people? Pratap knows it well that Akbar has sent them. he will never give up!

Akbar is all mesmerised when Tansen sings / plays for him. Bairam Khan and Mahamanga observe him from a distance. Bairam Khan is talking to Mahamanga. Akbar is all quiet since he has got to know that Peer Mohammad (PM) has failed in becoming friends with Hakim Khan (HK). He hasn’t uttered a single word. What do you think? Mahamanga and Bairam Khan feel that this silence indicates at the approaching storm. Save everyone from Akbar’s wrath! The soldier comes to give an important message to Akbar but Bairam Khan tells him against it. he tells Bairam Khan that Peer Mohammad and his army has failed in their mission. They are just about to enter Agra. PM is all scared as he enters Agra. Bairam Khan rues that he only will have to tell this to Akbar. Mahamanga wishes him luck.

PM is scared to face Akbar. How will Shehanshah react when he gets to know that I have failed in the task?

Bairam Khan suggests getting PM arrested as soon as he enters Agra. Akbar points out that he is already late in doing that. I will make you Mughal empire’s Shehanshah if PM even enters Agra’s border. Bairam Khan is confused.

Maan and CK are feeling bad that their Dada bhai took Ajabde Bhabhi sa to the Haat Mela as per their plan. We dint know that all this could happen. Pratap says I have actually enjoyed it. I got to be Pandit Chakrapani Mishra for a day. I killed the fighters like I was playing some game. Your Bhabhi ji has been really benefitted by this. he shows them bangles. CK gets happy. Dada bhai bought so much from the Haat Mela amidst all that mess. Pratap notices that Ajabde is all quiet. He tells his sisters and everyone to sit in the palanquin. Everyone leaves Ajabde and Pratap alone.

PM comes before Akbar and lowers his head. akbar picks up a sword in his each hand and kills all the soldiers standing on both his sides. He looks at PM and then turns the other way. PM smiles but right then Akbar kills him. PM holds his neck in fear. He realises he has been dreaming. I cannot enter Agra right now as it will only mean death for me. it is a gift from God and I love my life. He tells his soldiers to save their lives by running away from here or Akbar wont spare them. I am going from here. They all turn to exit from Agra.

Soldier whispers something in Bairam Khan’s ears. Akbar knows that PM dint even enter inside Agra. Bairam Khan nods dejectedly. Akbar taunts him about his disciples. You were full of praises for PM the other day. Bairam Khan asks for another chance. I will produce him in front of you. mahamanga asks him if he will really be able to do it. PM is after all your disciple. Will you be able to be strict with him as you must have got affectionate towards him! Bairam Khan stands there quietly. Akbar remarks that not everyone can do this. He leaves from there. Mahamanga supports Akbar. Bairam Khan is sad. Mahamanga comes to her room. She instructs one of her servants (transgender) to find out PM. He might be hiding anywhere but he will find solace in the arms of a woman only. Find him. Tell all the ladies to inform me as soon as PM approaches them.

Pratap tells Ajabde that he can take her to Haat Mela again if she wants to. She is hurt that he dint let her know that he was warding off people behind her back. What if something would have happened to you? what would I have done then? He replies that she has seen only pain in the past years. You got one chance to smile now after so long, I dint want you to be tensed over anything. This is why I wanted you to be free of any pain and stress and enjoy the Mela. I only wanted you to be happy. I only wanted to see you smile. These were the vows that we had promised to each other in front of the holy fire. Ajabde looks at him adorably. They both share an eye lock. A tear escapes her eye, he wipes it. please sit in your palanquin now. I have to finish up a few tasks. I will join you very soon. she nods.

Precap: Akbar tells an old guy that he cannot sleep at night. That Pratap disturbs me the whole night! I have gained victory over the whole world but this Pratap is making me lose all the time. Please tell me how to kill Pratap. Akbar and Pratap are fighting (in the old guy’s vision I guess), Pratap hurts Akbar eventually.

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