Maharana Pratap 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap kills all those who come in his way. Akbar is watching him from a distance. He recalls what he had seen at that Fakir’s place. Mughal soldiers cluster around Pratap. US orders his soldiers to open the main gate of the fort. We will also fight back. I want to go to help Pratap. The soldiers should continue to shoot arrows at these Mughals.

Chetak is the first one to come out when the main gates open up. He attacks a soldier from behind. Pratap appreciates him for the same. now you and I will teach a good lesson to these Mughals. US and all the other chieftains also come out and join Pratap in the war. Hyatt Khan vows to kill Pratap. They get into a fight. Hyatt Khan gets killed ultimately. Another troop approaches the fort. Pratap mounts his horse Chetak, holds his flag in his one hand and goes near Akbar. He next challenges Akbar. You are hiding behind a big army. What’s the point of getting so many soldiers killed? The two of us can come to a decision today itself if you are daring enough! Akbar thinks of Fakir’s words. Isa Kaka tells Akbar against the challenge. Pratap talks about their tradition (Guest is God). So we have always welcomed all those who have come in our country; we accept all those whole heartedly whoever wants to live here. We allow them to live in our country with all due respect and agreeing to their rules. But now we feel that that guest has become our enemy. It is after our freedom. I wont let it happen ever. If you attack my motherland then I wont spare you at all. I know that you wont fight with me as you are a coward. If you ever come face to face with me in a war ever then I will kill you for sure. He puts Mewar’s flag in the ground. If you take one step further than this point then Pratap Singh wont leave you! He turns to go while Akbar’s ego is surely hurt.

Ajabde finally finds Amar. He is upset with US for not letting him join him in the war. I don’t want to talk to him. a dassi informs them about Pratap’s arrival. He has pushed the Mughal soldiers back as soon as he came here. Ajbade hugs her son happily. DB watches them. She is also relieved. They hear people praising Pratap for his might.

Everyone looks proudly at Pratap as he comes back towards the main gates of the fort. US hugs his son. I am proud of you for saving Mewar’s respect. Pratap denies. It is all because of Ekling ji’s blessings.

DB, Ajabde, CK and VB come outside to do the aarti of the brave men of their palace. DB tells Ajabde to do Pratap’s aarti. Ajabde does so ever so proudly. Pratap touches DB’s feet next. US makes her bless Pratap to be equally victorious in the future. CK is sure everything will be fine now as he is here. US talks about Pratap facing their enemy head on like a lion. Pratap wants to meet Amar Singh. Ajabde tells him that Amar Singh is in the courtyard. He wants to show you what all he has learnt in the past days (weapons training). US affirms.

Amar Singh tells his father to take out his sword. People are chanting your name with so much zeal. It is time to find out who is much stronger here – you or me. pratap is amused to see him challenge him thus. Their sword fighting game begins. Pratap looks at his father once and smiles. Amar singh makes use of the opportunity and pushes away his father’s sword with his sword. Amar Singh is happy that he won. Pratap picks him up in his arms. You are much better than me in sword fighting. Amar Singh asks him if he dint feel bad about losing to him. Pratap replies that a father is always happy to lose out to his son. A true fighter lives for the day when his own son defeats him and in turn makes him feel all the more great. Amar Singh too wants to fight with those Mughals now. US is impressed with him. You are a true Rajput. You have shown all the characteristics since your birth only. Amar Singh is not in a mood to talk to him but DB takes him with her inside. Pratap wants everyone to assemble in the court. Mughals should not be seen near their fort for another day more.

Isa Kaka is amazed seeing the courage of the Rajputs. He challenged Shehanshah openly. Another commander is not happy that Shehanshah returned back quietly. Isa Kaka has full faith in Akbar. He can think of new strategies. Many soldiers / commanders discuss the same issue. Aalim Khan calls it Akbar’s fear. He is scared to face directly in the war. He got scared of an ordinary Rajput Pratap even though he is the Shehanshah of such a vast empire! When people start doubting themselves then that doubt ruins them, it is only in God’s hands especially if that person is Shehanshah. Akbar is sure his soldiers will be talking against him. don’t worry, you are saved atleast. I was right. I couldn’t allow Pratap to fight with me directly. His inner soul points out that he was scared. Akbar replies it is ok to be scared sometimes as he is human. It warns us about when we have to be scared / be worried about. I want to be alone for a while to think of what to do next. His inner soul mocks him saying Pratap is the one who will do something now!

Pratap comes to court. People gladly welcome him. Everyone admires him for his bravery. Pratap points out that the Mughal is still outside their fort. We have closed down the doors of our fort only. I cannot see any victory in this situation. I wont be able to see our victory till we send them back to where they have come from! We should attack him now.

Precap: Pratap yet again challenges Akbar to fight with him on one to one basis. This time Akbar accepts the challenge. They both advance toward each other on their respective horses. Pratap hits Akbar with his spear.

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