Maharana Pratap 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the scene where Pratap wants to leave for Bundi but Raghavendraji stops him saying that Pratap have to win over these five fighters together because Bairam Khan has the quality of these 5 fighters together. Pratap becomes shocked & angry. Raghandraji advises him to keep his anger in his soul only to fight with the Mughal. Raghavendraji only gives permission to go when Pratap wins over these five fighters together.

At Bundi
Bairam Khan & Rao Surtan wait for Sakha Veer where the children are put for auction & people of Bundi becomes scared for their children.

At Mewar
Two persons of Mewar admit that they saw Sakha Veer & Uday Singh orders them to help finding & identifying Sakha Veer. He also reminds them that

if they don’t help then they would be considered as an insurgent of Mewar & they would be punished for that. Uday Singh adds that Sakha Veer challenges law & administration therefore he becomes a political issue not only for Bundi but also for Mewar & now it’s very important to catch him as soon as possible. At last they agree to help. They tell that Sakha Veer is not like normal human being rather he is an angel who saves victimized people at the time of need. They describe how Sakha Veer looks like & the painter is making a possible portrait of Sakha Veer.

Here, Pratap fights with those five fighters together. When Pratap is going to defeat, Raghavendraji advises him to be more attentive but simultaneously he have to make some plan in his mind to defeat them. Raghavendraji adds that Pratap should use all those techniques what he learned in his life. Still Pratap is unable to win.

At Bundi
Same situation continues. As Sakha Veer can’t reach there, Bairam Khan tries to kill time. Krisna becomes scared. When Bairam Khan announces auction for another child, Krishna requests him saying that she has already informed Sakha Veer so he should keep his promise to release them. Bairam Khan laughs & mentions that he loves to break the promise.

At Mewar
The portrait is ready. To see that picture, all of them present there including Rawatji & Uday Singh become surprised.

Here, Raghavendraji tells Pratap that he becomes weakened due to his fear whether he would reach to his goal or not. Raghavendraji advises him that he should not be feared rather it should be his strength. Raghavendraji again tells him to be attentive like that way he only can see the Mughal Flag & only can hear the flying sound of the Mughal flag. Raghavendraji encourages him to get up.

At Mewar
Uday Singh asks to Rawatji whether the Sakha Veer is known figure or not but Rawatji denies totally. He tells to Rawatji to find out Sakha Veer with the help of their trained informers. He orders to destroy the portrait of Sakha Veer because only the portraits of valiant are kept in the palace of Chittor, not of a coward terrorist breaking administration due to small reasons. At that time, Rao Surtan’s message is reached there. Rawatji requests to Uday Singh to read the message himself.

Rao Surtan’s Message: He mentions about that incident where he gave the evidence proving Sakha Veer is none other than Pratap. But Uday Singh denies the evidence. Now, he has some information that Sakha Veer will come to Bundi again. As Uday Singh took the oath to catch Sakha Veer, he must come to Bundi to catch his son alive otherwise they have no choice to send the dead body of his son to him.

Uday Singh becomes very angry.

At Bundi
Rao Surtan & Bairam Khan enjoys the auction. Krishna tries to console the people of Bundi saying that Sakha Veer certainly comes to save them.

Here, Pratap is struggling with those five fighters. At last, he wins over five fighters together.

At Bundi
Auction continues & Rao Surtan becomes overjoyed. Krishna becomes restless.

Here, Raghavendraji admits that Pratap completes his training. Raghavendraji gives him a bhala saying that Pratap should fight with this bhala to his enemy. He adds that this weapon along with Pratap’s technique & will-power can easily beat any kind of killer weapon. Pratap kneels down & accepts the weapon.
Pratap tells to Raghavendraji that he always does whatever Raghavendraji orders without any hesitation. And he requests to his guruji to do whatever he will say for this mission. Raghavendraji assures to do so.

At Mewar
Uday Singh expresses his anger for Rao Surtan to Jaiwantabai. He adds that he will go Bundi to catch Sakha Veer. Jaiwantabai wants to say something but Uday Singh stops her saying that she should prepare for his tilak & he leaves. Jaiwantabai becomes tensed.

At Bundi
Raghavendraji & Pratap reach at the border of Bundi where the soldiers are present to guard. Raghavendraji creates smoke using some materials & few soldiers stand nearby becomes unconscious inhaling that smoke, but other soldiers understand that it’s done by Sakha Veer only. Sakha Veer starts fighting with them. At that time Raghavendraji & Pratap hears the bids of that auction. Pratap tells that they should rescue the children before these soldiers regain their consciousness.


Update Credit to: debasree04

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