Maharana Pratap 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hansa Bai and Pratap have fallen asleep next to Ajabdeh only. Ajabdeh is surprised to see Pratap. She tries to get up but feels pain so Pratap helps her. she asks him if he sat here for the whole night. He nods. She cannot get up so he makes her lie down sternly telling her not to utter another word. Hansa Bai too wakes up. Pratap wants to call Vaid ji. Ajabdeh is worried for them instead. You guys haven’t slept because of me. you both should take some rest. Pratap orders her to lie down quietly as she needs rest. She finally obliges.

Chakrapani brings Vaid ji with him. Vaid ji checks Ajabdeh. He tells them that the painful part of Ajabdeh’s recovery is over. She will be completely fit in a few days. Hansa ji kisses her daughter though Pratap hides his emotions from all of them even then

Ajabdeh can feel it. she notices him wiping his tears. He simply smiles at her as he turns to look at her.

Akbar is on his way to Gujarat. They have to take a detour because the straight route is not accessible due to heavy rains. Bairam Khan yet again tries to change his mind but in vain. Akbar doesn’t want to take things lightly. I should spread this message in all the states here that no one can go against me. if I don’t these small revolts then people will not fear me. He wants to go from the long route which will take him from Rajputana’s states.

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Pratap wants to make the medicine himself. He orders all the daasi’s to go and rest. He grinds all the ingredients himself as he recalls the reason behind Ajabdeh’s situation. He hurts his finger. Ajabdeh has seen it all and is worried for him. He gives it back to the daasi. He asks about her health. She answers in positive. The medicine is ready. He wants to put it and asks her to turn around a little. She agrees to apply it herself. I have so many daasi’s here. I will call you in case I need you here. He leaves from there sadly / reluctantly. Ajabdeh applies the medicine herself. She is worried for Pratap as she knows that he is hurt.

Pratap is upset with Ajabdeh for sending him out of her room. I can never understand her. What would have happened if I had applied the medicine? He recalls Hansa Massi’s words. Some pains (which are too deep) take time to heal. Hansa Massi is right. I have only given pain to Ajabdeh. He recalls all the times when Ajabdeh was hurt because of me. I must change my behaviour towards Ajabdeh. She is such a nice person and I always trouble her. this is not good. Uday Singh comes there. He has not seen this side of Pratap till date. When the centipede bit Ajabdeh and you looked all pale when you saw Ajabdeh’s condition. It felt like even though the poisonous centipede had bit her but its poison has spread in your body. Pratap lies that he has never seen anyone getting hurt before. Uday Singh catches his lie. I can understand your situation very well as I too was like this. Even after fighting n number of fights I was always pained to see your Rani Ma in pain. Honestly speaking I could never bear it. he relates an incident where JB had got hurt and he was very much pained to see her condition. I sat beside your Rani ma for three straight days / nights. I dint leave her side for even a second. Pratap wonders about the three days thing. Uday Singh wasn’t surprised to see his son worried as he too used to do the same. When your loved one is in trouble then you (too are at pain). He stops midway. Your Rani ma must be missing you. I think you should go and meet her now. Pratap takes his permission to go take a bath.

Pratap looks in the mirror as he gets ready. He talks to his other self. Are my feelings so visible on my face? His other self agrees. Your feelings for Ajabdeh can be guessed from your face anytime. Anyone can understand them. even your dad caught you. Pratap decides that he will have to be more careful. His other self tells him to be careful not to come in front of Ajabdeh. Be all formal if you coincidentally meet her or go all quiet. Your feelings will be very much visible on your face this time. If you are caught now then all your feelings will come out in the open. Pratap agrees but wants to meet Ajabdeh once. I want to see if she is fine or not. He heads towards her room while his other self smiles in the mirror.

Daasi helps Ajabdeh in sitting up. She is very much in pain. Pratap too is in pain to see her thus but decides to stick to his plan. Mamrak ji notices him looking at Ajabdeh from a distance. They both exchange awkward glances. Pratap finally leaves from there without meeting Ajabdeh which surprises Mamrak ji.

DB writes a letter to Uday Singh regarding Phool and Pratap’s marriage alliance. Just then Ajabdeh feels something. The weather too gets stormy. Wind blows DB’s away. It lands in VB’s feet. She reads the letter and by then DB comes and snatches it from her. DB talks about etiquettes. VB talks about the alliance but DB warns her that she will complaint against her to Rana ji.

Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati meet to discuss about Pratap and Ajabdeh’s feelings towards each other. Ajabdeh immediately diverts the topic to something else when she talks about Pratap. Saubhayawati finds it weird that Pratap was with Ajabdeh when she was unconscious but since she has gained conscious he is nowhere to be seen. He hasn’t even come to meet her once. Chakrapani too cannot understand anything. Pratap if offering jal to sun.

JB is upset with DB for she sent a letter to Rana ji about her son’s alliance without even consulting her. She goes to talk to her. JB and VB meet DB on their way only.

Precap: Saubhagyawati tells Ajabdeh to share her feelings with Pratap. She agrees to tell it to him tomorrow morning. Pratap too agrees to share his feelings with Ajabdeh. They both seem to be heading towards each other‘s room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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