Maharana Pratap 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with Pratap goes with crew towards mewar. Ajab cries then dassi inform to her that laxmi is trying to free herself. Phool also cries and thinks about pratap. Ajab goes near to laxmi then ajab says, i know you are worried with pratap migration. it is very difficult for me to say this. then also i said this. Mamrat ji heard this. Phool says, i think my feelings will remain in this letter. Will i crush it. Before crushing it, i will tell my feeling to ajab. Phool see that mamrat ji bring ajab with him. Mamrat ji says, ajab has told pratap to leave bijolia. Hansa mosi didnt believe on mamrat ji then she inquire with ajab and slaps her. Mamrat ji then goes from there.
Hansa mosi says, i know you dont want to let him go to mewar. Then why you do this. Ajab says, because i dont want to say papa in this situation. Hansa mosi then says, sorry to him.
Pratap goes with his friend and benidas inform him that this way is going to again bijolia. Pratap says, i dont know why i dont want to let go from here. Gohhar jaan follows them.
Jalal’s soldier inform that there is no our bunker in rajputana camp. Mahmud shah’s soldier inform that pratap is gone from bijolia.
Here uday singh and JB practise to say that they want to see marry of pratap.
JB fill up the room with all the equipment. Pratap says, we will stay in midway tonight.
Ajab ask from phool, what are you doing? Phool says, leave me alone. Ajab goes towards room and says, i done this for father. If i will in situation that i have to choose in between pratap and you, then i will choose pratap.
Mahmud shah’s soldier spy on pratap’s bunker.
uday singh goes into JB’s room and says, pratap clothes is now short. I want to converse for other things. He tries to say somwthing else but he cant. Then he see JB’s preparation and he says, you too. JB says, you also. Here jalal and bahram khan goes to pasari where pratap is already situated. Jalal says, i am feeling phool’s presence. Pratap someone.

Precap:- Mahmud shah kills chakrapani.

Update Credit to: tushar

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